June 14, 2024
How To Change Apple ID

Have you changed your Apple ID but, every time you log into your iPhone’s Settings or App Store. Are you identified with the old account? This happens because your “iPhone by” is still associated with the Apple ID you used before. How do you say? Did you already understand this but don’t have the faintest idea how to fix it? Well, you don’t have to worry: I can explain to you, step by step. How to change Apple ID on iPhone. In the following lines, we will, in fact, find out what needs to be done to associate the iPhone with a new ID. How to create a new ID directly from the Settings menu (if necessary) and, in the unfortunate event. That you have forgotten the password of your new account, how to retrieve the credentials, this article gives you full information on how to change apple id.

How to change Apple ID on iPhone

As promised, let’s get straight to the point and see how to change Apple ID on iPhone. In the next lines, you will find explained how to change the Apple ID used. To access iCloud- related services and the one used to make purchases and downloads on the App Store and iTunes Store (Apple’s stores dedicated to applications, music, books and other content digital). Which, by default, is the same but can also be differentiated. The same goes, as we will see later, for other Apple services, such as Messages, FaceTime and Game Center.

How to change Apple ID for iCloud on iPhone

Suppose you want to change the Apple ID associated with all Apple services, including iCloud, App Store and iTunes Store. Also losing the protection of the Where’s theft service (which allows you to locate iPhone remotely and control it remotely in case of loss or theft). All you have to do is access the iOS Settings, by pressing on the gear icon on the home screen. On the next screen, tap on your name (or on the iCloud entry. If you are using a version of iOS before 10.3). Scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens. Press on the Exit item types the password of your Apple ID and presses Deactivate. To confirm your desire to remove the anti-theft services from the phone.

If you have forgotten the password to access your account, click on the question mark, in the entry field of the same. Click on Next, and the procedure for resetting the Apple ID password by email or security question will start. For more information, read my guide on how to recover Apple ID password. Activate the levers relating to the information you want to keep locally (on the smartphone memory). And press the Exit option twice consecutively. To confirm all and complete the procedure for removing the ID from the phone. At this point, you have to go back to the iOS Settings menu.

App Store and iTunes Store on iPhone

If you want to change only the Apple ID associated with the iTunes Store and App Store, go to the iOS Settings menu and select the iTunes Store and App Store item from the next screen. In the menu that is proposed to you at this point, tap on your Apple ID and press on the item Exit attached to the box that is shown on the screen, to dissociate the App Store and the iTunes Store from the Apple ID used until at this moment. Then, press the Login item, enter the credentials of the new Apple ID you intend to use for these services, and that’s it.

How to change Apple ID for other services on iPhone

There are also other iPhone services and features. Such as Messages, FaceTime, and Game Center. Which allow you to choose which Apple ID to use. To change your account, you have to access the iOS Settings. Choose the item corresponding to the service you want to act on ( Messages, FaceTime or Game Center ) and press first on the Apple ID currently configured and then on the Exit item.

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Once this is done, use the fields on the screen to log in with a new Apple ID, and that’s it. I also point out that services such as Messages allow you to select, once a reference Apple ID has been set, which email addresses and which telephone numbers associated with it to exploit to be contacted by other users.

Data on iPhone

Do you want to change the Apple ID data set on your iPhone? Nothing easier. Access the iOS settings, press on your name and, in the screen that opens, go to Name, phone numbers, e-mail to change your personal data. On Password and Security to change your Apple ID login details or on Payment and Shipping to change your payment method and billing address.

Alternatively, please note that you can also proceed from a browser, therefore also from a computer, by logging in to this web page and then modifying the data in the Account, Security and Payment and Shipping fields (to proceed with the change, you must first click on the Edit button related to the field of your interest).

How to change Apple ID on used iPhone

Did you buy a used iPhone and it came with an Apple ID already set up? Really a big problem! As widely seen above, in fact, to remove an Apple ID from an iPhone. It is necessary to type the relative password.

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Since it is not possible to change Apple ID on iPhone without a password, the only solution you have at your disposal is to contact the previous owner of the phone and have them tell you the password. If you are unable to obtain the data in question, you have been the victim of a scam; therefore, you have the right to request a refund and report what happened.

Change Apple ID on iPhone and iPad.

Suppose you have an iPhone or iPad, the most immediate solution to change your Apple ID and/or the information. Associated with it is to access the device settings and proceed with the desired changes. You can change your password, personal data and contact information: here is explained everything in detail.

Change Apple ID email.

If you are wondering if it is possible to change the email associated with your Apple ID (the one with which you log into your account), you must know that the answer is yes, but only in case your ID email Apple and third parties (for example Gmail, Hotmail etc.). If, on the other hand, you want to change an Apple ID that ends with @ icloud.com, @ me.com or mac.com you must proceed from your computer following the instructions that I will show you in the chapter Changing Apple ID from a browser of this guide. In the first case, take your iPhone or iPad, access the iOS Settings by pressing the gear wheel icon on the home screen of the device in use and, in the new screen displayed, tap your name at the top.

Now, click on Name, phone number, email, choose the Edit option next to the Contact information section and tap on the red circle icon next to your current Apple ID, then press the Continue button, enter the new email address to associate with your Apple ID and press the Next button to complete the change. You should know that by setting up an Apple ID with @ icloud.com, @ me.com or mac.com account, you will no longer be able to change it with a third-party email address. Once your Apple ID change is complete, the previous third-party email address will be used as an additional email address for your account.

Change Apple ID password.

To change the Apple ID password, take your iPhone or iPad. Tap the gear wheel icon on the device home screen to access. The iOS Settings and press your name visible at the top to access the screen related to Apple ID. Now, if you want to change the account password, tap on the Password and Security item, choose the Change password option and type the security code associated with the device in use (the PIN code). On the Change password screen, enter the new access key you want to associate. With your Apple ID in the New and Verify fields and press the Change button to apply the changes.

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Suppose you are changing your password because you are afraid that someone has learned of it. You can force the exit from all devices and websites associated with the Apple ID by pressing the Exit button from other devices. Otherwise, tap on the item Do not log out. To learn more, I leave you to my guide on how to change Apple ID password.

Change personal information

All you have to do to change the personal information associated with your Apple ID is to access the settings of your iPhone or iPad. Select your account and access the section of your interest. To proceed, open the iOS Settings by tapping on the gear wheel icon on the home screen. Press on your name and select the item Name, phone numbers, email from the screen that opens. Now, choose what to change by acting in the Name and surname, Date of birth and Subscriptions sections. Furthermore, by pressing the Edit button related to the Contact Information item. And selecting the Add email or phone number option. You can add new contact information useful for any communications from Apple or for password recovery.

If, on the other hand, you want to change the payment methods associated with your Apple ID. From the iOS Settings, tap on your name and choose the item Payment and shipping. Then press on the item None to add a new payment method by choosing between Card credit or debit card. Telephone debit and PayPal and enter the data in the appropriate fields. If you have already associated a payment method to the ID, tap on the latter. Press on the Change payment method item and choose one of the options available between Credit or debit card, Telephone charge and one.

Change Apple ID

Are you signing in with another account by changing Apple ID? In that case, you should know that changing Apple ID. From the iPhone and iPad is a quick and easy procedure. To proceed, tap on the gear wheel icon on the home screen to access the iOS Settings. Press on your name and, in the new screen displayed, press the Exit item at the bottom. Then type the password of the Apple ID currently in use in the Password field. Tap the Deactivate button and choose whether to keep a copy of your data on the device.

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Now, tap on the item Log in on iPhone (or iPad ), enter the email address associated. With the new Apple ID in the Email field and press the Next button. Then enter the password in the appropriate field and tap the Next button at the top to the right. Finally, if you have activated two-factor authentication. In the appropriate field, and that’s it. To learn more, I leave you to my guide on how to change Apple ID on iPhone.

Change Apple ID password.

To change the Apple ID password using your Mac. Click the gear-wheel icon in the Dock bar to access System Preferences. Alternatively, click on the apple icon at the top left and select the System Preferences option from the menu that appears. Now, choose the iCloud item, press the Account Details button and, in the new screen displayed, select the Security tab. Then click on the Change password button, enter your Mac administrator password in the Password field and press the OK button to enable the changes. Then enter the new access key of your Apple ID in the New password and Confirm fields and presses the Edit button.

As indicated above for the iPhone and iPad, also, in this case. The password must be composed of at least 8 characters (and include a lowercase letter, a capital letter and a number). It must not be the same as a password already used with ‘Apple ID in question in the past 12 months.

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