TOP 10 most expensive robotic vacuum cleaners in the world

expensive robotic vacuum cleaners

Today’s review is dedicated to the most expensive robotic vacuum cleaners in 2020. These devices are equipped with the latest technology and functionality with the latest technology, but the price noticeably “bites”, so such innovations are not available to everyone. Our TOP – 10 will be presented from the most expensive models to cheaper ones.

  1. iRobot Roomba s9 +

The first and most expensive of all the robot vacuum cleaners presented today is the new iRobot Roomba s9 +. It costs an incredible 110 thousand rubles, which is almost $ 2 thousand.

The novelty is equipped with an unusual for iRobot company D-shaped body, as in Neato robots. Among the features of the model, we highlight the base for self-cleaning, elongated central brushes, camera navigation, cartography and work through a mobile application. The most expensive robot vacuum cleaner in the world can increase the suction power on the carpets, work together with the iRobot Braava m6 branded floor polisher, and also zon the room into rooms for a more flexible cleaning setup.

  1. Samsung VR2AJ9250WW

Robot vacuum cleaner Samsung VR2AJ9250WW costs 90 thousand rubles. The model has an ovoid shape and provides better and more powerful cleaning of all types of flooring in comparison with round vacuum cleaners.

The ability to connect Wi-Fi allows you to remotely control the device from your smartphone through a mobile application, or through voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The on-board video camera and several sensors (Visionary Mapping Plus and Full View Sensor 2.0) form an optimal cleaning route, avoiding obstacles.

The coverage map displays the areas that the Samsung VR2AJ9250WW has already cleaned. Also, this expensive robot vacuum cleaner is characterized by a long suction force with minimal clogging and the ability to customize any convenient cleaning schedule.


LG R9MASTER is an expensive robotic vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning with high suction power (maximum up to 120 AW), a 3D camera and a laser sensor that allows you to identify its current location, bypass obstacles and avoid falls from stairs, as well as build an optimal cleaning scheme.

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Its front camera with a 160 ° view allows you to collect data on the layout of the premises and provides accurate navigation. Externally, the robot differs from the vast majority of robotic cleaners on the robotics market.

However, at the same time, its design is very similar to another expensive Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner: a similarly high round case and a central brush across the entire width of the device.

  1. Miele SLQL0 30 Scout RX2 Home Vision

Next on our list is the Miele SLQL0 30 Scout RX2 Home Vision. It is equipped with front cameras, which provide a three-dimensional image of objects in high resolution. The installed 3D Smart Navigation system allows you to automatically measure the distance to obstacles and avoid collisions with them. Now even rooms with a complex layout are not afraid of this robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. KARCHER RC 4000

The next in our rating of expensive robotic vacuum cleaners is KARCHER RC 4000, which is distinguished not only by its appearance but also by the ability to independently get rid of accumulated garbage at a special station for storing it.

  1. KARCHER RC 4000

The device is characterized by ease of operation, high-quality cleaning of hard floors and carpets from debris, hair and pet hair due to good suction performance and low noise level.

Despite its great advantage in the form of autonomy and belonging to the premium segment (the price of KARCHER RC 4000 is 75 thousand rubles), this model of a robot vacuum cleaner has several disadvantages. But users appreciated the German quality and functionality of the device, so it managed to gain popularity, even though it was recently discontinued.

  1. iRobot Roomba i7 +

Roomba i7 + is another expensive new product from the famous manufacturer iRobot. The device combines good technical specifications, various useful functions of modern navigation and cartography, the ability to control from a smartphone and using voice messages, adaptation to various types of surfaces.

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There is a virtual wall. But the main distinguishing feature of the Roomba i7 + is the presence of an automatic garbage disposal station, like the KARCHER RC 4000 and Roomba s9 +. Under the lid of the station is a trash bag with a volume thirty times the volume of the dust collector of a robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. Makita DRC200Z

Makita has launched a one-of-a-kind outdoor robot vacuum cleaner, the Makita DRC200Z. Also, the robot can be used in warehouses and exhibition halls. The model is outdated, appeared on the market in 2016, so many functions that are popular today are not provided for in it.

  1. Electrolux PI91-5MBM

When considering the Electrolux PI91-5MBM, the first thing that catches your eye is its unusual triangular design with rounded corners, which allows you to carefully clean the corners and along the walls. May you read: Most Secure Houses: Top 10 Most Guarded Houses in the World.

  1. Bosch BCR1ACP2

Our list ends with an expensive Bosch BCR1ACP2 robot vacuum cleaner with an average price of 60 thousand rubles. The model is designed for fully autonomous cleaning of the whole house and is equipped with technologies for recognizing the dirtiest areas and creating a room map. Bosch BCR1ACP2 robot has many functionalities, including the function of selecting individual rooms for cleaning on the map (Room Select), limiting the cleaning area (No-Go zone), intelligent cleaning with a touch of a button or voice control via Home Connect or Amazon Alexa and many others.

Also, the device is equipped with an excellent battery with long battery life (up to 90 minutes), fast charging (about 120 minutes) and a high-powered motorized brush for more efficient cleaning in corners and around the perimeter of rooms (Smart Corner Clean).

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