Why Customer Portal Software is Important for Your Business

Customer Portal

Customer portals are a fantastic tool for companies looking to communicate with their customers. Along with offering a secure way to store, manage, and retrieve customer information, it can also improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

This article will detail what customer portal software is and why it is a vital tool for any business with an online presence.

What is customer portal software?

Customer portal software is an enterprise software allowing companies to interact with their customers in the digital space. It is typically web-based and features tools customers can use to access information about the company and its products, place orders, and provide feedback.

Your organisation can use customer portal software to personalise and improve the customer experience. Customers can also select their own preferences. For example, customers can select which languages they’d like to browse the site in or which currency they’d like to use.

Customer portals offer extensive benefits for all kinds of businesses. Let’s discuss a few of these advantages now.

  • Increases efficiency and reduced costs

With a customer portal intact, there’s no need for your support staff to handle enquiries and issues shoppers could solve independently through a quick FAQ or user guide. Customers can access this information easily through the portal software, quickly finding answers to their questions and freeing time for staff to focus on more pressing tasks.

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In turn, you’ll enjoy lower customer care costs thanks to the reduced number of support tickets and need for support agents.

  • Improved customer service and experience

Drawing on the above point, when customers have access to useful self-service tools, they’ll enjoy a significantly better customer experience.

81% of shoppers attempt to solve a problem independently before asking for help. With a customer portal, your customers can avoid the struggle of submitting tickets and waiting for a response and find the solution to their problem instantly.

Customer portal software also allows you to provide customised user experiences, which many customers will enjoy. For example, you could recommend products, services, and guides based on customer data, saving them time in their search.`

  • Access to real-time feedback and data

Using customer portal software, you can organise real-time feedback and data about your customers and their experience with your organisation. Of course, customer feedback is crucial to strong growth, so this is a highly valuable tool for any business.

These analytics can also help you understand your customers’ purchasing behaviour and motivations, helping you create more successful marketing campaigns.

  • Targeted sales and marketing

A high-quality customer portal will also allow you to promote your services and products through targeted marketing. For example, if you know a customer has previously searched for gardening products and your company supplies them, you could recommend them through the portal.

Customer portals: a must-have for any business

Any business hoping to connect with customers, improve their shopping experience, and boost loyalty will benefit from investing in customer portal software. It’s also a fantastic way to reduce costs and increase efficiency within your organisation.

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