Watching Sports Will Be Completely Different After the End Of Pandemic


All of us, especially the sports enthusiasts unite with the roar that comes out from inside of a filled stadium. You don’t hear it, but you will feel it instead. It creates a strong and amazing buzz that runs throughout your body. As soon as the announcer on the PA gets the crowd together to a crescendo, there are pumping beats of techno music, and lights flashing around us.

At the same time, figures at a distance get up on the stage and take their positions in front of PC screens and keyboards. There are also headphones of the latest technology that will shut the sounds from all around. So, they can concentrate and not get distracted due to the thousands of people shouting out their names. However, it will all be different from now on.

Initially, there was so much denial, followed by sports admins taking note of what is happening all around. Soon, there were announcements of postponements of almost all events, along with the assurance of resuming. However, all hopes started to diminish with the increasing effect of the novel coronavirus. Fans and sports enthusiasts have now almost lost all hope of getting to see their favorite players on the fields anytime soon.

Situations becoming worse

Amidst all of this disappointment, the massive blow was the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. First, the admins assured that the games will just get postponed to a later time this year itself. However, when situations started worsening, nobody wanted to take the risk. Therefore, the events were completely called off and rescheduled for the next year. So, by now, one thing that has become clearer is that there is no specific news of the scenario changing. Along with that, what has become evident is that sports, similar to our daily lives will change a lot. Therefore, it is only the best way to accept the new normal after the pandemic is over. COVID has surely had more than a massive impact on our lives.

When almost 4 million people globally are infected with the novel coronavirus, the world is at the most difficult crossroad point. Governments of every country are unsure of what to do next. While on one hand, re-starting the economy is a must for survival, the fear of COVID-19 is not ready to leave us at all. On the other hand, several sports admins are also grappling with the most obvious questions about the upcoming scene of various leagues and events around the world. However, we have recently come across some good news that is doing the rounds after the German Bundesliga declared the restart of events from May 16 onwards. On the other side of the world, the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) is going to welcome West Indies as a part of a complete tour in July 2020.

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What is the primary requirement?

Clearly, despite all the constant development, we all are aware of the fact that a proper vaccine is what the world requires the most right now. Without the discovery of the same, there will remain uncertainty of when global sports activities will resume. Not just the discovery, but we have to wait till such a vaccine is made available for the common mass. In this context, there are a few specific sectors of sports that will surely go through a massive change while trying to fall back to normal.

Experience in stadiums

Playing before void stands in the stadiums is a thought that has become popular amongst numerous individuals since the beginning of COVID-19, and it appears the main legitimate approach to resume games while trying to live with the infection. With the danger of a virus set to control everyday lives soon, beyond words fans will likewise be somewhat anxious about coming to the stands. While everything unquestionably is an abnormal encounter for all players, it will be the same for those viewing on TV. There doesn’t appear to be an exit from this except if governments can carefully force social removing standards in huge stadiums.

As of late, sports authorities in Taiwan began to change following the new normal by compensating genuine onlookers with counterfeit onlookers, loading storage spaces with jugs full of sanitizer. They will also encourage players and mentors to maintain a distance. Irrespective of whether a bunch of onlookers is permitted inside the grounds, it may prompt a decrease in costs of passes, online membership expenses, and different sports teams would undoubtedly need to gain their fans back in whatever process they can. Exit/Entry conventions all through the stadiums may likewise observe an extraordinary change through biometrics as individuals would lean toward a quick and consistent experience as opposed to security personnel checking each pass face to face.

Engagement of followers

With the absence of any actions right now, there are no doubts that followers are as of now hungry for the same. In any case, if the lockdown period is anything that will pass soon, players and groups everywhere globally have begun finding better approaches to lock their fans at home, keeping them busy. The unexpected hike in Live Instagram meetings with competitors across games is as of now a sign that all the more such methods of customized fan-commitment are ready to turn into the standard. Earlier on, fans were highly dependent on media sources, and news sources to get a sneak-look into their favorite stars’ lives. However, this lockdown has guaranteed that pretty much all players are connecting with their followers by connecting with them live- either utilizing online challenges, Q&A games, and more.

Change in rules and innovations

People say that “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and more so in this case. The dreadful virus has led to a debate of whether continuing to use saliva on a cricket ball is till alright. The game of Cricket is already dealing with the massive problem of fall in audience attendance. So, there are high chances of newer innovations such as hundreds and T10s to enter the Cricket zone. It is the same in the case of most other games because admins are trying to bring in several new changes.

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All of these changes are to make sure that there is proper distance between the players. Newer innovations are also trying to achieve the goal of being able to keep viewers and followers stick back at home, in front of their televisions. A brilliant example of bringing in change and newer innovations into games is the Sevens Rugby. So, more investors are trying to put their money into such smart changes. It is just the beginning of an array of futuristic sports events and leagues. Such techniques will also attract more audiences than ever before.

Training for the players

Players are now sticking to their houses because of the lockdown. Moreover, the concern of whether they will be able to perform as per requirement is increasing by the day. In this situation, we may see a move in the preparation approaching as they should be remotely checked. In this way, preparing may turn out to be considerably more customized and player-driven. Similarly, sports bodies and teams would do well to consider the mental trauma a pandemic could cause on a player. Psychiatrists and mentors will have to be more active now than ever before. They should make plans of counseling that pay attention to the necessities of every player.

When will everything have a new start?

According to the reports of May 5, 150-plus games are under cancellation/postponement. The case has been the same right from the start of the pandemic. Besides, it was the only option left for the game leagues to do. Probably the greatest inquiry confronting them right now is regarding when the programs will take place next. Various worldwide occasions and World Championships like the Olympics are at a halt indefinitely. However, there will undoubtedly be a conflict between the dates of several of the proposed occasions.

Booking will be a major concern. It is because the qualifying games for the above-mentioned programs are ready to adjust. However, there is no proper date or understanding of the same. How sports directors will manage such problems is a serious matter. Besides, it will characterize the future scene of sports everywhere throughout the world.

This isn’t a selective rundown of future changes. It is because there is a great deal of information to be handled throughout the next couple of months. It is before a part of these changes becomes clearer. Up to that point, we can return to our Zoom calls and Insta Lives. It is to show our attempt to make sense of a confusing situation.

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