5 Video Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

video marketing mistakes

New York City is the home to Wall Street and a whopping number of small businesses. An infinite pool of marketing clientele ranging in diverse businesses is out there too. In this post, you will find the five video marketing mistakes that you must avoid.

Videos have become the forefront of entertainment, knowledge transfer, and business marketing. Stats say that 87% of marketers use videos to improve their marketing strategy, and 51% claim videos to be the best way to give you ROI.

Content doesn’t come easy. Video marketing in NY takes in a lot of energy and money, so even a small mistake can be a blow. Here are a few common video marketing mistakes you can easily identify and sort out.

Lack of a Clear Strategy

Before plunging into the techniques of the video, first think about the significance of it. Make sure the content aligns with the goals of your brand before diving in. Come up with a list of goals and priorities your video should fulfill.

A few marketing strategies you should clearly define in the first place are,

  • Why do audiences have to watch your video?
  • What do you expect to gain from the video?
  • Where and who will your video reach?

Lengthy and Sloppy Videos

People working in video marketing in NY come up with concepts that drive people to purchase products. According to Google, 84% of Americans shop for something at any time. They also make most of the purchase decisions based on marketing videos.

Today, people’s attention span and patience boil over easily, so the video’s length becomes an essential factor. Short and on point videos which last between 60 – 90 seconds will do the magic.

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Too Much Content

Too much of something gradually becomes less interesting. Instead of making single videos of everything you want to convey, make multiple informative videos. Too much content in a single video can confuse the audience and make them lose interest.

With so many businesses relying on video marketing in NY, your video has to stick out. Studies say an average person in New York spends 100 minutes every day on videos. Beware of content stuffing and engage the audience in a better way.

Forgetting about the CTA

If you had defined the video’s purpose, you should know what type of call-to-action the video should have. A closing statement and a proper call-to-action decide whether the audience will turn into a lead or stay just a viewer.

“Visit our website”, “Get in touch with us”, “Add to basket,” and such prompts will guide your viewers about the next step. The call-to-action of your video should help drive the conversion you need for the business.

Not Including the Millennials

Millennials and baby boomers make up 51% of the entire consumer spending. People employed in video marketing in NY include a fair share of Millennials as well.

One in three baby boomers uses YouTube and other video marketing platforms to learn about products and services. Hence, these platforms are a sure lead generator. They come under the umbrella of the target audience for any product. So please don’t cut them off without a strategy.

Video marketing is an evolving process. So make sure to be updated on the new trends and strategies, which will help you avoid committing basic video marketing mistakes.

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Video marketing mistakes made once should not happen again.

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