June 14, 2024

How to boost the traffic of your website from social media

Social Media

How many of you believe that publicity is done free of cost? Not in a digital way, but I am talking about the manual or analog work. Is it free of cost? Or somewhere you are spending pennies? Well, nothing is free until and unless you step into the digital world, where things are not easy to do if you want them for free.

Publicity in the digital market is easy especially when it’s about social media, which is a very big advantage to publicize your product in front of the whole world. Most of the people use Facebook and Instagram for publicity. Although they both are the big source of gaining traffic for your website, they are mostly used for sharing gossips, uploading pictures and the screenshots of tweets from twitter. So who will give importance to your link placed between the gossips and engaging pictures?

Why don’t you directly go for the main source where people would love to visit your link? The world doesn’t start from Facebook and ends on Instagram, but its more than that.


Who hasn’t heard about Quora? Other than incest stories and human lives, quora is the best place for doing the publicity of anything. What you have to do is create a profile, not the fake one. Add your credentials, your small biography and start answering the questions which you find useful. Guide the people in every best possible way with your answer, which will not only guide the people but it will also help you to build your portfolio strong. After some time you’ll personally receive questions, by which you’ll easily be able to show some linkway of your website in your answer.


Reddit is a web traffic powerhouse. It is somehow like quora but its audience is different. It is much more fun using as compared with quora. You may put links in the answers of quora, but sometimes quora strictly discourage such acts. Reddit is open for any kind publicity and those who write on Reddit have a very strong collective opinion about their writing. The two most countries which shop online the most are the USA and UK, and you may get the pure traffic of the USA and the UK on Reddit.

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Not everyone reads the whole answers or comments; instead, people mostly like to see the infographic in which they get to know about the whole review in a nutshell. Pinterest is the place where other than entertainment and other joyful material, you’ll get the whole informative stuff. By creating an account you can upload all the stuff that refers to your website. You can create different boards for each category according to your website. The best thing about publicizing on Pinterest is that you can see how many people have viewed your pin, how many have saved your pin and how many clicks are there on your pin.


People may open their Facebook or other social accounts and still be missed by putting the sight of their eye on your post, but they won’t be able to miss it when they will receive a letter in their inbox. Email marketing is counted as the best way of advertising. Create a good quality email in the form of an infographic and put the best deals activated on your website. The person will click the link, it doesn’t matter if he/she buys from the deals of the inbox, but it can be possible that he/she might buy other things from your website that he may find useful.


LinkedIn is the business and employment power platform. It is the best social media display center where you can engage more customers to your website. You can easily optimize your company’s page and connect with your target audience. Make sure that you keep your LinkedIn account updated daily by posting blogs or pictures or whatever you think might be useful for your audience. Join more groups and try to make your portfolio strong that will help you connect with the constructive people on LinkedIn.

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Many people use twitter for their brand awareness. Maybe not everyone uses LinkedIn or Pinterest, so you can connect with them on twitter. Post daily updates on twitter about your content. Use hashtags at the end of every caption. Add Url of your website in your twitter profile. The best way to have more views on twitter posts is to take advantage of twitter moments; they are like “the best of”, “today” and so on. Seek through your competitors and learn from them, but never copy. Retweet the tweets which you think will be useful for your audience. Take advantage of seasonal deals and posts by using the hashtag of the current season.

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