Why You Should Buy The Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV

If you have owned android based tv boxes before you will of heard about the Amazon firestick as being one of the best android based sticks to own due to its quality and portability.

But then the Amazon Fire TV box was released which is the same form factor as an android tv box and had a great performance and USB slots on and was sure a hit for Amazon.

But now Amazon has released the Fire TV Cube which is the best media streaming device to date and has the looks to go with it. Below we give you the reasons why you should buy the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Blazing Fast Performance

The Fire TV Cube packs some power and is up there with the best performance android boxes such as the Nvidia Sheild which means you can easily play the latest android games with a hiccup.

It has a powerful Hexa-core (Quad-core at up to 2.2GHz + Dual-core at up to 1.9GHz) processor with 2GB Ram meaning it will perform all tasks you throw at it with ease including streaming resource-heavy 4K content from the likes of Netflix and YoutTube up to 60 frames per second.

The Cube also comes with all support for your home surround system if you have one giving you rich sounds with its Dolby digital protocols such as Dolby Atoms, AC3, eAC3 and more.

Watch World IPTV Channels

Another great benefit to owning any amazon device is the possibility to watch any channel from around the world using an IPTV service that’s built for your amazon device such as the Fire TV Cube.

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To set up IPTV on your Cube is the exact same way you would set it up on a firestick which you can follow this article to see how to do so and fully open your amazon device up giving you the best in home entertainment.

Once you have IPTV set up on your Fire TV Cube this opens the door to even more great content not only do you get live world channels to stream you also get movies and TV shows included.

Turn The Fire TV Cube Into A Retro Game Console

Another reason to own one of these great devices is the easy way you can turn the device into any old retro games console you can think of and really turn back the clock.

This will provide you with hours of entertainment and show your kids how gaming was like in your childhood compared to how gaming is now.

To turn your Fire TV Cube into a retro gaming console using an app so nothing else is effected on the device you will need to install the app called RetroArch which is easy to do and then just simply search google for “Roms” which are the games you will need and can put on a USB stick and play them using RetroArch.

To install RetroArch you can follow this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evfPIITXbEs it’s for the amazon firestick but is the exact same for the Fire TV Cube.

Once you have everything set up its as simple as using any Bluetooth controller to play the games or even use the latest Playstation 4 or Xbox one controller or any other gaming console remote.

Watch Thousands Of Movies And TV Shows

You can stream just about any app to catch some great movies and tv shows such as Netflix, Disney Plus and more.

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But the fun doesn’t stop here you can also install Kodi onto the Cube and open it up for a great movie and tv show experience by adding a custom build to Kodi.

Kodi is a great app and you can find a plethora of ready-made builds online so you can easily install inside Kodi and then have access to great content that rivals the likes of Netflix and others.

If you have searched on installing Kodi but it looks quite technical you can also install movies and tv show apps such as Cinema HD and Typhoon TV and these apps give you the feel of Netflix without any messing around with Kodi which is a great alternative to using Kodi.

Take Your Fire TV Cube Anywhere In The World

This is a great reason if you are a frequent traveler you can pack your Amazon Fire TV Cube up and travel with it as all the above reasons for owning this device make it perfect travel accessory.

So if you are looking to go on vacation with your family you can pack it and from your hotel you can easily plug it in to the TV and watch IPTV to catch all your home tv channels or watch a movie just like you would back at home.

If you have packed a Bluetooth controller you can also let the kids bash out classic games such as Mario Kart and Zelda while you sit outside on a sun lounger soaking up some sun rays.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is one of the best android based home entertainment systems on the market and has a very polished operating system made on android by Amazon called Fire OS so this will make everything much smoother than any other android box on the market.

We would highly recommend you invest in the Cube as it will last for years and give you the hours of fun with the number of things it can do.

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