June 14, 2024

Why You Need a Japan Sim When Travelling to Japan

Japan sim

Staying connected is a major factor when travelling to different locations. Your relatives and friends will want to find out if you have arrived safely. Likewise, by connecting to the internet, you may easily navigate through the streets of a foreign country. Nevertheless, being connected in a foreign country is a crucial factor for your safety and security. So, when you are planning to visit Japan, you must be equipped with a Japan sim card or a travel sim card. Here are the reasons why?

Language Barrier

. It is now possible to purchase a local sim card in Japan. Before, foreign travellers will find it difficult to obtain a local sim card in Japan. Now, some stores allow the purchase of sim cards specifically designed for foreign use. Likewise, unless you are fluent in the Japanese language, you will find it difficult to communicate with the Japanese since most of them do not speak English. Asking them for directions to where to purchase a local sim card may be next to impossible. Fortunately, you can purchase a Japan sim card in Australia that you can easily put in your phone upon your arrival in Japan. Just plug your sim card in, and you are good to go.


There is No Such Thing as Free Wi-Fi in Japan.

When you think of Japan, the first thing that may come up in your mind is technology. While it is true that Japan is the birthplace of many ground-breaking technologies, Japan does not provide free public Wi-Fi. You will need to register to access Wi-Fi in Japan. You can get free Wi-Fi in Japan when you go to café’s and restaurants, but you need to purchase food there first. If you have your travel sim card specifically designed for Japan, you will already have access to free data that you can use during your stay. A data sim card with 6 GB of data will give you a free connection for seven to ten days. If you will be staying in Japan for longer periods, it is best to have two or more travel sim cards.

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Roaming Rates are Expensive.

Although most telephone corporations allow the use of their services internationally, you will have to pay for international roaming rates. These rates may become a very expensive option. If you opt for international roaming for your phone in Japan, you may be charged $3.00 per minute. Note that this is per minute that your roaming is turned on. When you forget to turn your international roaming off, the per minute rate will still be in effect. Subsequently, you may end up facing an international roaming bill of high proportions.


Therefore, it is important that when you travel to Japan, you have to be prepared by purchasing a travel sim card specifically designed for Japan.

Each Japan sim will already include 6GB of data with no daily limit. This sim will also allow you to have 4G LTE data speeds and let you tether your data so that you can connect your other gadgets to the data plan. it will also allow you to connect to Japan’s SoftBank network.

So, when travelling to Japan, it is best to come prepared by having a travel sim with you before you land.

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