June 15, 2024

Why you need a Point of Sale System for Your Nail Salon

Your Nail Salon

In order to appreciate what a Point of Sale (POS) system can do you for nail salon business, we must understand the activities involved in running a nail salon. On an average business day, a nail salon sees a host of activity ranging from booking appointments to serving customers. All these activities aside from being repetitive in nature, end up consuming a lot of time. It comes as no surprise that most people who either run or work at a nail salon complain about being overworked. Imagine how much better it would be if a substantial portion of your work is automated. This is exactly what a POS can do, and let you have more time to focus on important things. Thus, it is comes as no surprise that evaluation and selection of a POS is one the crucial steps to starting a nail salon.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling / Re-scheduling

Let’s be real. People are busy and have a gazillion things to do in a day and calling to book an appointment is not in their priority list. In such a situation, it is best that they can book appointments at their convenience, including outside business hours. A good POS system will allow the customers to book anytime, anywhere and on multi platforms such as website, and client facing app. No longer trading calls, or exchanging emails to fill one slot. The POS will show available slots based on customers preferred times and accept the booking.

  • Reminders to reduce No Show

Appointments are just the first step. Revenue comes when people show up, and do not turn their appointments into no-show just because of their forgetfulness. The POS will track all upcoming appointments and send automated reminders of the schedule either over a text or an email. No longer do you need to remind your clients, or call them to confirm. POS will also send reminders to employees about their daily work plan.

  • Process Payments
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A basic POS processes payments through charge cards and credit cards and tags the payment method to the respective invoice. With the right combination of hardware and software, a POS will let you generate professional invoices and link the payment. Since a POS is equipped to handle multiple payment gateways, customer can choose his or her own preferred payment method.

  • Track Inventory

An interesting feature in POS is to track inventory, to ascertain when to replenish stocks. With inventory management automated, not only will you save time but also you will not store products, which do not sell. The system will analyze sales records to show what is selling thus enabling you to order exactly what flies off the shelves, reduce capital deployment in inventory, and improve profitability.

  • Better Customer Relations

Time and again studies have shown that retaining a client costs much less to the businesses when compared with the cost of acquiring a new client. This is not to discourage you from acquiring a new client but to make you appreciate that with improved customer relations you can easily harvest the low hanging fruit. A POS can assist you in your efforts to charm your client. In the centralized database, a POS can store complete profile of the client, including personal details, preferences and color choices and empower you to suggest style and colors that have higher acceptance. A POS will allow you to send automated personalized greetings for birthdays and anniversaries, and also nudge them towards repeat visits. No longer do you have to do any such tasks manually.

  • Improve your marketing
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Since your POS will record each and every sale transaction, it becomes a ready-reckoner for you and your employees to suggest products that are similar to client’s preferences. Some advanced POS have the ability to recommend products even at the time of invoicing, in a bid to increase sales. A nail salon POS uses data analysis to easily help you upsell both products and services.

  • Payroll & Commissions

Reduce the time you deploy in computing payrolls and commissions. Whether you disburse commissions weekly, fortnightly or monthly manual computation takes time and sometimes has errors. Allow your POS to run accurate payrolls and commissions. No longer do you need to outsource payrolls and incur high costs. Some POS such as the one by Zenoti allows your employees to keep a track of their tips and commissions earning in the business facing app and allows them to know their real time performance.

A robust POS can do all of the above and much more such as receiving customer feedback, to generating on-demand sales and financial reports. Automating these tasks allows you and your team to focus on customer service, and marketing. Zenoti’s POS for nail salons has a state of art user interface and comes with an easy learning curve, which will allow you to deliver a modern experience to your clients.

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