July 12, 2024

Apps To Help You Maintain Your Mac’s Performance

Apps To Maintain Mac’s Performance

There are so many available apps and programs on the internet these days that can help you better maintain your Mac’s performance and keep it functioning properly. However, the problem with that is that there are so many of them, it can start to prove difficult to decide which ones are best suited for you and your Mac as well as which ones actually works and which ones don’t.

As such, we decided to quickly put together a list of some of the most popular and effective software utilities that will get your Mac functioning at 100% and keep it at that level for a long time to come.


Making a backup your Mac’s hard drive and files can often prove to be slow, tedious, and storage consuming if you have duplicates of the same file. It’s common that a lot of your own images, files, caches, etc… can end up having multiple copies within your system and that in turn ends up eating at your storage space. The Gemini app, essentially locates all the duplicates files or images within your mac, even those that are hidden deep within your system, and deletes them safely. It also gives the opportunity to decide, if there are any files you would like to keep before the deletion process and comes with a very intuitive algorithm that picks out which files it thinks you would prefer to get rid of.

Get Backup Pro

It is very important that you always back up the data stored in your Mac. The benefit of this application is that it can craft a bootable backup to save all your data, keeping your work and content safe in the event your hard drive has a problem. It also comes with extensive backup features that are crucial in backing up and compressing data, which also helps save on space when you’re backing up files. Moreover, the backup functionality is automatic so the backup can still happen even while you continue working without any interruption to your daily workflow or Macs performance. We also recommend getting an external hard drive or storage space to help you store the files if you don’t have one already. You can also utilize a usb c hub multiport adapter, to help you better transfer the data much faster and effectively, as well.

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Netspot is a very useful application that can identify at which areas in your home that your WiFi signal is weak. In other words, you can walk around with your Mac and it grafts a map showing how strong the signal is in each room. This can prove to be extremely useful when trying to decide whether or not you need a new router to help better improve connectivity for everyone in the house.

ter to help better improve connectivity for everyone in the house.


WiFi Explorer

It’s a common occurrence for Mac users to sometimes experience slow internet connection speeds and this application will effectively help you solve these issues whenever they arise. The only hitch is that it can be a tricky application to navigate as it is often used by professionals, but the Help section should help you get used to the program’s interface pretty quickly. WiF Explorer does well to show you the network’s frequency, the strength of your WiFi signal, as well as, keeping you updated when your network connection is experiencing any signal interruptions.


There are so many of us who own Macs with cluttered desktops and as much as some of us would want to fix it and sort it all out, it can end up feeling like such a tedious process that we often procrastinate or neglect doing it. This eventually leads to files being misplaced or excessively taking huge amounts of storage. This can even end up costing you money if you are utilizing a paid storage service like iCloud. Declutter effectively organizes your files in order and does so at a scheduled time, so it simplifies your file system instead of having to do it yourself.

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Disk Drill

In the event you experience data corruption or have a damaged hard drive then Disk drill is the solution to help you. It doesn’t matter if it’s restoring data from corrupt flash drives, USB devices or even phones or tablets. This can be a common occurrence especially with users who often transfer files from one device to another and fall victim to a corrupted file transfer or malicious malware. In such situations, we suggest using a reliable usb hub with long cable for instance, to help reduce the risk of that happening. However, if it does happen, Disk Drill can prove to be a very handy and effective tool to recover your files. However, do keep in mind that the app isn’t 100% effective, but most of the time, it should help you recover those lost files, even those that you may have accidentally deleted.

iStat Menus

It’s very common to experience a freezing Mac, especially during times when you’re busy working on something important or that takes up a lot of CPU performance eg. music production, graphic design, video editing, etc. This is where iStat Menus comes in. It essentially stays active in your dashboard and monitors your device’s performance in real-time. It can help you see which applications are consuming your RAM or internet bandwidth. It can also indicate when your hard drive is running out of space and when your Mac is under stress.


In short, these suggested apps will prove very useful in helping you effectively maintain your MacBook. By keeping a close watch on it’s performance as well as storage capacity, you should be able to prevent any serious problems from plaguing your Mac in the future.

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