Kanye West Brings Back Yeezy to the Public After Joining Hands With GAP

Kanye West Brings Back Yeezy to the Public After Joining Hands With GAP

Starting straight from the Paris Fashion Week to Paris in Ohio, Kanye West is presenting the masses with his fantastic fashion line Yeezy. In a recent press release, there was an official announcement about the collaboration in which Kanye West and GAP are coming together. It is also made clear that the rapper’s outlet mall, Yeezy Design Studio is going to face some temporary disruption in the sales. However, it is a setback for the massive comeback that they are working on right now. Both West and GAP are working full-time on their first line of clothing that they are going to launch together after the collaboration.

The clothes are going to be comfortable basics, in an elevated version. Their aim is to connect with customers, women, men, and kids. They want to make them able to afford stylish clothes at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the creative process is now under construction. Now, everyone knows that Kanye West’s fashion and clothing sense is unique. He loves to mix and match different styles to form a perfect one for himself. So, we can term that as an immersive cross-genre. Besides, Kanye West loves having the authority of everything that he works on just like the latest fashion line.

Kanye West’s relationship with GAP

There is news that West is demanding the sole authority over all the creative projects under the collaboration. However, it all makes sense because the new line is all about his trademark YEEZY fashion. The collaborated project will now become YEEZY GAP Expressions. Very soon, the clothes under this collection will be available on all major e-commerce platforms as well as GAP stores. According to sources, West used to work in one of Chicago’s GAP stores once upon a time. In the recent press conference to announce the collaboration, the Global Head of GAP, Mark Breitbard said that they are happy to have West as a fashion visionary.

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They now want to enhance the success and infrastructure of the YEEZY Brand. It is to define the ultimate level of retail partnership soon. There are still no pictures released officially after the deal was finalized. However, almost every other detail about the collaboration is now clear. The original GAP logo in white and blue will now consist of the words ‘YZY’ from now on. Once, Kanye West made a promise that everyone will get a YEEZY if he is elected as the President. It now seems that he is in the first phase of fulfilling his big dream.

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