June 15, 2024
How To Get Your Voice Back

If you discover yourself in a situation where you are trying to speak, or no faint sound is coming out of your mouth, do not panic; you are not alone. This has happened to most of us, once or twice in the lifetime. This can happen for a couple of reasons. But the most common phenomenon for losing our voice is known as Laryngitis. Inside our throat, there is a box called “larynx.” Usually, when you cannot talk or any sound does not come out of your mouth, then there is an issue with your soundbox in the throat. The phenomenon is not severe and usually goes away naturally. So, you don’t have to panic that much. Here, we are going to get the details on how to get your voice back.

But do keep In mind that you cannot get your voice back in just hours or minutes; it might be in a couple of days but not less than that. Our body needs the time to heal, and without the time for muscles to relax and clean out the germs that constrain the voice box, you will not be able to heal. Do not fall for the false advertisements or medicines that work like a miracle and heal back your voice in just minutes. No such thing exists. The best thing to do is take some precautions, natural healing medicine, take a rest and visit the doctor.

How You Might End Up Losing Your Voice

You wake up one morning, just like any other regular day, and go to brush your teeth, and the phone rings. The person on the other end starts talking, and you discovered all of a sudden that you could no longer speak or little sound is coming out of your mouth. Everything was right, you wonder. What went wrong?

Let’s talk about the reasons that might end up making your voice lost or very dim.

  1. You remember the late-night ice cream craving you had a few days ago and order a whole bunch of ice cream that night. Eating a whole lot of ice cream can get your voice down to dim.
  2. You might remember the time when you had to talk for hours and hours or the big presentation you had delivered.
  3. You might also remember the time when you screamed at the neighbour’s dog or the employee you fired.
  4. There was a sports match where you cheered for your favourite team.

But if you think you didn’t do any of these, it’s better to go to a doctor or a hospital because the loss of your voice might be a cause of a disease that might be a long term or short-term issue.

  1. There are some seasons in the year when people get infected by the flu.
  2. It can result from a respiratory infection that might include cold, sinusitis, Laryngitis, cough, or bronchitis.
  3. Seasonal allergy.
  4. Drainage of the sinus.

Voice lost or very dim.

If you have these, you are still on the safe side and do not have to worry that much. These diseases are usually curable and do not have a long-term effect. However, there are some serious conditions you might need to watch out for.

  1. Throat Cancer – If you are a smoker, then you must be careful. As you inhale the smoke, it goes to the lungs through the throat.
  2. GERD – If you have acidity or any stomach issues, this can be an issue and a risk factor for your voice. What happens in GERD is that the stomach acid travels to your voice cord and irritates them.
  3. Thyroid – If you have a thyroid, you do have to be alert about it. Depending on the growth or size of your thyroid, your voice will get affected.
  4. Nervous System Disease – Your voice is produced by the movement of muscles and vibration in your body in the throat. If you have Parkinson’s disease, then you should be alert. The disease causes muscles in the body to respond to the brain’s command very slowly or not at all. As a result, people with this disease risk losing control of their speech for good.
  5. Cyst and Polyps – These can appear on any part of your vocal cord, and if the diagnosis shows these, it’s better to get them surgically removed.
  6. Nodules – It usually grows on the centre of the vocal cord, but usually, they go away if enough rest is given.
  7. Laryngitis – It is usually a temporary issue, and it is not a disease. But it can become a long-term issue if something toxic is inhaled.
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How Do You Get It Back?

If you find out that you cannot speak or your voice has gone down to very low, “Do not Panic !”
If you don’t know how to get your voice back, keep reading through the rest of the article. We will talk about the symptoms, prevention, and procedures of how to get your voice back. Many people try hard to speak louder after discovering that their voice is low or lost; thinking speaking or putting pressure on the voice will bring it back. Do not do that. Doing so causes more damage than it is already is. The less you put pressure on the voice, the faster it will recover.

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So, what do you do?

First, start looking for signs or symptoms you have with this issue. Take a notepad and write down the issues. Signs or additional symptoms to this might include coughing, a problem in swallowing, pain in the throat, blood coming out of the throat, cough, etc. You should also list down the medications you are currently taking. Usually, the most common cause of voice being lost is the cold or flu, and they go away after a week or two.

Laryngitis is also a common phenomenon. The way our voice works is the mixture of air and the vibration of vocal cords. The vocal cord is situated in a soundbox known as the larynx, and when the wind flows through it, and the cords vibrate, the sound is produced. Usually, it takes ten to fourteen days to get better. Antibiotics do not aid in the process, and to some extent, it has negative side effects.

Voice recover faster

If you are still unsure how to get your voice back, you can try some methods to make your voice recover faster.
1. The first thing to this is rest. Take as much rest as possible and put zero to no pressure on your throat or try speaking.

  1. If you have a cold or flu, try drinking warm liquids every day. You can try drinking milk two or thrice. You can also try drinking a hot lemon drink or green herbal tea.
  2. A friendly impact can be put on the vocal cord via humidity. You can take a hot bath or steam inhaler.
  3. If you have pain or irritation in the throat, then you can take paracetamol.
  4. If you look online, you will be able to find voice or vocal therapy nearby. They have experts on throat issues.
  5. Gargle with using the salt is quite effective in getting the function of voice back. Add one tablespoon of salt with warm water.
  6. Lack of moist is one of the reasons for losing your voice. Gum chewing produces saliva, and it helps to keep the throat moist.
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Which symptoms are serious?

  1. Lump in the back
  2. Pain in the ear
  3. Trouble Breathing
  4. Pain when swallowing
  5. Blood coming out of the mouth
  6. Blood coming out with a cough

These are symptoms that you should not ignore and get to a hospital right away.

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If the voice has not been improved after ten to twelve days, you should consider visiting a doctor and getting it checked. The best doctor for this issue is a doctor who is an ENT Specialist or Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. If you have a profession that requires your voice to be used extensively, then you should go to a doctor right, wait instead of waiting. It is always a good choice to bring a friend or family member to the doctor’s chamber or the hospital. Also, bring your medical history and records with you.

Future Precautions and Preventions

You are finally cured and back to normal; you can speak again normally. However, what went wrong the last time? What did you do to lose the voice in the first place? We must keep that in mind, and we need to stop those actions from occurring again, even though by now, you already know how to get your voice back, but that does not mean that those methods will work effectively every time. You need to identify them and put a halt to losing your voice.

Losing Your Voice

1. If you have cold issues, then retain yourself from eating cold frequently. Even if you need to eat something cold, then you should drink some hot water after that. In that way, the effect will not be that much on the throat.

  1. Avoid smoking. If you are a chain smoker, then you are at serious risk of throat cancer. If you get throat cancer, you are at risk of losing your voice for good.
  2. Drink lots of water. If you drink in an adequate quantity, it will help in preventing dehydration.
  3. Whispering puts a lot of pressure on the throat, so you should try to avoid that.
  4. Keep your throat moist. It is better to gargle with salt water and eat some sweet candy.
  5. Give your voice as much rest as possible.
  6. If you are a professional who requires your voice to be used more frequently, a good piece of advice would be to take short breaks when delivering speeches.
  7. A good idea would be to have a humidifier in the office or at your home.
  8. It would be a good choice to cut alcohol from your daily food intake.

Even though these are some precautions and steps taken to reduce or minimize the risk of this happening again, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must. Usually, the people who smoke daily and drink alcohol have a higher risk of developing a long-term issue with the voice. Nicotine’s lungs and throat are directly exposed to the dangerous toxic component—nicotine contracts the throat’s size and damages the vocal cords. In the long run, smokers lose their voice’s muscle strength, causing it to be dim. Now you know how to get your voice back if you ever lose it. Be safe and be healthy.


Are antibiotics effective when you lose your voice?

They are not effective, and in fact, they might cause side effects such as diarrhea.

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When should I visit the doctor?

  • It depends on the severity. If you think it is something severe, don’t wait and head to the doctor’s office right away. The doctors will give you a better answer to getting your voice back more accurately by examining it.

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Do they heal on their own?

  • In most cases, yes. But if it is a cyst or polyp, then surgery is required. Generally, a common issue of Laryngitis can take about ten to twelve days.

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Are there any special medicines that can help in restoring my voice?

  • The usage of corticosteroids is known to reduce the inflammation of vocal cords. But you should always follow the instruction and recommendations of your doctor and ask the doctor if this medicine is good for you or not.

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