June 15, 2024

The biggest differences between the Macbook Air and Pro

Macbook Air and Pro

Difference between Macbook Air and Pro in graphics

We find another difference between Macbook Air and Pro in the graphics card. The graphics of the Macbook Air are a lot less powerful than those of the Macbook Pro. Remarkably, the performance is even less powerful than the Air from 2017. Where the recently released laptop is equipped with an Intel HD 617 GPU, the Macbook Air from 2017 comes with a more powerful Intel HD 6000 GPU. And according to the first benchmarks with a comparable chip, the performance would be about 60 percent better. A strange choice from Apple, which does not really motivate you to go for the new Macbook Air.

A Difference between Macbook Air and Pro class of processor

Then we also have the processor, in which the two laptops differ. The Macbook Air comes with a dual-core GHz Core i5-8210Y processor, which we know from the 12-inch MacBook. This is energy efficient and produces little heat. The 2017 Macbook Air and the MacBook Pro, on the other hand, are equipped with a U-series processor, which is less energy efficient and produces more heat. However, the U chips are also more powerful. Incidentally, the chips in the new Air and the 12-inch MacBook are not quite the same. The chip may use 7 watts of energy with the Air, instead of the 5 watts with the Macbook. The new Air is therefore equipped with an active cooling system.

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Macbook Air with longer battery life

If you often work with your laptop on the train, the Macbook Air would be a better option than the Pro in terms of battery life. Now the Air is of course also made to take with you and that in itself is not that surprising. With the MacBook Pro you could use the internet for about 10 hours without a wire, whereas with the Air it is about 12 hours. Those two hours can make quite a difference. The longer battery life of the Air is partly because the processor is more efficient. Still, the Pro could do better in some cases. And especially if you get started with heavy tasks, for which the Air is actually not intended. They will last longer on the Air, while they take a little less effort and time on the Pro.

You can also rent a Macbook (translated to Dutch: macbook huren Flexitrent) at Flex IT rent if you wanna test the battery life or the speed of the processor of a MacBook Air.

The differences of an IMac compared to another desktop.

  1. Retina 4K display

Perhaps the greatest asset of all, the retina 4K screen. The IMac desktop offers an abundance of details with its large, crystal-clear screen. Which is very interesting when it comes to photo editing, for example. You can also try a normal computer and rent a computer (translated to Dutch: computer huren Flexitrent) at Flex IT rent.

  1. No more cable clutter

Since purchasing the IMac, I have been relieved of the amount of cables that a PC entails. After all, IMac has all its hardware components in the display itself. Apart from the power cable itself, you no longer have any disturbing cables.

  1. Lightning fast start-up
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The IMac has another great asset. The start-up time, and not only from sleep mode, is really lightning fast. Where I previously had the time to pour a cup of coffee, I now better make sure that I already have the cup of coffee at hand before starting the IMac.

  1. Like minded?

In our current society, iPads, IPhones and Macbooks are a popular item. It goes without saying that these articles come into their own when they are linked to a like-minded operating system.

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