July 15, 2024

How you can fix to allow access, please respond on your iPhone


Are you searching for keywords “to allow access please respond on your iPhone” and you come across our blog?

If so, don’t worry too much it’s minor issue if you are reading this article because we are going to break the steps to fix the issue without wasting much of your time.

Did you tried to connect your device to iTunes in other to enable your device when disable. But during that process, your iPhone pop up a warning message saying that “To allow access please respond to your iPhone?

If you experience those pop up sticky notification either on your iPhone or on your iPad and it does not make any response to any combination key you hit, that means your device is disable and there a lot of few things that can get it disable and that will be discuss at the mid of this article. As mentioned earlier, it’s just a few bugs so don’t get panic of loosing your awesome data, you can go to enable it but this will take you few minutes.

We are going to give different method to fix “To allow access please make a response to your iPhone”. But before that, let’s me brief you on what can cause to this technical issue on your iPhone or iPad to got disable.

My iPhone was disabled, please what cause the issue?

Fans of iPhone users raised this question that what cause their iPhone to disable and said “To allow access please connect your iPhone max, iPhone 8, iPhone 6 to iTunes” in other to solve the issue. People get that message when their iPhone got disabled and this technical error message, we stick to your home screen until you find solution to it.

Note that this sticky problem left your device to be useless because it will not response to any action by tapping different area on the screen.

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This is Apple company bugs and I’m sure their team are working hard to resolve the issue on their latest device series. But before they find perfect solution or when they remove the glitch, let’s look on different method to enable your iPhone that got disable.

How to Fix to allow access sticky message on your iPhone

As stated earlier in the beginning of this article, it was a bug from the manufacturer and there are two option to fix this error of not responding on your iPhone. So, you can pick the one that is highly convenient for you to get in time.

iPhone got disable, how to unlock or rest it?

First option is through patient

Try to be patient by watching error message, since the app is running in background and this can take more than hour if not a day. So, if you can wait, then wait let the background software to complete is task while your iPhone is under disable.

If you wait, you must be alert, please follow the guide below carefully.

When your device displays that sticky error message, just overlooks that bugs on your iPhone screen and let it perform is operation.

If you pass the first section while waiting, your iPhone will pop up another message saying: prompt this PC as “Don’t trust or Trust”. If I’m in your situation, I will pick trust this computer and under few minutes another operation will start running on your iPhone and that means you have to wait for some minutes in other to get your access over your iPhone or iPad to remove the notification error.

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Second option is via restore of your iPad or iPhone

If the first option refused to work on your iPhone, then let’s try this section.

Noted that this recovery mode is the last option because you can lose your data if you don’t concentrate on it and it’s best way to get your iPhone back to work.

But keep it in mind that while doing recovery mode (i mean restoring), you can lose your important data and that’s not good idea at all.

So, before you make any step on this option, I strongly recommend you to backup your necessary data before going to recovery.


Firstly, download latest iTunes version for your PC, this is recommended, since it will block any technical problem during that process.

Once you have the latest iTunes software installed on your computer, then run the app.

Now, take your iPhone and connect it with your computer via USB cord.

Press and hold your iPhone power button for some time until it displays a message saying power-off your iPhone, then slide to power it off. Wait for few minutes for your device to completely shutdown.

Now, press and hold power button of your iPhone for few second until it displays Apple’ logo and release the power button when you see such message.

During that process, your PC will show recovery message, then hit on Ok button to restore it.

When you click that, second option will be select restore from your backup. After those steps, all your data will be recovery and this step can take a while to complete.

That’s all the process you have to involve yourself before you can get back your iPhone back to life

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