June 15, 2024

How to Craft the Perfect Web Developer Resume?

perfect web resume

These days, there’s a huge demand for professional web developers. But in order to secure an interview and get hired for your desired job, you need to have a powerful resume. The problem is, writing a winning resume isn’t that simple.

According to Glassdoor, a corporate job opening can attract an average of 250 resumes. However, only 4 to 6 applicants get to receive a job interview. This makes crafting the perfect web developer resume all the more crucial.

If it’s a piece of paper that’s standing between you and the job you’ve been dreaming of, it’s time to show who’s boss. Today, we’ve outlined some proven-and-tested ways to create a resume that’s sure to impress recruiters and get you shortlisted for an interview.

perfect web developer resume

Know Your Objectives

If you’re looking to start your journey in an entry-level job, you must first determine what kind of web developer you want to be. This way, it will be easier to determine your goal.

For instance, what area of web development do you want to work in? You may want to showcase your time management skills and expertise in HTML/CSS and Python. Once you’ve determined your objectives, you’ll have a much clearer direction for writing your resume (and cover letter).

Focus On Your Accomplishments

List down the things you’ve accomplished as a web developer – not in your smartphone or laptop, but on a piece of paper. Doing this exercise allows you to look at the bigger picture.

One thing to remember when crafting a resume, is that it’s not necessarily a brain dump. Rather, it’s a carefully tailored document that embodies your experiences as a professional, in a clear and concise way. This also means you will only have to include the relevant ones.

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If you worked as a bookstore clerk when you were 23, it may not be necessary to include it on your online portfolio builder developer resume. On the other hand, if you were an assistant manager for a bookstore at 23, this accomplishment may showcase your management and organization skills, making you a viable candidate for a variety of job positions.

Decide on the Order and Format

When crafting your resume, consider asking yourself the following critical questions:


  • What should be highlighted in my resume?
  • What aspects in the resume will carry the most weight for the position I’m applying for?
  • What will persuade the recruiter/hiring manager to choose me over other applicants?


Always start with an elevator pitch or objective statement, which contains a brief overview of who you are while at the same time, convincing the reader that you’re the best candidate for the position.

And then, list down your abilities. As a web developer, this typically includes the programming languages you’re well-versed in. You also need to include relevant skills. You don’t have to write down proficiency in MS Word as a skill because it’s something most employers expect from applicants. Instead, focus on your top five technical strengths. The same goes for your list of work experiences.

Next, you will want to shortlist projects that you’ve worked on and accomplished as a web developer. Of course, you should also highlight your educational background, starting with your latest achievement(s) and working backward.


Again, good writing plays a huge part in crafting a stellar resume. Spelling and grammar errors can speak against your supposed ‘detail-oriented’ claims, and paints a bad picture of you as a potential candidate.

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To avoid this, consider using writing tools. If you’re not confident with writing a resume that can impress employers, you’re free to use a variety of online writing services. Check out some of the best paper writing service reviews and see how they can weave your skills and expertise into a winning resume.

Tailor Your Resume According to the Job Description

Over the course of your job search, you’ll likely be applying to dozens of job positions. It pays to carefully read and understand each job description so you can customize your resume according to the position and the requirements of the company you’re applying to. Make use of all your knowledge and don’t sell yourself short.

Additionally, inject keywords that are crucial to your work. Many of today’s recruiters and hiring managers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter certain keywords through resumes. This makes it easy to determine which candidates are the best match.

When choosing which keywords to use, make sure to check out the business website and refer to the job description. You may have to change or edit your resume for every job you apply for, depending on the keywords used.

At the same time, make sure it fits the company culture itself. Once you’ve researched their business website and the job description, you’ll begin to notice terms like “communication” and “collaboration”, among many others. Use these keywords and provide real-life examples of how you’ll fit into the company culture.

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