June 15, 2024

Increase your Computer products sell with Government on GeM

Grow your computer business


In today’s world every person needs a computer or laptops or more computer products for their work or study. And also Government sectors, need a computer, laptops, keyboards, mouse, and all computer products for their work. The seller of computer products can increase their computer product sales with GeM to sell their product on GeM.

What is the meaning of “IT”?

“IT” stands for Information technology. And all the work has done under this by computer products.

What can I sell in the “Computer Products category” on GeM?

You can sell all the related output or input devices on GeM but in this “computer category” you can only sell under these categories

  • Desktops
  • Laptops,
  • All in one
  • Servers

Which type of Computer can be selling on GeM?

The seller or manufacturer can sell their computer on GeM like:

  • All in one computer
  • Laptops-notebooks
  • Desktops

These types of computers can be sold on GeM

What is the server under the computer products category?

A server is a type of device/computer on a network that manages network resources. Servers are often dedicated, meaning that they perform no other tasks than their server functions. On multiprocessing operating systems, however, a single computer can execute multiple programs simultaneously.

How can I grow my Computer business on GeM?

You can grow your computer business on GeM because here, the buyer on GeM is a government department and like private offices or companies, the government also uses and requires computers, laptops, servers at a maximum or large scale. The work of the government department won computers and laptops, even our ministers are using laptops and computers to do their work and monitor empowerment. Every department of government uses these products the department of income tax is an example. That is the reason you can grow on GeM by selling your products to the government.

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Can I also sell my other IT products, (computer accessories and the repairing services) on GeM?

Yes, why not. You can also sell your other products on GeM under the other available products category (if available) and also you can provide repairing services by list your service on service Category for ICT services on GeM.

How can I get orders on GeM?

  • You can receive an order after getting GeM registration as a seller to sell your products on GeM.
  • After the process of registration complete or you’ll receive your registration id then you can list your product on GeM by choosing the computer category under product.
  • After a successful listing of products. Products will go live and then the buyer can buy computer products and you will get an order.

How can I get GeM registration as a seller for sale on GeM?

You can either contact Legalsalaah where the team of legalsalaah will help you to register on GeM. You just need to visit on LegalSalaah or choose GeM registration under the section of services and drop your contact details. Legalsalaah expert will contact you and help you to get your GeM seller registration.

How can I list computer products on GeM?

For listing on GeM you can also contact Legalsalaah they will help you to list your products on GeM. Go to our main website of legalsalaah.com and follow the same process which describes before. Or contact on +91 8766393412. And also the seller can list the products by it-self.

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