How To Fax From Computer

How To Fax From Computer

It’s been a long time since we haven’t heard of the term ‘Fax.’ Well, probably this generation does not even know properly what Fax is. Faxes were common in our father`s or uncle`s generation (gen X). Fax, floppy discs started getting their importance in the early 1980s. In today’s world, I don’t think anyone faxes anymore. Or do we still use it? Well, it’s not that rare! People still use fax services. For instance, small corporations, substantial companies, etc. They still do use it. But now, the difference is we do not necessarily need a fax machine. Rather we can fax via various ways that are much handier to us. This article gives you a full guide about how to fax from the computer.

Ways to fax include-

  • Email – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Messenger eFax
  • Fax Machine
  • Google docs or Microsoft words
  • Third-Party Apps

This article will list down the most effective ways of sending a fax online. You can try the methods and find the most convenient one for you.

Why should I use an Online Fax Service?

Traditional fax Service has been outdated by now. If one of those who are using that traditional fax Service, then it is high time you should think about switching to Online Fax Service. The Online Fax Service is much more convenient, time-saving, and cost-saving as well. Also, the traditional Fax Machines need to be maintained separately, oil, machine parts, etc. But tell me, do you have time to take care of such things anymore?

I think the answer is no!

So, why not taking advantage of a lesser demanding alternative; Online Fax Service? It has become way too easy to fax via computer or any other electronic device with technological advancement. In this article, we will list down the ways of How to Fax From a Computer specifically.

There are a lot of advantages in adapting to Online Fax service as well.

  • Easy Access: You can send and receive faxes anytime and from anywhere via Online Fax Service. You can even use a third-party app to do so.
  • User-friendly & handy service: Online faxing services are very innate & easy to use. It will even systematize and sort all of your important documents and files. There is no hassle of organizing them yourself, and you will your important document just instantly.
  • Cost-efficient: Online Faxing Service doesn`t require much money. Rather all you need to have is a laptop or computer & internet service, that`s all. On the other hand, if you are already using a fax machine and traditional method, you will notice how much money needs to be invested after the machine & the toner.
  • Privacy & security factor: Well, data is the most important thing for your company. So, would you risk your entire company`s data?

Email- How to Fax from Computer using my E-mail

The convenient and fastest way to send fax online is via Email. The steps are pretty basic-

Step 1: Sign in to Fax Plus > use Gmail to sign in.

Step 2: Open Gmail > Press Compose > Place Receiver`s faxing number on the “To” field. The format must be 88081838937@fax. Plus, in the “To” field.

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Step 3: add the document.

Step 4: Press Send > Fax also initiates

If you like, you can add up the email body as writing a cover-sheet and use the topic as a note.

Messenger eFax- How to Fax from Computer using E-fax feature

It is a straightforward method. The step is as follows-

  • Type in a message > add subject and body.
  • Attach files (you may add more than 10 files) > Press Send

After delivery, the app sends an email confirmation so that you get assured that your data has been posted properly.

Faxing via Web send Form

Sending Fax via E-Fax is pretty easy.

  • Look at these steps-
  • You need to have an e-fax account > If you don`t have it already, create one. If yes, then please log in.
  • Find ‘Send Faxes’
  • Select a recipient > choose the recipient’s location.
  • Could you enter his/her fax number?

But if this person is not in your contact, you will have to attach a cover page and put a subject and write something in the body. You will have to find the file you want to send and press send for attaching a file.

Fax Machine- How to Fax from Computer using a connected device

Traditionally, using a fax machine was the way to send or receive a fax. Suppose you don`t have much internet coverage currently. But the boss is freaking out because he asked for some important data. Now, if you have a fax machine connected, why not using it? Or suppose you have a multi-purpose printer. You can even use it to send a fax. Make sure the machine is compatible to work with your computer. Otherwise, this will not help either.

So, what exactly do you need to Fax via using a computer and connected Fax machine? You`ll need:

  • A personal computer or laptop
  • A faxing machine or multi-purpose printer
  • A phone connection
  • The documents

Now, how to exactly do it?

Well, the following are a very straight-forward method of how to Fax From a Computer using a connected machine-

1. Install the fax drivers on your PC

2. Browser the document > press the print.

3. Choose the particular Fax Driver you installed

4. Input the recipient’s fax no

5. press ‘send the fax.’

This is one of the easiest ways of sending Fax, but it requires a specific machine that is the major drawback of this procedure.

Google docs or Microsoft words- How to Fax from Computer using Microsoft office services

Well, this a version of Fax plus`s add-on on your browser. Fax plus add on is free and easy to use. Like the app, all the methods will remain the same for sending a fax via computer. This is an excellent method for storing most of their data using Google services like Docs, Spreadsheets, and Drive, etc.

Download Fax Plus for Docs, Spreadsheet, and Drive on your device.

Follow the instructions to send a Fax.

Attach the important files and press send.

Once you are done with your document or PowerPoint Presentation or Drive file, you can share it via an online faxing solution. This method works regardless of the operating system. Be it Windows or Mac. It works accordingly. Note: you can use the MS Word app to get the fax done as well. Get the Add-on and follow the steps, and then finally, you can transmit the data without any worry.

Third-Party Apps- How to Fax from Computer using my E-mail

Well, sending Fax via the Internet has started standing out because of the availability of the Internet. One can use his/her personal computer or android device. It is possible to send a fax from google drive, Gmail, or other apps compatible with your device. Among all of these, there is a way you can use third-party apps to send a fax. The no. 1 online service is provided by Fax Plus, a 3rd party app that lets you send fax completely free of cost from different platforms. It’s the most famous app for sending fax online. Give it a try, and you won`t regret it.

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Using Web Fax Service:

Well, you can fax to any number while using this service. But only a little no page can be sent through the free version. So if you want to send many pages or a huge document, you must go for a purchased version. But you will probably see a watermark on it that is promoting itself. It charges you every month and gives you about a 30-60 day trial.

But first, you have to scan the file or, specifically, the pages of the document. Then save the document as a TIF or a pdf file. We always recommend you to save the file as a pdf as it is a much more organized version of the document. You may use your computer or your phone for scanning the document using any scanning app. You can also use a scanner machine to scan the files.

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Using Fax Zero to send a Fax:

Well, the process to use Fax Zero is pretty much self-explanatory.

Step follow-

  1. Go to> place your name > add your information.
  2. Then add your receiver’s name > Fax no.
  3. Add the document for sending. (You may send Doc and pdf type of file via Fax Zero.)
  4. Put the confirmation code > press send

As a response, Fax Zero sends up a message or mail confirming your fax. & it instantly sends your mail to the receiver. It is one of the most convenient and cost-free services through the internet. But, unfortunately, you can only send 3 pages at a time.

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The cons are-

  • You can send only 3 pages at a time.
  • Daily usage limits only 5 pages
  • There are ads

But regarding buying, you will have a very cheap deal where you only will have to use 1.99 dollars, and it will give you access to send up to 25 files together. Also, there is the security provided by TLS and SSL for this type of fax service. It is considered high because of its availability and ready-to-use format. You may use your personal Gmail, mobile phone, or any other device to send a fax via Fax Zero.

Which Option is best?

Fax is one of the most important things for businesses. It is very significant to have a smooth and trusted medium for sending faxes.

No matter, however you do it, the whole procedure is the same. You can fax either with a connected machine or with a Google service, or via third-party applications. But that traditional method of faxing via a fax machine is almost outdated and expensive to maintain. In the best sense, opting for an online fax service is now the demand of the time.

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1. Can we recognize FAX_PLUS to be a Conforming fax service?

Well, yes. Fax plus is one of the most effective and famous online faxing service provider. If you transmit data through it, you won`t even have to worry about the data breach because it can effectively transmit data in an encrypted way. So it is one of the most reliable faxing services to date.

It requires you to buy a subscription, that too not much expensive. You can even buy the subscription without needing to have a MasterCard. And as a result, you get a tension-free method of transmitting your official sensitive data over the internet.

2. How to send a fax from the computer?

Steps include-

  1. Using Windows Fax & Scan. Find Fax in your windows device >Scan & open the app. Press New Fax> add the fax no of the receiver. Attach the duvet page > add documents. Finished> Send.

This is the easiest method of sending a Fax online.

3. How am I able to send a fax via email?

Type in a new email and the ‘To’ section put down their fax no following

You want, you can attach a Cover Letters to it. So you can use the topic space and the body according to your need.

And there you go!

Your Fax has been sent just when you clicked ‘Send.’

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