Why Choose Headphones Over Earphones?


There’s a bit of a debate surrounding whether people should wear earphones or headphones. For some, both have the same use except for the size and how you wear them. You wear headphones by placing it on top of the head, while you wear earphones by placing them right outside of your ear canal.

But the focus of this article is why one should choose headphones over earphones. You might have seen headphones like the Focal Utopia in audio websites that made you wonder whether it’s a better choice over earphones. There are several advantages of headphones that earphones cannot do.

Higher Frequency Rate

High-quality headphones usually have a higher frequency compared to earphones because of how large the headphones are. The generally accepted audible frequency range of a standard headphone is 20 to 20,000 hertz. There are even some that have a wider frequency range of 5 to 33,000 hertz that gives the headphone user optimal sound quality.

The amount of frequency will depend on how the sound quality will come out. There’s usually an equalizer on a music player to get the right mix of frequency rates. But for most of the time, headphones are already calibrated to give the user the perfect sound without having to mess with the equalizer.

Noise Cancelling

Whether it’s mixing audio or playing games, you can never go wrong using head phones with noise cancellation features. Nowadays, every audio enthusiast prefers noise-cancelling headphones because it’s perfect for blocking out external noise. Not only can it block outside noise, but the sound quality improves as well. The headphones provide better noise-cancelling compared to earphones because the headphones cover the entire ear.

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There’s a noise-cancelling feature that uses the headphone mic to listen to environmental noise. Others use the microphone as noise-cancelling filters to help filter out annoying, unwanted sounds. Hearing enemy footsteps in first-person shooter games won’t be difficult with this feature.

Maximum Comfortability

Some would not prefer to use headphones because it’s too tight and hurts their ears. There’s no need to fret because brands like the Focal Utopia Open Backed Circum-Aural Head phones eliminate this problem. These kinds of headphones are perfect because they comfortably sit on your ears.

To further ensure a comfy fit, most head phones come with an adjustable headband. This feature can eliminate the redness and pain around the ear. Aside from an adjustable headband, a fully cushioned headphone acts as another feature to provide efficient comfortability when wearing them.

Ensure Safety

Listening to music at high volumes can potentially damage the ears. The reason some people would do this is they can’t hear the music or the person talking. When you wear earphones, you can still usually hear cars passing by, so you’re forced to turn the volume even louder.

But with headphones with noise isolating and cancelling features, anyone can listen to music in peace for hours without having to blast the volume up to block external noise. The recommended volume for listening to music is at least 60%. With these features, you can even set the volume below 60% and still hear everything.

There are different brands and models, like the Focal Utopia, that can give you the best sounding headphones. Once you have the perfect headphones, it will be almost impossible to take them off because of how good the sound quality is.

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