July 13, 2024

Why iOS App Development is a Worthy Investment Choice for Businesses


It’s no secret that the world has gone mobile. 80% of the population across the globe use mobile devices to search for anything on the internet (source: Statista). Knowing its importance, many businesses are already using the mobile app to promote their services and increase the visibility of their brand.

Android and iOS are two major platforms that are used in the world of App development. Both the platform has its pros and cons thus, people often get confused about which platform they should invest to get maximum ROI.

However, it’s not an easy choice. Why? Android and iOS users act differently. So, if you choose the wrong platform, you could be abandoning your primary target audience. Considering the demand for iPhone apps, iOS app development has won the hearts of more customers than Android app development.

Top Benefits of Selecting iOS App Development over Any Other Platform

  1. Uncompromised Security

One of the main benefits of selecting iPhone app development is its high-end security layer. The feature is a bonus of enterprises that are keen on protecting their sensitive data. iOS platform provides security against data duplication, data encryption, data theft, viruses, and other malicious activities by keeping the data saved in the cloud. iPhone users feel secure as they are cushioned against hacking through stringent security measures.

  1. Generate Better Revenues

With iOS apps, enterprises reap maximum returns on their investments by reaching towards their targeted audience more smartly and quickly. To reap out the maximum benefits, you must keep an eye on the latest apple trends to incorporate the best features that increase customer engagement and retention rates.

  1. Expand Tech-Savvy Audience

Mostly, the iPhone is used by tech-savvy audiences that are looking for simple yet effective apps. With a well-developed and intuitive user interface of your iOS app, you can easily entice several new customers and retain the old ones. Given the scenario, consulting a reliable iOS app development company makes it possible to reach new heights by delivering highly scalable and flexible solutions based on your business’ needs.

  1. Loyal Consumer Base

Apple has a well-established community consisting of admirers for its quality and performance. iPhone apps offer flawless performance and phenomenal user experience, thus, users who use Apple devices are more likely to stay with the same operating system.

iOS Versus Android App Development

Since the dawn of mobile app development, Android and iOS are two major platforms in the marketplace. Let’s find out how app development in iOS is different from Android.

  1. Programming Languages

Android apps are built in Java using other related languages like Kotlin, C++, Python, etc. Java is an official language for Android app development; however, Kotlin is a cross-platform language that Android app developers use as an alternative solution to Java.

Objective C and Swift are the primary languages used to build iOS apps. Objective C is an older programming language, however, Swift is a more up-to-date, modern, fast, and clear programming language. Many iOS developers choose Swift over Objective C. Besides these languages C#, C++, and Python are also used to develop apps.

  1. App Development Tools
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There are an enormous number of app development tools and platforms in the marketplace. Android also has its development kit which supports third-party apps and APIs. Thus, a reliable Android app development company is always experimenting to try out new features and add new functionalities while developing apps.

When it comes to iOS, it is a popular development platform that comes with a limited set of tools and iOS app developers are also restricted to use any other external tools to develop iOS apps. XCode, Code Runner, Fabric, AppCode, and TestFlight are a few recommended tools to build eye-catchy and best iOS apps in shorter development times.

  1. Multitasking

The android operating system is versatile thus allows Android app developers to do dynamic app development even for multitasking whereas Apple’s development platform is exclusive and more stable thus come with variant limitations.

  1. App Publishing

Launching an app on Google Play Store is quite easy and less time-consuming. It usually takes a few hours for the app to go live. Updating the Android app is quite easy and doesn’t require much validation. Also, publishing an app comes with a fee. Google Play Store has a one-time fee of $25.

However, Apple Store has a lot more restrictions than Google Play Store. They will test your app for every possible bug and validate every step before publishing it to live. It might take hours or even days to get your app approved on the Apple store. The Apple Store charge higher than Google Play Store, kit charges $99/year.

How Much iOS App Development Cost

Investors can also use an iPhone app development cost formula to calculate the approximate cost of the project i.e.

UI/UX Design Hours + (iOS App Development Hours + Backend Server Hours) * Hourly Rate of Developers

The cost of iOS development depends on various factors such as,

  1. The complexity of iOS app

It is known that an app is considered efficient when it has diverse functionalities that add convenience in the user’s life. However, an increasing number of features will increase the complexity of the app.

  • Simple iOS apps have basic features, standard UI components and use of pre-defined backend templates
  • Mid-range iOS apps are integrated with APIs, custom UI, real-time features, and use of simple backend templates
  • Complex iPhone apps offer custom animation, media processing, real-time sync, and complex backend integration
  1. Admin Panel Development

The Admin panel is the core of the app. It helps users to track all activities, view app statistics, export user reports, update content when required, and much more, without the assistance of iPhone app developers. Due to complex integrity with all the components of the software, implementation of the admin panel maximizes the development team that doubles the iOS app development cost.

  1. Addition of In-App Purchases
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Many apps have in-app purchases for different reasons. Many in-app purchases are optional, some give users additional features, and others serve as subscriptions during signup to use the app. Depending on the monetization idea of your app you can decide whether you need an in-app purchase option in your app for not. Adding functionality can certainly escalate the cost of developing an iPhone app.

  1. Third-Party Integration

It is inevitable to develop an app without third-party apps. For instance, using Facebook or Google you can reduce the number of steps for registration and payment gateways help you process the payment through your app securely and swiftly. Thus, it is an imperative feature besides you can ignore if you are developing an informative app.

  1. Category of App

The type of app is an essential factor that determines the right features of your app. From m-commerce apps to social networking apps, enterprise apps, and on-demand apps, there are different categories of apps that can be used by diverse industries to promote their services and offerings.

A simple user-friendly iOS app with basic functionality takes up to 2-3 months for its development and it may cost around $30,000 to $50,000. You can also use app cost calculators to figure out an estimate about your project. There are various reliable tools available online offered by diverse reliable mobile app development companies, all you need to answer a few questions and get quick estimates within minutes.

Industries that should choose iOS Apps over Android Apps to Grow Business at Scale

  1. Healthcare Industry

Mobile applications are boon for any industry. iOS apps help you connect with a wider audience in no time. With the help of iPhone apps, doctors can provide consultations even while sitting in their clinics. It not only saves time for the patients but also allows doctors to take a look at more patients than before.

  1. Finance Industry

Customers are at the core of any business operation and taking care of their security is our number one priority. By leveraging the capabilities of iPhone app development, you can build a secure financial app that provides personalized banking experience, one-tap information of accounts, and impacts user positively.

Many industries are using iPhone app development to lure their business operations and reach customers more elegantly.


When starting to build a mobile application, it is imperative to go through every minute detail to make a viable decision. Partnering with a top iOS app development company can help you achieve your goals faster and lets you enjoy seamless profits in no time. The company you choose to make the project development journey pleasant and wonderful.

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