July 13, 2024

4 Best Online Compression Tools to Use For Your PDFs

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Today, PDF files are the most common file type that people use to receive or send information. If you wish to reduce your PDFs’ file size, you’re in the perfect spot because this list will provide you the best PDF Compression. With that, here’s a list of the best software to compress your PDF files easily.


First on the list for the best PDF compression tool is PDFBear. This software will allow its users to handle their PDF efficiently and merge, convert, split, unlock, protect, and even compress PDF big size files with no hassle. Since PDFBear is online-based, people anywhere across the globe can still use it anywhere, anytime. All of the features it offers comes with an instruction that anyone can smoothly perform. If you want to reduce your PDFs’ file size, simply upload those files to the website, and in less than 20 seconds, start sharing or downloading the compressed PDF file.

Besides the handy tools, PDFBear is the safest and secure tool to use without requiring its users their money. After you upload your data, PDFBear’s system will quickly delete your files after one hour. It’s quite necessary because some people might access your files, and you need them to stay sensitive and nonpublic. If you’re using a laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, or other internet-connected devices, you can easily use all the features of PDFBear.

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Sejda PDF Compressor

This software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, and it’s among the top PDF compression tools that anyone can find on the internet. Aside from that, users can choose to use the offline or online version, depending on what makes their life more convenient. Users can compress PDF files one by one or use the batch processing feature if they have multiple PDFs they need to compress.

Many people’s concern is safety when they are using an online PDF tool. With this software, users are guaranteed their data are secure because all of the files that you will download or upload are permanently removed when you are done using them.

Cisdem PDF Compressor

This PDF compression tool is exclusive only for Mac platform users, and it’s handy if you want to compress your PDF files efficiently. Cisdem PDF Compressor will ensure that your files’ quality is intact after you squeeze them compared to other online tools.

With that statement, this software’s interface is quite intuitive and straightforward, and even if you’re a newbie, you can still use its feature without problems or complications. In addition to that, the compression process is easy to perform, and after a few clicks, you can start using the compressed PDF file or share it with other people.

Cvision PDF Compression Software

If you wish to use a straightforward and reliable PDF managing tool, Cvison will provide you with what you need. Even if users compress PDF files in high quality, they are ensured that this platform will keep their original quality and details. With Cvision as your tool, you are welcomed with an intuitive interface after starting this software, and developers made it sure that the users’ experience is like this when using the tool.

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With that statement, you will have no trouble searching for the right options that you need because everything will be provided. Users can also perform a batch compression procedure to have a convenient method to shrink the document size of the PDF files.

Takeaway of PDF Compression

Shrinking your PDFs file size is the best method for sending them through an email or sharing those files with other individuals. To compress your PDFs, use the most convenient and reliable PDF compression tool, and we highly recommend that you start using PDFBear.

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