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How To Create A Logo In Photoshop

A logo is one of your brand’s most valuable assets that should not be neglected. Why is it so essential to create a genuinely high-quality logo that most accurately reflects your business’s essence? The answer is simple: it will ensure its recognition, and a good reputation will accelerate brand popularity. Use the logo everywhere: on a company website, signage, product packaging, stationery, clothing, banners, business cards, etc. This will help you establish an emotional and visual connection with your target audience and stand out from the competition. This article gives you a full guideline on how to create a logo in photoshop.

How To Create A Logo In Photoshop In 2020

Benefits of using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is confidently the leader among the programs for creating graphic images. It is a multifunctional graphic editor where you can edit photos, add various visual effects, and create vivid images. It should be noted that Photoshop (cs 5, cs 6, and others) is considered a relatively complex program. That is used by professionals in the field of cinematography, animation, and photography. Because it offers a wide variety of tools for creating unique design elements, incl. Logo.

Well, if you are a confident Photoshop user, then the benefits of creating a logo yourself are enough. First, you can experiment and get a unique logo or icon as a result.

Secondly, by drawing logos in PSD format yourself. You ultimately control the entire process, edit and make edits yourself, do not waste time. Plus, creating a logo in Photoshop is absolutely free.

But there are also disadvantages here. For example, if you have absolutely no drawing skills or don’t know the basic rules of graphic design, color and font combinations, etc., it will not be easy for you to create a great logo that will work for you and help your business become memorable and recognizable in a positive way. …

Another disadvantage of using Photoshop can be the length of the logo design process. The duration of creating a logo in Photoshop depends on your requirements, skills, and the result you want to get in the end. First, think over your logo, make some pencil sketches in your diary. And if you find it difficult and do not know where to start, you should draw inspiration from cinema, comics, nature, photography, etc. After all, all this inspires true professionals to create new directions in logo design.

How to create and customize the canvas

Before starting work, you need to set the parameters for the desktop. Go to the item “File,” then “Create.” In the window, select the “Name” field – here, we write the name for your project. Set the canvas size to a square, 500 × 500 (you can choose any other square size). It is better to make the resolution high, but 300 PPI is optimal. In the item “Background content,” select white. We apply all the settings by clicking “OK.”

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How to draw simple vector shapes

In the layers panel, select the item “Create a new layer.” (You can show and hide this panel with the “F7” key ). You can do this faster by clicking on the button indicated by the arrow in the screenshot:

It may not be easy for a beginner to master these tools, but after a while of training, drawing with a pen will become much more comfortable, and due to this, faster and more beautiful.

At this point, we decided to redraw the shape and make a mini-star. It is worth noting that we did everything very quickly, only to demonstrate to you, dear readers, the functionality.

Pressing pm (with the right mouse button) along the object’s contour, you should find the item “Fill the contour” and select the necessary color for this in the context menu. You can not think about the choice for a long time because the color can always be changed in the layer parameters panel.

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But if you decide to fill the shape with the desired color immediately, we do it, as shown in the screenshot. The arrow points to the palette where you can select the fill color:

Copying the forms

If you need to copy a layer with an object to the clipboard, then you need to select it, then select “Move” in the tools, hold down “Alt,” and move the shape to the required side. If you repeat these steps, you will end up with three absolutely identical shapes located on three different layers, created automatically thanks to the previously marked key combination. After that, the outline that was drawn earlier can be deleted.

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Scaling and composing elements on layers

You need to select the required layer, go to “Edit,” then “Transform,” and finally “Scale.” Then hold down “Shift” and reduce the object by moving the corner point that appears around it. If you do not apply the shift, then the scaling will be chaotic, i.e., without proportionality. Similarly, you can reduce another object.

If you need to activate such a transformation quickly, you can press “Ctrl” + “C.”

Next, you should choose a suitable shape for the shapes, select a layer with them, press pm on the layers panel, and select the “Merge layers” item.

Fill objects with color.

It’s time to pick a fill for each shape. Click pm on the layer and select the “Blending Options” item. Next, a window will open in which you need to find “Gradient Overlay” and then select its type suitable for filling the object. In the field with the name “Style,” select “Linear.” We select the color for the extreme points of the gradient and the gradient scale parameters. Any changes you apply are instantly shown on the canvas itself. By selection, you need to stop at the most suitable option.

How To Create A Logo In Photoshop: Add text

Now add text to the logo if you need it at all. In the tools for this, there is a special item called “Text.” Then we write the necessary abbreviation or words, select what is written and select the font, the most suitable position. To move the text, select the Move tool.

A layer with text is automatically created in layers. You can select the blending options from it, like any other layer.

A quick tour of creating a logo in Photoshop has come to an end! The last step is to save it in the desired format. There are a lot of them in Photoshop. The most popular are PNG and also JPEG.

It was a rudimentary way to create a logo using vector drawing. With practice and other features of the program, more complex logos can be easily created. We’ll get to creating complex logos in our next Photoshop tutorials.

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Logo design basics

Anyone who masters the basics of working with the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop and learns the real pros of creating a logo in Photoshop can create a simple company logo.

How To Create A Logo In Photoshop: Varieties of logos

Before starting to create a logo, it is important to clarify what it should be, what kind of logo it should be. Graphic designers distinguish three types of them.

The first is to create a simple version with only certain textual information. Most often, they take the name of the company as a basis and draw the letters beautifully. Professionals consider this variety as the easiest to create, but at the same time quite strict. Of course, the inscription must be accompanied by creativity; otherwise, it will hardly be possible to attract consumers’ attention.

The second type is graphic images, drawings, the creation of which specific objects can be used, and absolute abstraction. It is only important that the graphic version allows the client to independently understand its activities by such a logo that it should carry out.

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The third type includes mixed logos that successfully combine textual information and graphics. This type is the most difficult since it is important not just to connect two graphic elements but to combine them beautifully. Graphic designers with sufficient hands-on experience prefer the mixed type since it is this that allows maximum creativity.

The process of creating a simple variation: How to create a logo in photoshop elements

If a novice graphic designer wants to improve his skills in working with Adobe Photoshop, it is useful for him to study how to make a logo in Photoshop.

It would initially help if you launched the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop itself and then created a new document. The program will ask you to specify the requirements for this document. The user must indicate the width and height of the logo in pixels and the graphic object’s pixel resolution. You should open the “Text” tool and use it to write any words using different font options, choosing the best option.

The finished text cannot just be left alone; it is best to subject it to creative modification. In particular, using various effects, the text can be accompanied by a shadow, additional volume, highlighting. You can also change the size of letters, their direction, angle. Creating a graphic element in Photoshop is also easy. You can find tools that allow you to draw a circle, rectangle, polygon with great ease. on the menu bar

If you really want the shape to have unusual shapes, you should find the “Transformation” item in the “Edit” menu, clicking on which additional tools appear that allow you to change the external outlines of the previously selected shape. After the graphic element has taken the desired shape, you can direct actions to change the style. By clicking on the “Layer Style” menu, a dialog box will open, in which the “Shadows” and “Embossing” items are alternately selected, in which various parameters are set at their own discretion. The good news is that the dialog has a preview option built-in so you can make adjustments right away.

The basics of creating a complex logo

After learning how to create simple variations, the user can continue to improve their practical skills, moving on to creating complex logos, which include animated and vector varieties.

Objectives for Creating a Vector Variety

The use of simple shapes and fonts allows you to create a bitmap logo that will look quite good on the monitor.

However, frustration can arise as soon as a company wishes to use this logo to print huge posters, calendars, and glowing signs. In this case, it is necessary to enlarge the finished image, but the user will instantly notice a clear loss of quality at the first attempt to do this. A vector logo represents complex mathematical information about the outline of an image.

In this regard, if you want to become a professional graphic designer. You should know how to draw a logo in Photoshop, accompanied by a vector image.

How To Create A Logo In Photoshop: Creating an animated variety.

Depending on the purpose for which the logo is created, a graphic designer can decide which variety to prefer. In particular, if the logo is planned to be placed in the header of the site. It is best to give preference to the animated version, which can attract visitors’ maximum attention.

Before starting the animation process, you should create a simple logo with the text on a separate layer. By clicking on such a layer, the designer must go to the “Window” menu section. Then find the “Working environment” submenu, and then click on the “3D” item. Having done such simple actions correctly, the layer with the text information will instantly turn into a 3D object.

Now, on the appeared 3D panel, you should find the layer. With the text information and click on it to change its properties. In particular, you should change the extrusion depth parameters and uncheck the boxes set on the shadow parameters.

On the timeline panel, find and click the item “Create a timeline for video.” After that, all existing layers will be displayed as separate video layers. After calling the first layer properties, select the “Position of the 3D Scene” parameter, then start the stopwatch and use the blue pointer to determine the animation duration.

Next, on the 3D panel, go to the “Scene” layer. There are changes to the Y-axis coordinates, setting the full angle parameter (360 degrees). After this adjustment, you can make sure that the image starts to rotate.

All that remains is to save the created logo by selecting the “Save for web and devices” option and then the gif format.

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