How can you install McAfee antivirus using the product key?

How can you install McAfee antivirus using the product key

People install antivirus on your device to protect the device from viruses. But do they know about the threats and antiviruses? Well, you should learn about the different types of threats before you buy an antivirus. Check your device specification and determine the purpose of using it. You should always choose antivirus by checking all the features. Just buying an antivirus will not secure your device. McAfee antivirus has various antivirus plans; check all the plans and then install McAfee with the register McAfee product key.

Parameters to determine before installing McAfee antivirus

  • Always purchase antivirus which is compatible with your device. So check your device specification and then check the antivirus plans which are compatible with your device.
  • Remove all security software from the PC. If you want to install a McAfee antivirus then you must remove another antivirus from the PC. Your previous antivirus can interrupt the installation problems. Multiple antivirus programs create conflict while detecting a virus. So, if you have any security software on the PC then uninstall it and remove all the related files before McAfee installation.
  • Other things that can interrupt McAfee installations are junk files and low disk space. So, you should check McAfee’s space requirement and then your free disk space. If the free disk space is low then remove all the unnecessary programs and disk files from the computer. Removing junk can also increase free disk space.
  • If you are purchasing McAfee antivirus from an online store then make sure your internet is smooth and secure. If the internet is weak then you should consider purchasing McAfee from a retail store.
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McAfee Online Installation

For installing McAfee antivirus follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your computer and search for McAfee antivirus on your web browser
  2. McAfee homepage will appear on the screen
  3. Now click on the type of antivirus you want (consumer or enterprise)
  4. Now you will see various McAfee plans
  5. Click on the plan you want to install on your device (check device specifications and antivirus features)
  6. Billing page will appear on your screen
  7. Enter your details on the fill-up form
  8. Enter your username
  9. Enter password
  10. Select your country and language
  11. Enter your email address
  12. Now go the right-hand side of the page and fill the billing details
  13. Check all the details before proceeding the payment
  14. Now click on the Buy Now button

The payment process will take some time. Please wait until the process gets complete and do not press and button.

After purchasing McAfee antivirus from the store; open your email address and run the given URL. A EULA page of McAfee antivirus will be displayed on the screen. Read the license carefully and hit the Install button. When you get the activation window. Enter the McAfee key you received on the email. Press the Activate button and your McAfee antivirus will get installed and activated. Restart your computer and click on the McAfee icon. Now click on the full scan option from the dashboard for scanning your PC.

McAfee Offline Installation

You can only go for McAfee offline installation if you have a CD drive. You will get a CD inside the retail box. Insert the CD on the CD drive and wait. A run setup will appear on your screen automatically. In case, you don’t see any setup then go to This Computer and click on the setup. Wait until the setup gets copied on your disk. Now click on the setup and follow all the on-screen commands. You will get a EULA page on the screen. Read the whole user-license page carefully and then click on the Agree and Install button. Now you will get an activation window on the screen. Open the retail box and check for the silver card inside the box. You will see a series of alphanumeric numbers on it. This is your product key. You have to enter the code on the activation box. Type the code carefully and press the Activate Now button. Your McAfee will get installed and activated on your device. After completing the installation process; restart your PC. Now you will see the McAfee icon on your desktop and taskbar.

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In case, you have a retail copy of your McAfee antivirus but your device doesn’t have a CD drive then don’t worry and check the McAfee card. Open your device and visit the URL provided on the card. Now follow the on-screen commands and then you can easily download and install McAfee on your device.

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