Cannabis Business Social Network

Cannabis Business Social Network

People love to feel connected and to be part of a bigger, fair society. Today, as before, the potential to communicate online has expanded ten times. Niche businesses emerge where diversified Internet networks are more needed. Cannabis lovers find places to connect to other enthusiasts online because cannabis is becoming more popular and universally embraced. Numerous online social networks devoted to all weed-related cannabis are now open, like never. In this blog, you will know 10 best Cannabis business social network in 2021 to sell the cannabis business online.

Top 12 Cannabis business social network

We are all aware that the purchase and sale of cannabis are now too ordinary and freely embraced in virtually all Jurisdictions. Certain common cannabis social network sites are still extremely booming in the centre of the situation and do not surprise me. The need for social networks in cannabis companies has also been strong. These social networks attract numerous cannabis lovers, from pot owners to stoners and cannabis lovers. With the growing proliferation of cannabis companies, seeking new ways to communicate with your audience and to support your cannabis industry is becoming more relevant. This social networks in the marijuana industry are remarkable and show how the world continues to change and fulfil our society’s needs.

List of Top 10 Cannabis business social network

1. Forum Grasscity

2. Duby

3. MJ Mary Jane

4. WeedLife

There has nevertheless been a sort of stigma linked to and use of cannabis. All and all, if you are searching for a cannabis forum for promotion, you should go to various industry channels for cannabis networking. In this blog, we also have a full guide to what the social network is for cannabis businesses and how you can market your cannabis company without difficulty.

1. Forum Grasscity

Grasscity’s forums are one of the oldest social networks that are all about weeds. Grasscity was originally a viral website to grow marijuana where users could learn about how they can grow, read guides, and more. However, it has extended to one of the biggest online social marijuana sites. They have a range of fora to explore rising, smoking, legalization, and more with other pot lovers. Grasscity has since added a news feature on cannabis and a US list of distributors.

For a long time, Grasscity Forum was the original spot to chat about marijuana and various tips about planting or harvesting the trees. Now that marijuana is gradually legalized, the social network of this drug industry has grown exponentially. There are currently over 600,000 members of the Grasscity Forum, and the on-line dialogue is comprehensive. If you’re looking for an outstanding spot to speak with other cannabis enthusiasts freely about weed, don’t go any further.

2. Duby: Cannabis Business Social Network

Duby is also the main online community for smokers, tokers, and enthusiasts of cannabis. You need to download an App Store and Google Play program to register with Duby. You cannot create an account online, but you can communicate with people directly if you download the app. Duby is an Instagram, tinder, and twitter combination with a welcoming interface to the pot. Top videos and stories like Instagram can be viewed. So you can pick photographs and users and select ‘Put Out’ if you don’t like it, or you can choose ‘Pass’ if you wish.

They may have some work to do to make it a sustainable commodity that people love, but as far as cannabis social networks are concerned, there appears to be some positive momentum. Duby is like a hybrid of Twitter and Instagram but focuses on the conversation and gatherings of fellow stoners and cannabis enthusiasts. What once became one of the biggest media networks for cannabis lovers and a phenomenal place for communicating to new consumers and selling the cannabis company has been made a thin, safe place for cannabis lovers. This is known as another best Cannabis business social network.

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3. MJ Mary Jane

MJ Mary Jane is the place for anything relevant to cannabis. A reliable forum for building and expressing your cannabis love and awareness. The app provides a special editing method to capture cannabis images of the finest quality. Users will also discuss various groups that interest or interact with other cannabis lovers worldwide. The opportunity to find multiple marijuana dispensaries near you is among the most thrilling aspects of this app, offering fantastic room for marijuana businesses to advertise their business across the platform. Besides being a great place for selling your brand, this app offers a valuable resource for stronger relations with your clients and learning more about their preferences and what drives the chat.

4. WeedLife: Cannabis Business Social Network

This network of cannabis social media requires a lot of effort, but this is an initial social media site for smokers of marijuana. You can make your profile, which encourages people to upload, share pictures, activities, and more on your walls, whether you’re a business, brand, or public figure. WeedLife is potentially one of the recently developed cannabis industry networks for newcomers. It has been so well-known among industry people over time that it markets its business regularly. This platform’s entire newsfeed interface resembles Facebook, whereby the users can post their images, details, increasing tips, photographs, business ideas, and numerous other subjects related to Marijuana.

With its Smartphone App Access, consumers and company owners communicate quickly. The great thing about this tool is that it has been used in almost 120 nations. To use WeedLife, you must first be confident that your profile is personal or corporate. But it is recommended that you never start working on your profile right after your registration. WeedLife is on the rise to a digital site. This social networking site is a network that helps weed lovers to communicate and learn about their pot love and to share it with the rest of the world.

The WeedLife software also operates but showcases news-styled forums to highlight various stories about legislative and political affairs, education, Industry, and more. While it is a website that needs a little effort, thousands of people always sign up each day. If you are the organisation owner searching for a social network for your company’s commercialisation, search WeedLife. It is one of the most recommended Cannabis business social network.

5. MJ Link

If you want to relate to other experts in the cannabis industry, see MJ Connection only. This social networking site was built to communicate, research, network, or enterprise professionals in the cannabis industry with other cannabis owners. They have numerous business sites, videos, news items, and more. Their news segment discusses a wide spectrum of themes such as advocacy, history, politics, science, and more. Built-in is a directory where you can access an organization and link it to the index of the site.

You can track all recent cannabis news and hear about emerging developments, growing approaches, or marketing campaigns in the field. You can also email us. So add your business to MJ Link’s directory today and start connecting with other cannabis industry professionals today.

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6. WeedCircles: Cannabis Business Social Network

Weed Circles is a Google Plus and LinkedIn hybrid. You will connect to the cannabis industry’s clients, peers, and vendors. The internet network for cannabis is free to register, containing thousands of weed firms and a social network. You can add the info to our cannabis circles, whether you are an enterprise or a pot business, and communicate with other owners and cannapreneurs. Weed Circles is a member of the WeedLife network so that on all pages, you can use the same features.

7. 420 Forum magazine

420 Magazine Forum is a website where people can explore something relating to cannabis. It is an active website and has various forums on several topics. Technology, activity, medication, hemp, entertainment, and other subjects are among these. There is a section to upload various media styles to create a special location for selling different goods to a broader public. So this social networking site is ideal for commercialising a cannabis corporation and associating future practitioners from other cannabis industry sectors.

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The Forums on the Website of the 420 magazines are very involved and an outstanding link for cannabis owners. They have multiple forums from the way marijuana evolves to national discourse. The 420 Magazine Groups have thousands of active users, answering questions, communicating, and networking online.

8. High up

High Pot user’s tinder. This social network for weed is a dating app, much like Tinder. On other weed users, you can click left or right that you may like to do. Like Duby, a social pot network accessible only on the Google Play and Apple App Store. You can register and communicate with other cannabis enthusiasts worldwide fully free of charge. No matter whether you like friends or marriages, High You will balance other smokers of the pot.

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9. Bud Hubz: Cannabis Business Social Network

Bud Hubz is like Foursquare but like marijuana. You can search online on their website for the best dealers, head stores, lodges, and cannabis doctors. So it is free to enter and helps you get reviews from the world’s best marijuana shops by calling ‘buddies’ or mates. However, there is another better Cannabis business social network mentioned above.

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10. Weldable

You can log, post and shop at Weedable, right from this online site. You will shortly have an app to expand the social network of cannabis to the next level. So you can join Weedable and have your online profile, whether you are a company or are looking to interact with other cannabis users.

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This influential sharing network has been built to communicate and share their experiences online as a forum for cannabis lovers. So this social networking site enables customers to interact in a friendly experience with their peers and favourite brands.

11. Leaf Wire

Leaf Wife is a new media network of cannabis firms that encourages the drug industry professionals to network together. This social network parallels LinkedIn, all of which are sites for professional companies to communicate and exchange ideas online. Leaf Wire helps its users to post articles and pictures, advertise their companies, extend their network and post status updates, etc. A marketing feature enables a corporation for the wider Leaf Wire population to advertise its goods and industry. This social network lets you interact directly with other professionals in the business networking and development field.

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12. WeedMaps: Cannabis Business Social Network

Established as one of the most common and well-known cannabis applications globally, Marijuana Maps is a gateway to understanding and distinguishing. This social network helps its members to discover all of the best shopping stores nearby, locate the latest sales and even find fantastic marijuana service. All cannabis firms can use this app to sell better and link their customers. So the new offerings, you can advertise, highlight your premium goods, and draw valuable customers.

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This social network also offers a wide variety of information to its members surrounding various sources of drugs, products, news, and more. Not just a wonderful place to link industries to customers but also a perfect resource for lovers of cannabis. For both business owners and experts, Marijuana Maps is a great resource.


1. How should I determine my cannabis company’s name?

Many considerations — some needed by law and some not — affect the cannabis company’s name. In most states where cannabis is legal, it cannot appeal or have health marks for the logo. Best practices for thinking about your company’s identity are avoiding orange, not using cannabis buzz terms, and thinking about how your company’s name is viewed on a domestic basis when cannabis is federal legalization.

How do I know how much money I need for a cannabis company to start and run?

The easiest way to assess how much money you need is by financial modelling unique to your company and the government regulations. So this forecast provides allocation and plans for your business. It also tracks the business strategy and plans for its viability.

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