July 15, 2024

10 ideas to renovate your house this beginning of the year


The harmony and design of the interior spaces are of utmost importance, as they are places where we spend the vast majority of our time. Therefore, having a comfortable space that makes us feel good, particularly at home, can increase our productivity, improve character, mood and rest, and even encourage us to meet our goals.

1. Move, change and order

A good idea to start is to move your furniture from place, in this way, you can not only have new perspectives of space, but also, you will be able to see more clearly which ones are still useful to you and which ones you need to change to unify the same concept. Remember that the needs of the spaces are constantly changing and this may be the time to
replace some furniture, for a more functional one that is at the forefront.

2. Color

It is not necessary to paint the entire house again, there are details of color and textures that can modify the perceptions of the spaces. You can try an oil blue wall and contrast with furniture in shades of white, camel or gray to give a combination of strong and neutral tones. If you do not want to paint the walls, you can use tapestries or natural stones on them, or opt for accessories that give it a touch, for example, new cushions, decorative paintings, lamps, trays can help to unify the palette and range of colors of your house.

3. Lighting

Light is a decisive element in this composition because it can attenuate some colors and sectors, as well as enhance others. Spot light enhances an area. In addition, you can play with indirect lights on the floor and bookcases, this way you can highlight a small work of art or make a place colder or warmer. An option that we love are candles, these provide a
feeling of comfort when lighting them, they are ideal to give heat to a formal dinner, avoid odors and give a warm home feeling to any area of ​​your house.

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4. Accessories

Sometimes we forget that less is more and confuse the concept of “style” with “trend” and end up buying everything. The key to choosing the right accessories is to identify which identity you like and goes the most with your home, for example you can decorate style: minimalist, ecological, industrial, pop art, or mix two styles if you wish. Once you have identified it, it
will be much easier to choose the accessories, and even furniture, that give that special touch to any room. When you go to buy them, also think about combining it with some main elements that you already have at home, for example the table runner, with the colors of the room, contrasting rugs with curtains, etc.

5. Tone on Tones

If you want to create a greater visual impact, choose the same color for your furniture and walls. In addition to giving it more depth and height, you can paint the moldings and why not, give life to the ceiling. Another trend of tone on tone, is to include furniture that goes in the same palette, for example if your wall is gray, a piece of furniture in that shade can be interesting.

6. No fear of investing

In your house you will always need a piece of furniture that is the focal point of each area, for example: a very stylish bookcase, an impressive painting, a chair with personality, in short, look for an item, which is the statement of each room and invest at. Remember that “investing” does not mean spending millions, but buying something functional that lasts over time and survives

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7. The floor also matters

Identify what style of furniture and decoration you have at home and choose the right floor. You can use from rugs, wood sheets, marble and endless materials to bring it to life.

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8. Local geography

The outdoor environment is also a factor to consider, since combining a beach style in a city and avant-garde PH can be very complicated. It certainly wouldn’t make you feel any good. Although it is not a determining factor, if you find a harmony between the exterior and interior environment that matches your favorite style, it will always be a much simpler formula.

9. It is worth reusing

To make a change it is not necessary to get rid of everything. You can keep items that are of great sentimental value to you and find a suitable place for them during the remodel. In the same way, with a little luck and style, you can adapt it or find it the perfect place.

10. Reinvented tiles

Lose the fear of experimenting with tiles of different sizes and colors, even from other materials such as porcelain, and even dare to combine them! This is a new trend that can reinvent a boring room or few spaces designed for this material such as kitchens or living rooms.

Additional tip: Define the style and concept very well to unify all the rooms in your home and feel harmony in each of the spaces. Remember that renovating an interior space takes time, patience and a load of creativity. Start with the simplest or the room where you spend the most time, so you will feel motivated to keep moving forward and little by little you will have new and stylish interiors.

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