June 15, 2024

5 Amazing Styles Of DIY Garage Shelves You Can Go For

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Are you having trouble deciding what style of garage shelves to build and should go with your garage space? This article will share the top five amazing styles of DIY garage shelves you can go for. Continue reading this, and it will help you consider some shelving ideas you might want in your garage area.

Adjustable DIY Garage Shelves

In choosing which style of shelves to go for, one of the main factors is being efficient, especially for a garage. When deciding what style for your DIY garage shelves, you should always think if the shelves perfectly fit your garage, how vast the floor space is, or how high the ceiling or wall is.

Adjustable shelves are great for any size of the room. It is also convenient for storing huge types of equipment and bulky items since it is flexible. It provides flexibility to arrange and move your items, organizing them with their sizes.

This type of DIY garage shelves are frequently made of metal; this is why it also provides durability and can store heavy pieces of equipment, such as construction or woodwork tools, car parts, and other storable garage items.

Wooden DIY Garage Shelves

If you are looking for DIY garage shelves that do not consume too much of your time in just building them, wooden shelves are the answer for you. It is easy to make, and it’s common to see it in other’s garages because it costs less. It has cheaper materials for building it, but it is much easier to maintain and work with.

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Wooden shelves are also best for organizing shelf spaces, and it allows your items to be stored on display. It is easy to see your stored items since it is out in the open. Though there are slight disadvantages to having wooden shelves, its durability depends on what kind of wood you choose for your shelves.

So if you are planning to store heavy pieces of equipment on your DIY garage wooden shelves, it is best to go with the strongest type of wood. It may cost a lot, but it ensures the durability of your garage shelves.

Metal Shelves

For the sturdiest type of DIY garage shelves, metals are the best option you can get. It is perfect for storing heavier items, equipment, gardening, and mechanical tools, and even for your car parts. It might tend to get rusty, but it can last longer or even a decade when it is well maintained.

This is why metal shelves are also best for the garage area since most of our heavy valuables or belongings are placed inside our garage. It is great for organizing your items, and the same with the wooden shelves, your items are out in the open, easy to access, and reachable.

Self Enclosed Garage Storage Shelves

If you prefer more secured and closed garage shelves, this one’s for you. Self-enclosed garage storage shelves make your garage items stored in a secure and hidden place. If you do not want your items to be displayed in your garage, building these storage shelves is perfect for you.

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This also creates more extra space in your garage area and keeps it more tidy and organized, away from specks of dirt and clouds of dust. Self-enclosed garage storage shelves have a variety of styles and sizes that you can choose from. You can either decide to go for standing self-enclosed storage shelves or a wall-mounted one.

Wire Shelves

One more great idea for DIY garage shelves is wire shelves. It may need some innovation level to prepare and arrange this type of shelves, but it all costs its durability, and it is less expensive. Wire shelves are easy to maintain and are designed to hold heavier items.

It is great for your garage area and an outstanding option for storing your bulky garage items. It is also perfect for storing your watering cans, paint cans, and gallons. Same with metal shelves, these wire shelves can last for a decade, as long as they are well managed. As mentioned before, it is easy to maintain, so no need to struggle cleaning this type of shelf.


Deciding what style of garage shelves to go for your garage space is essential. It would be best to consider what suits best for your garage and what you need for storing your items. With these five unique styles you could choose from, this could help you gain more idea on what you want in building your DIY garage shelves.

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