July 13, 2024

3 Best DIY Shelves You Should Apply to Your Garage


Every homeowner loves having a spacious garage. This sweet spot in our house is not only for parking our cars, but it’s also a storage area for other handy items, such as wood saws, gardening materials, rug, bikes, pumps, car jack, and more. It’s also the place where people store their tools.

With that said, sometimes our garage can be messy and chaotic because of all the items stored there. If that’s the case for you, find a solution to your problem to clean and organize the garage.

If you’re asking, how? Then one of the best solutions is to deploy shelves to your garage and do it on your own. With this article, we will provide some DIY ideas that can help you declutter your beautiful garage. With that, here are some of the best DIY shelves to add to your garage.

DIY Floating Garage Shelves

The first garage shelves DIY that you should follow is this one. Who doesn’t want to have shelves that can store their items securely? The answer is no one. If you wish to clear up more floor space for heavy-duty belongings, these floating shelves should be the perfect choice for anyone.

It’s a great storage idea that allows homeowners to maximize storage space on their walls and free up more garage floor areas. This type of garage shelf is commonly created with wood, but you can also make one using metals. But with that said, people are discouraged from using metal because it might add more pressure to the wall, which can cause damage or injury to people near the shelves.

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But come to think of it, this is a particular type of storage shelf because the planks are screwed in your wall, making it look clean and organized. The inches of space between each wood will depend on the items that you will store there. We also highly advise that the material you will use for the process should be hardwood because it’s firmer and sturdier.

DIY Garage Shelves With Doors

The best choice for storing multiple essential items out of your sight is this one. These DIY shelves with doors are among the used DIY storage items you’ll ever know. It can transform any garage into a tidy and organized place, with each belonging hidden behind its doors. If pets or children are running in your garage all the time, the best thing to do is avoid any future accidents.

The big difference between this storage item and others is similar to close and open wardrobe comparison, but of course, a closed storage item is always more clean and organized. This garage storage item is perfect for a garage with vast and more extensive space. Inside the storage place, you can store large or heavy items, such as clothes, toys, tools, and even camping equipment.

After the information you digested, this one has double protection compared to the floating shelves. That’s because the shelf will look more special and tedious. If you choose to stick with this one, the process of making it usually takes one day or two. In addition to that, garage shelves with doors are unique and can be used as your closet.

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Attached Garage Storage Shelves

This type of garage storage item is the most straightforward of the three to set up because it creates less stress, reduces build cost, and few materials are used. With that said, anyone can make it in only a few hours using only some essential tools. There are many and different attached garage shelves, yet this one is the most straightforward to create.

Tools Required

  • Plywood planks
  • Kreg jig pocket hole
  • Leveler
  • Studs

The Process

  1. Depending on the length of the garage, measure the wood. Prepare your wood now.
  2. Start screwing the studs in your wall. Attach one wood against the wall studs.
  3. Repeat this process; attaching stud and 2×4 wood into the wall using leveler until you get the shelf board numbers you want.
  4. Screw one more 2×4 to the first ones. Don’t screw them all yet; leave some. There should only be two screws on two ends.
  5. Measure another wood and screw it flat.
  6. Loosen the second wood you place on the first one, remove everything from the shelving area.
  7. Cut one wood into three pieces and put it on the board of the shelf.
  8. Place the plywood measurement on the top of the board. If you used the correct measurement, screw the plywood now.


If your goal is to organize and make your garage clean, start making the DIY items now. The items listed are to ensure that your garage has more space or more things you will store.

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