July 13, 2024
How to create a free website

Now, we all must have heard the question, how to create a free website. It is not something unheard of. So let’s dive into the whole matter today.

What is a website?

Websites are, no doubt, the foremost important element of the web. The home page is the central page of a website. This is often the primary page you see once you surf on the internet and may even be called a ‘start page’ or ‘index page”. People have now made a tendency to search for everything on Google. And, Google provides the results as websites. As a result, websites are undoubtedly the most important part of the internet.

Types of websites

Websites are usually of 2 types:

  1. Static Website
  2. Dynamic Website

A static website is enough for making a digital card. HTML documents with the specified information are created and are stored under their URL on the online server. When users enter the online address, they’re presented with a static HTML document that appears exactly like those stored on the server. But what happens when an internet site must regularly add new content? With a static website, the changes have to be manually disbursed within the HTML code of every online project’s sub-page. This manual step is avoided with dynamic websites since the online server freshly generates the websites when they’re called up.

Rather than continuously issuing the static HTML pages unmodified, the server adjusts the page content automatically per the last update. So the dynamic website is predicated on a strict division of the content and layout. However, high-performance servers’ requirement is more in dynamic websites, yet as a database like MySQL. So the server can manage the websites’ efficiency. Generally, dynamic websites depend on predefined layouts and style templates, which are full of relevant content. Because of their flexibility, dynamic websites are the more popular choice.

Before learning about how to create a free website?

How to create a website?

On business cards, many websites provide their website links. When this address is typed into a browser’s search field (known mostly as the uniform resource locator, URL), the website’s beginning page appears. Counting on the website’s scale, site visitors have the chance to access the website’s subpages. Hyperlinks or just ‘links’ are used to connect single HTML documents of an internet site. Links to big subpages (e.g., departments, product categories, or representative information pages) are usually combined within the navigation and found within the web site’s header.

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They’re displayed on every subpage of the website and not just on the main page. So the navigation helps the user orientate themselves and see a summary of the website’s structure. Links to more subpages can be placed within the text and image elements within the website’s content. The footer at the underside of a page often contains links to further information, for example, the site owner and, therefore, the legal framework.

Things to know before

The process of making a website depends on the type and the size of the intended website. There remain three possible ways of creating a website. It won’t be common practice to write down a website’s complete ASCII text file yourself with an HTML editor’s assistance. Still, now there are many website construction kits and content management systems that provide lighter solutions. If you don’t have the relevant programming experience, you’ll need to choose from a range of highly-specialized providers. Which creates and manages your website professionally for an affordable fee.

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Creating a website for free

People can create their intended websites by giving a small amount of payment. Again, they can also create some free websites in exchange for nothing. But there are some downsides to it too. Now, how to create a free website?

The good

Are our websites even worth having and updating when it’s straightforward to only have a presence on social media? The short answer is: Absolutely!

There is a standard misbelief that a social media business page will suffice nowadays. While businesses should air social media as they help with exposure and promote your business, an internet site continues to be a requirement. Here are just a few of the advantages of having your business website.

The bad

Most free website companies tempt people in many ways. In short, there is nothing free of cost. They, too, need to make a living. So they end up making money by using some other ways. Most of the time, these ways are non-beneficiary for the users. But brings success for the sellers. The net is filled with companies offering free website hosting, even for self-hosted WordPress.

Most beginners who want to begin their own website want to stay the price low, which is understandable. So you sometimes Google.

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How to create a free website?

And find many companies offering free website hosting services free pop up.

Until you get a reality check, once you sign on to those so-called “free website services,” you slowly start discovering the constraints, and plenty of offers by them end up to be not free in the least.

Here are some things to keep in mind before making a free website:

  1. Slow websites
  2. Unprofessional web address
  3. Hidden costs behind the ‘free’ tag
  4. They lock down your data.
  5. Irrelevant advertisement on your website
  6. They can shut down your website anytime.
  7. So they can disappear at anytime
  8. They can sell your information
  9. Limited site-building tools
  10. Limited WordPress
  11. Malware distribution
  12. Limited bandwidth
  13. Low disk storage
  14. Vulnerable to hackers
  15. Low credibility among users
  16. You can not run advertisements to make money.
  17. There are no backups.
  18. Difficult to get rid off
  19. No support for mobile devices
  20. Limited file upload features

Best Free Website Making Services

Websites have now become part and parcel of our daily lives. People nowadays tend to make websites for free. Now before answering the question, how to create a free website? So let us find out about the free website-making services. Here are some of the free website providing services:

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Site123
  4. WordPress
  5. Jimdo
  6. Strikingly

These services are partially free. They provide their premium services also with some additional features. But the free service is good enough for beginners too.

1. Wix

Wix is extremely easy to use, comes packed with features, and offers you total creative freedom over your site’s design due to its drag-and-drop editor. Although Wix’s free domain isn’t the catchiest, you’ll be able to customize it to reflect your brand. Here are what gives Wix the advantage

  • The creative freedom
  • The template choices and styles
  • The undo feature
  • How easy it absolutely was

Onboarding – although Wix is super easy to use, it can look a touch confusing when the editor first loads because there are numerous options. this will make Wix look more tricky than it actually is. a fast tour would make it even more beginner-friendly.

2. Weebly

Weebly has the same ‘drag-and-drop’ editor, just like in the Wix editor, which is extremely user-friendly. Combining this simple tool with its great SEO tools, semi-professional free domain, and many more things speak out the good about their service. Plus plenty of room for growth to scale your website, and Weebly stands out because of the best free website builder for any tiny business. So it achieved the most effective features score of any builder (4.2/5). If you’re within the US, you’ll even be able to sell from your free Weebly site, although you’ll pay a third transaction fee on each sale.

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The good:

  • The structured themes
  • How easy it had been to form up
  • Its beginner-friendly prompts

What can be improved:

Lack of creative freedom – the one thing we’d ask Weebly to enhance would be its level of creative freedom. So having more control over your text’s color and size shouldn’t cause a headache – or require you to code.

3. Site123

SITE123 is good for beginners who want to form a pleasant, simple website. It’s super easy to line up, but if you would like to urge creativity and push your site’s design boundaries, then SITE123 isn’t for you. It’s minimal, and therefore the free domain you get maybe a jumble of letters and numbers, which could be a huge downside.

Site123 helps you from creating your basic site for you. However, it helps by providing font pairings and complementary color suggestions. Thus, it sounds like someone is holding your hand from start to end.

What we liked about SITE123:

  • How friendly it had been
  • Its chat support
  • All the creative help

What may be improved:

The quality of design – SITE123 provides limited creative freedom compared to other free website builders. this might be less frustrating if the designs were more modern and attractive.

4. WordPress

WordPress.com is constructed for blogging, and it shows. Extensive blogging features are automatically built-in, like analytics, a research feature, comments, display categories, archiving, and more. There’s also 3GB of storage on offer, sixfold that of each platform on this list. If you wish to create anything other than a blog, though, you would possibly struggle. It’s also not the best builder to use, so we don’t recommend it for beginners.

5. Jimdo

The whole team behind Jimdo is very enthusiastic about helping you. However, they try their hard and soul to help you build a free website, and things are kept simple. So you’ll be able to jump right in.

Jimdo values simplicity, and this can be obvious as you build. There are punctuation mark tool-tips scattered throughout the editor to assist you and upload images, changing text? And replacing backgrounds are all effortless.

6. Strikingly

Strikingly might be an easy, easy to use free website builder. It’s best for personal rather than business websites. Strikingly’s core focus is getting you online. And the way it does it? Just by giving its services to you cheaply, easily, and quickly. Due to this, you don’t have an identical level of creative control. So one of the first things we noticed about creating an online site with Strikingly was how friendly it feels. There are tutorials at first to show you around. You get a quick onboarding tour that shows you around, and customizing your template is super easy – as long as you’re happy to remain to the design.

These are some of the most used and famous free website editors. Their services have been great for a very long time.

Ways to make a free website

Websites are usually made by providing some fee. But free website builders are also available throughout the internet. However, they all have tutorials on how to create a website for free?

  • Sign up using your E-mail or Facebook for a free on any website builder mentioned above.
  • Choose from a variety of templates or get your website made for you.
  • Drag and drop 100s of design features.
  • Prepare for business and make sure it’s all visible easily.
  • Publish your website, and go live.
  • Drive traffic to your site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Is making a website free of cost?

Yes, website making is free nowadays. Many free website builders help to build free websites.

2. Is my information safe on a free website?

Usually not. The free websites tend to make money by selling your information mostly.

3. Can I earn money from a free website?

Yes, you can. But you can’t do advertisements. Only by selling products you can earn money but in exchange for a small fee.

4. What is the usefulness of a website?

Website is a must nowadays. Many businesses have all transferred virtually and became a website using a website.

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