July 12, 2024

5 Fascinating (Yet Shocking) Facts About Electricity

Facts About Electricity

Electricity has completely changed the world. We now depend completely on electricity for the most basic functions of our society. The world has generated more and more electricity every year, now creating more than 25,000 terawatts of electricity every single year! While that just shows how important electricity is in the modern world, it is far from the most interesting of all electricity facts. Read on to learn some of the most interesting facts about electricity!

Electricity Moves at the Speed of Light

Most people have heard that light is the fastest thing in the entire universe. However, many people don’t know that electricity can give it a run for its money. Generally speaking, electricity can move just as fast as light!

This can lead to some incredible results. For example, if you watch a TV broadcast of the Big Ben Bell Tower while standing under Big Ben, you will actually hear the bell through your television before you hear it in real life. That is because of the electricity and light that send the sound of Big Ben through the TV move so much faster than sound waves!

Your Own Body Runs on the Power of Electricity

One of the amazing facts about electricity is that it can be created in your own body. In fact, both your brain and your heart run on electricity. Without electricity, it would be impossible to survive!

Many Animals Naturally Produce Electricity

Other animals can create electricity, too. One fun fact about electricity is that electric eels generate strong electrical currents. These currents serve to ward off enemies and predators.

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Benjamin Franklin Proved That Lightning Is Electricity

Some people think that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. Actually, he only proved that lightning is electricity. Before that, nobody knew what created the light of the lightning bolt.

Most Electricity Is Created Through Coal

When it comes to electrical energy facts, most people don’t know where electricity comes from. Most electricity is created today through coal. However, that is not where most new electricity is coming from.

One of the most fascinating facts about electricity is that in the future, it will probably be creative mostly through solar power. The Sun pours such an incredible quantity of energy onto the planet every day that if we could capture only a small fraction of it, it would be more than enough to provide all of the electricity that we need to run our civilization several times over!

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Know the Coolest Electricity Facts

We hope that you were able to learn something interesting from this brief article on just a few of the fascinating electricity facts out there. Incredible electrical technology has revolutionized the world since its invention, and it will continue to evolve and change the world in the future.

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