June 15, 2024

What is a Virtual Credit Card and How to Use It in Offline and Online transactions?


Virtual credit cards are an online form of regular credit cards that have its unique card number, validity, CVV and other essential details. Using a virtual card, you can make online payments as per your requirements.

The prime benefits of virtual credit cards are that you do not need to carry the physical card with you and yet conduct activities that are similar to possessing a real card. Also, your account details are no longer shared with the merchant in case you make payment through virtual cards instead of physical cards.

How to use a virtual credit card online and offline?

Virtual cards facilitate the ease of making payments on the purchase of any kind. Although they do not have a physical existence, they still offer high-end security to the transactions.

You can use the virtual credit card India in the following manner –

  • Online shopping

With such a credit card, you can make payments for your purchases in a similar way as you pay with a physical card. Since these cards come with a predetermined credit limit, all you are required to do is maintain your expenses with the same.

The limit is fixed by the credit card issuer, although it is subjected to changes as well, in case you meet the required criteria. Besides, the issuer may also increase your credit limit in case you have a decent payment history.

  • Pay your EMIs

A few reputed financial institutions also extend the feature of converting your purchases of higher amounts into EMIs, which you can pay through a virtual credit card. In such a case, you can enhance your credit card use as the payment of instalments becomes more comfortable based on your current financial position.

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Above all, look for the important things to know before applying for a credit card, to make the most of the offered benefits. Also, you can minimise your financial stress with easy instalments and opt for a higher purchase with ease during need.

Nevertheless, despite such diverse features and benefits, you can opt for Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard for extra advantages as well. This credit card offers paybacks, reward points, bonus points, welcome bonus and a lot more to enrich the usability of the same.

The company also provides pre-approved offers to make the process of availing instant finance faster and convenient. These pre-approved offers are also available on multiple financial products such as personal loans, home loans, business loans, etc. You can take a look at your pre-approved offer by submitting a few essential details that have your name and contact number.

Features that make virtual credit card stand out

The benefits of virtual credit card are that they can be used for secure online shopping. However, these cannot be used for offline shopping.

The most outstanding features that show these credit cards are better than debit cards are listed below –

  • A virtual credit card can be used only once with a unique card number.
  • There is no way to trace back the original details once the transaction is over.
  • Your details remain encrypted and are not shared with anyone over the internet.
  • The pre-set credit limit allows the user to stay within the purchase limit and curb over-spending unnecessarily.

The most significant features that make virtual credit cards an exception is their security feature, which is an efficient way to protect your credit card from being hacked. Since the virtual card is primarily issued to customers against their original physical card, you can use it to make payments at retail stores for enhanced user experience.

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In a nutshell, swiping your card is no more a necessity to pay your bills. You can simply tap on your mobile screen to make the payment through virtual credit cards.

Though the benefits of virtual credit cards are multifold, the onus is entirely on you to use it in the right manner to realise the full potential.

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