June 15, 2024

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Home Early Learning Program


Home early learning is crucial for your child, and you may not want to make the wrong decision. When you choose a program, keep the needs of your children in mind.

Choosing a early home learning program is one of the most significant decisions you will make for your child’s future. Hence, please spare some time to check several programs to find what they offer. Ask the provider all the questions you have in mind.

What do You Get When You Enrol in the Online Program?

Before you choose any program, find out what is there in it. Ask questions like:

  • Does it have the specific stuff you want to use?
  • Will you get specifically designed videos, storybooks, songs, educational toys, play cards, and tools?
  • Is the platform and material you get easy and compatible?

Will the Material in the Program be Age-specific?

When you enrol in an early learning program, you want the stuff that brings out the best in your child. For this, it should be as per the age of your child. If you have a one-year-old child, material meant for a four-year-old child may not work aptly.

You must ask if the program has a combination of age-specific content and materials. Since you are new to teaching, you don’t know what works well for children of different age groups. Once you receive the stuff that is age-oriented, you won’t have any doubts.

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How Will the Program Help Your Children?

As parents, you’d want to be certain that the program helps your children holistically. You should know what outcomes you can expect after using the program. For example, you may have questions like:

  • Can children practice numbers and letters with the stuff you provide?
  • Does the material develop their imagination and creativity?
  • Will the program boost their memory?
  • After using the program, will children learn to follow the instructions?

Hence, these questions will ensure if the home early learning program works holistically or just in specific development areas.

Is there Fun in the Early Learning Program?

You never want the learning experience of your children to be boring and dull. Kids develop an interest quickly in any activity only when there is fun involved. You should ask if:

  • Are educational toys fun?
  • What type of games and toys will you get during the program?
  • Will the educational toys you provide are of good quality and safe?
  • What material is used in the toys you provide during the program?
  • Will the toys cost additionally?

Answers to these questions will ensure that your child learns playfully and safely.

How Much Material You Will Get in a Week?

You will not want to overload your children at this tender age. Hence, it gets important that you find out what material you will get in the program and how often. You should know about:

  • How many videos can you access per month?
  • How many colour workbooks will you get at home?
  • How many pages will be there in the colour book?
  • Will the old episodes of previous months stay forever, or the providers replace it?
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This way, you can use the material in the best way and can be sure that the program helps your children. To sum up, once you ask the right questions at the right time, you end up choosing the right home early learning program.

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