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The Verge PC Build

It’s November, winter has come into its own, and fabulously beautiful autumn and hot summer days, marked by a sea of ​​new products after the annual computer exhibitions. Today, a specific price balance has been maintained; the exchange rate is also relatively stable, price increases are observed only in particular categories, such as SSD and RAM. This means that it’s time to think about upgrading your PC to a more powerful one. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the verge PC build.

Compared to the April article, where we also offered PC builds, the prices have dropped slightly. Today it is quite possible to assemble a gaming computer for less than 455$; moreover, in those 455 you will get a rather exciting and productive assembly based on both AMD and Intel. Additionally, the article will offer gaming the verge PC build for 775, as a certain standard of what any games will run on with right graphics settings at Full HD resolution.

The Verge PC Build in 2020

Motherboard and processor

AMD is still delaying the release of the AM4 platform, although photos of ready-made working motherboards for the new socket have long been flashing on the network. According to rumors, AMD is having problems with the mass production of suitable samples, and it is not worth waiting for the situation to change until the end of the year. In the best case, the new platform will appear on sale at the junction of the first and second quarters of 2020, so the assembly traditionally includes the good old Socket AM3 +. However, the ASUS M5A78L-M LE / USB3 still has some update in the form of USB 3.0 support, which, considering the price, makes it a fairly reasonable choice.

Among the competitors, we can consider the GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 4.1) motherboard, which is also equipped with USB 3.0 ports (4 ports, versus 2 for ASUS), and also has 4 memory slots, versus two for ASUS, this should be taken into account. if you plan to add more memory in the future. Next is the processor. If the minimum processor in the April assembly was the FX-4300, today, the more exciting and productive FX-6300 falls into the budget. Both the first and the second belong to the Vishera generation, the difference in the number of cores (6 versus 4), clock speed, and the cache memory’s total size. The FX-6300 processor, although far from young, is still popular and fits perfectly into the budget assembly.

For a mid-range build, the AMD FX-8300 processor is perfect. The processor is impressive because, in the presence of 8 cores operating at 3.3GHz, the thermal package is limited to 95W, which means that you can save a little on the cooler. Plus, the current price of the FX-8300 is fabulous.

Storage device

More good news is the arrival of an SSD alongside a regular hard drive. An SSD is no longer something out of the ordinary. This is almost a standard, because the use of an SSD for the system not only allows you to speed up the process of starting the course, browser, and other programs, but also can host several games, thanks to which the user theoretically not only reduces the possible appearance of lags due to the drive’s fault in the same network games to zero but also helps when loading levels in regular offline games. The SSD is SanDisk Plus G25 (not to be confused with the G26 – they are already on TLC), which uses MLC-type memory, which is more durable.

It will not hurt to have a regular hard drive, because modern games have increased free space requirements on the industry. If earlier, due to the price difference, it was logical to supply 500GB, the price is almost equal to 1TB versions. The assembly contains Western Digital Blue 7200rpm, 1TB. This is a useful storage device that is suitable for storing movies and photos and games. Alternatively, consider Toshiba products. While WD and Seagate are fighting a never-ending war for the customer, Toshiba takes the price. Indeed, at the moment Toshiba is slightly cheaper than its counterparts of the same capacity.

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The Verge PC Build: Case and power supply

The choice of case and power supply is entirely dictated by a right balance of price and quality. Once the GMC company has already established itself as a manufacturer of quite exciting solutions at a very affordable price, the GMC Elite case fits this description very well. Dedicated slots for 2.5 “and 3.5” drives with latches, the ability to install motherboards of ATX standard and smaller, a fan up to 120mm on the rear wall, the ability to accommodate a video card up to 273cm in length, and most importantly, a democratic price, compared to competitive models, makes the GMC Elite case quite an exciting and profitable purchase. As competitors, you can see Deep Cool solutions and entry-level Zalman, for example, the Z3 or Z5 models, the functionality of which is similar to the proposed GMC Elite.

With the power supply, everything is also quite simple – the AeroCool company, striving to increase its market share, has released a relatively inexpensive series of VX power supplies, and this is worth taking advantage of. The price difference between 500-550W and 600W units is insignificant, and more is not required for an entry-level system. Of the benefits – the presence of actual connectors in the required quantity, as well as a 120mm fan.

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It is hard to imagine a gaming computer without enough RAM. Therefore, even in the initial version, I would like to see at least 8GB of memory. This volume will be sufficient for most game applications. For the AMD platform, the choice fell on an inexpensive 2x4GB kit from HyperX. The HyperX series is quite popular, the manufacturer Kingston should be familiar to many users too. One of the advantages is a 10-year warranty, which has recently been extended to any Kingston memory in e2e4. From competitors, you can consider the Patriot and Crucial, the contract is the same, the price, at the time of this writing, is slightly higher. For the Intel system, the updated Crucial Ballistix Sport LT memory line was selected.

Although the frequency is 2400MHz, in fact, due to the limitations of the H110 chipset, the memory will operate at a frequency of 2133MHz, therefore, you can safely look towards the memory of a lower frequency. The reason for choosing – the price of Crucial with a frequency of 2400MHz at the time of this writing is even lower than for similar kits with a frequency of 2133MHz. An alternative has also been known for a long time, the nearest memory kits that have long established themselves on the market are HyperX Fury from Kingston Technology. The warranty is 10 years on both Crucial and Kingston.

For a mid-range the verge PC build, we set 16GB, which is more than enough for any modern games. The warranty is 10 years on both Crucial and Kingston. For a mid-range PC, we set 16GB, which is more than enough for any modern games. The warranty is 10 years on both Crucial and Kingston. For a mid-range PC, we set 16GB, which is more than enough for any modern games.

The Verge PC Build: Video card

One of the most critical components of the verge PC build is a video card because the coveted FPS in games directly depends on it. Three candidates have got into the current assembly – they are representatives of new lines from AMD – RX460, from NVIDIA – GTX 1050. Both cards carry 2GB of DDR5 video memory, both have a 128-bit memory bus. The GTX 1050 and its older model, the GTX 1050Ti, are by far the more exciting novelty, which outperforms its predecessor, the GTX 950, at least due to the high frequency of the graphics chip. One thing is terrible – the range of these cards is currently relatively small, and prices for new items are not yet stable. In games, these video cards will allow you to set the resolution up to FullHD inclusive with medium settings, depending on the game.

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For a mid-range gaming PC, consider buying the GTX 1070 or the RX480. AMD in this regard cannot yet offer something more productive, but NVIDIA has a trump card in stock – the GTX 1060, especially its 6GB version, which, due to the high clock speeds of the chip, is almost on a par with the RX480, often ahead of it.

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If you want even cheaper, you can remove the SSD from the assembly. Yes, the system will take longer to boot, the browser may take a little longer to load. The installation and launch of applications will take longer. But you can buy an SSD later, saving about 40$ at the initial stage. Regarding the traditional hard drive, it is written above, there are Toshiba HDDs, which today cost a little cheaper with comparable characteristics and guarantees – savings of 10$

RAM It is

not always advantageous to take RAM in sets. It is quite possible that single modules can cost less, in which case you can choose them. For AMD, these are two 4GB DDR3 modules with a frequency of 1600MHz. For Intel – two 4GB DDR4 modules with a frequency of 2133MHz. There is sorting by price on the site, it is easy to make a choice. We look at the warranty and the manufacturer, indirectly at the timings. The option will be apparent, either a set or two single modules. Saving 10$.

Case and PSU

The case has always been a matter of taste. Therefore, the option of choosing a more inexpensive model is not excluded. The main thing with the choice of the case. Is not to overdo it and not to buy a “tin can”. The walls of which will bend during assembly and vibrate during work, it is not pleasant enough, believe me. A less powerful power supply is suitable for both groups, for example, 450W. Here the situation is the same, in pursuit of savings. There is a chance that you will stumble upon a not-too-high-quality product. So you should choose from power supplies from trusted manufacturers, for example, Chieftec, FSP, Zalman, Pangu, etc.

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The Verge PC Build: Motherboard and processor

You won’t save much here. On the AMD platform, you can install a quad-core FX-4xxx processor. Which is about 25$ cheaper than its older brother FX-6300. But the performance in programs and games that actively use multi-core will also be lower. Also, do not forget about the modular design of Vishera processors. Due to which AMD processors, although cheaper in cost. Are also lower in terms of performance relative to Intel processors with the same number of cores. At the Intel camp, the price reduction can occur only with the transition to Pentium processors. At the same time, the user is deprived of the vital Hyper-Threading technology and can only count on 2 cores. By today’s standards, this is already not enough, so this choice is highly undesirable.

Video card

There are always manufacturers whose solutions are slightly cheaper than the three market leaders – ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI. AMD has a long-standing strategic partner Sapphire that offers excellent quality graphics cards at a reasonable price. Another option is PowerColor and HIS cards, whose characteristics and prices are more than impressive. There are also tempting offers based on NVIDIA, for example from Palit. As a more budgetary solution, you can consider the GTX950, which will cost a little less. The actual performance will also be lower, about 5-10 FPS, and this is already becoming critical for many games. You can save money, but there is practically no reserve for the future.


In today’s article, we looked at examples of gaming the verge PC build assemblies as of November 2016. Summing up, we can note positive shifts in terms of productivity. Within the announced budgets of ~ 450 – 525$ and ~ 775$-790$. To save money. You can limit yourself to a smaller amount, in a friendly approach to the mark of ~ 385$. Thus, you can choose exactly those components that will satisfy. The user both in terms of price and in terms of the final performance of the PC. In the next article. We will try to answer what a top-class gaming PC should be like. Follow the articles!

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