June 14, 2024

23 Awesome Google Tricks Will Blow Your Mind

Awesome Google Tricks

The tech giant Google dominates the total internet world, you will hardly find anything which is not related to Google services. We use this platform all the time for our required information, no matter whatever our search query is! But, Google brings us plenty of results, no way to miss your necessary information. Apart from that, Google is quite funny, yes, you get it absolutely correct! There are lots of Google tricks that will definitely blow your mind and give you a top-level of amusement.

As you have already come to know, countless of Google tricks are available, but they did not appear at a time. Over time, the google developers along with their associate partners developed these awesome google tricks and brought them periodically.

Google tricks are extremely humorous, no matter you are in what age or race! Some will make you laugh instantly, others will take you to the decades ago. Even, for the knowledge seekers, it will take from the sky to the other planet “Mars”.

Here we have listed cool 23 Google tricks that you may try them to get top-level of fun and share with your friends.

23 Awesome Google Tricks

Google Underwater: Explore Under the Water

It sounds like exploring the beneath of the ocean water, but you can have this experience without getting wet yourself. Type “Google Underwater” in your search bar and click on the first link, now see what happened! Yet, you can add more fishes by searching “more fish please” and click “I’m feeling lucky”, see what magic comes to you!

Barrel Roll: Rotating Your Screen

Barrel Roll is extremely a funny game on Google, what you need just to type “Do a barrel roll” on Google homepage and hit the enter button. The magic will appear then, and you will find rotating your screen in the complete mood. The more you will rotate it the more you will get fun, if up to 20 times, your screen will go bonkers!

Google Gravity: Crashing Down Your Homepage

This trick will let you crash your homepage to pieces, yet nothing to be afraid of, as everything is ok! You need to “Google Gravity” on your homepage to do this experiment. Though all the options are getting crashed, still, if you click them, they will work as usual. Even, using your mouse, you can throw those pieces in the surrounding areas.

Pacman: Get Those Old Memories of 1980s

It was a very popular game back in 1980s, what Google did, brought it again the in-browser version in 2010. Google launched this game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of classic PAC-MAN and to get those old memories. Playing Pacman is super fun, what you need to type “Pacman” in your browser and click to play.

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Google Doodles: Countless Source of Fun

You probably have heard of this term “Google Doodle” and they have already gained much popularity among the chrome users. Google presents different types of doodles indicating different occasions in the year-round. And you may miss some of those doodles consisting of games, celebrating birthdays, father days, national days and more. No worry, you will have all of the doodles in one place, just click on this link. Meanwhile, it will take you to doodle stock to get never-ending fun. Even, sometimes they provide knowledge about the historical events, or to pay homage to the great personalities around the world.

Atari Breakout: A Block Breaker Game

It’s a super fun game, very easy to play, you can increase your score by crashing as much as blocks. But, you need to care about the ball has no chance to touch the below bar. You can start playing this classic game by typing “Atari breakout” on your Google homepage and clicking on the first link. You may not want to miss to go into a competition with your friends to show your skill!

Coin Flipping: Flip Coin With Your Friends

You want to flip a coin, but missing a physical coin right at this moment! Don’t worry, Google will let you do this in the most convenient way. It’s very simple, you only hit enter by typing “Flip a coin” and click to flip the coin. It’s a 50-50 chance, you can not predict whether “Head” or “Tail” will appear on your next clicking!

Zerg Rush: A Row of Zeroes

As soon as you type “Zerg Rush” on your search bar, gradually the zeroes (0) will eat homepage. Still, you can fight with them by clicking them to save your homepage, but I bet, you will lose finally. Because, they are the super-strong enemy, yet nothing to get afraid, everything is fake there just to give you entertainment.

Google Sphere: Moving Sphere

Have you ever dreamt, everything is moving around you? If not, Google will allow you to take this opportunity, but not in real, rather in virtually! Now, what to wait, simply type “Google sphere”, go to the first link. Consequently, it will automatically create an environment all of your page components are circling of your search bar. However, the moving sphere game will catch your eyes, no way but to love it.

Google Mirror: The Results are in Mirror Shape

This trick is funny, it will let you to the experience, as if, you are standing in front of a mirror. In the same way, you just write “Google mirror”, the tricks will come. Your eyes may need to work hard to read the words in the page as the mirror is on the browser. Moreover, the same thing will happen if you search for anything, it will also come in mirror shape. Yet, no reason to believe the Google mirror search results, as they are totally fake!

Goglogo: Customize Your Name

It is time now to personalize your browser with your name, this is super easy to do! With the cool trick Goglogo, you can do this simply visiting the first link of your search result. Moreover, lots of eye-catching designs are available to select from your choice. You merely type your name in the box, also mark the best design that you would love. Now, enjoy the stunning result of your homepage shown by your name instead of Google.

Askew: Your Screen is Not Broken

When you type Askew on your browser, you may get confused, your screen is broken or happen any technical error. Because, you will experience displacement appearance on your screen, yet there is no technical problem, it’s just a game. If you play this trick to any first time user, you can create an extra funny environment for sure.

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Recursion: The Repeated Result

You have already searched for the word “recursion”, yet Google is suggesting you “Did you mean recursion?” How is that both the term are confined in the same word! Yes, that’s the trick, repeating the same word as because of the meaning, indicates “repeat”.So, this trick will provide you a different experience than you usually use Google search bar all the time. As a result, the recursion trick becomes a fun act if you could catch the trick in the first time.

Google Sky: A Thrilling Experience

In my childhood, I tried to fly in the sky for countless times through my subconscious mind. But my dream never came true, then I find this cool trick to explore the limitless sky virtually. Google sky presents the stars that you see usually by your open eyes. Also, it enables you to see galaxies, beloved moon, constellations, flying objects, etc. ultimately an endless journey in the sky.

42: The Meaning of Your Life

Google knows the meaning of your life when you search “answer to life, the universe, and everything” on it. Actually, the search result “42” is related to the famous book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. So, that’s the creepy thing Google knows the human psychology and brings the result in the simplest way.

1: The Loneliest Number

You will find hundreds of billions of web pages already indexed in Google and more are adding every day. Probably, it has affected the search giant very well. So, whenever you type “the loneliest number” in Google, it will show you the calculated number “1” every time. The same result will come if you search “number of horns on a unicorn” on Google.

The Moving Dinosaur: Google Will Never Stop You

Google could feel the pain when there is no internet and your search bar shows “Unable to connect to the internet”. Yet, Google will keep you restless, just hit the space bar of your keyboard. Now, comes to the outcome, a moving dinosaur will appear to provide you endless fun in the absence of your internet connection. Therefore, you have no chance to feel bored, rather Google keeps you active and worth your time.

Google Timer: You Best Utilize Your Time

Google Timer is the best trick that you may not want to waste your valuable moment anymore. When you have a strict plan before starting a particular job you should use this awesome trick to track every of your moment. You simply open a new tab, type “set timer for x your time”, and it will count your time automatically. Finally, take the challenge to finish your work within this time frame and try very honestly. Actually, it gradually develops your disciplinary manner in the long run.

Blink HTML: Blink Magic

If you would like to watch the magic of “Blink HTML”, Google will let you have this feeling. It’s quite a simple process, you type “Blink HTML”, and see the results. Likewise your eyes, the words “Blink HTML” will start blinking on a continuous basis, gives you an enormous enjoyment.

IP Address: Google Knows Your IP Address

Yes, Google knows your IP address, even if you are in the incognito mode, it could track your IP address. Truly, IP address serves you multiple purposes, you simply get it by typing “What’s my IP” in your search bar.

Tip Calculation: Now Count Your Restaurant Tip

Suppose, you are in the restaurant, can’t figure out how much you should pay as tip comparing with your total food bills. Now, Google makes it easy while writing “what is the tip for $amount”, you will have the actual figure. Still, you have the scope to change the ratio amount by your own number.

Different Planet: Explore Mars

The planet Mars is no more away from you, Google Mars will let you explore in a very convenient way. As the scientists are trying to find out dwelling place in Mars, you may become part of this research. Yet, you will find so many fascinating things, you may like to capture them and share them with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions Question

Question 1: What is Google funny trick?

Answer: It is a form of a program developed by Google developers or their associate parters to give some amusement to the users.

Question 2: Do I need to pay to use Google tricks?

Answer: No, absolutely not.

Question 3: What are the requirement to use Google funny tricks?

Answer: It’s very simple, just need your smartphone or computer with an active internet connection.

Question 4: Who can play the tricks?

Answer: Everyone with basic computer & internet knowledge can play Google funny tricks.


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