Visa Bulletin October 2020

Visa Bulletin October 2020

The USA Citizen and Immigration service publishes a bulletin on their website in which they publish the dates for filling application and their deadline. At that time, the USICA calls the eligible applicants or candidates for submitting their applications, but it might be different to some extent; for additional visa applications, the organization might create specific dates for applicants with the date for candidates to file visa applications accordingly. The Visa Bulletin October 2020 contains the details of the changes and the deadlines for visa applicants.

Call Date and Final Date

First comes the fact of the procedure of determining the dates. For the visas in which the number of qualified applicants is limited, they are given initial priority and called by USCIS to adjust the status. The consular officers must then create the chart with the chronological order of priority date for the demand received by September 8. The category in which all the demand could not be fulfilled will be indicated as “oversubscribed.”

An applicant who is a limited qualified applicant and could not reach within the specified date, the first date of the oversubscribed category will be the applicant’s priority and final action date. Suppose the officers feel the necessity of making the final action date to an older date during the monthly allocation. In that case, the applicants who have a priority date within that date will be honoured. Still, in the case of an annual limit expiration, it would fall under the term “ unavailable,” and the department would not honour it.

Limit of Immigration: Visa Bulletin October 2020

Next comes the limit of immigration. The minimum limit of family-sponsored preference is 226000. This limit is according to Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This means 226000 minimum applicants would get the preference of coming via family immigration. Throughout the world, the benchmark for employment-based immigration is a minimum of 140000. Each country has a preference limit, and it is set according to the combined limit of family-sponsored and employment-based limits. 7% of both limits come to a limit of 25,620. 7320 or 2% is the dependant area limit.

Spouse and Children

The law section of INA 203(e) indicates that the visas for both the family-sponsored and employee-based applicants will get it on priority based on application date and order. Spouse and children fall under the same category 203(d) if the spouse is accompanying or has the intention to join the spouse. The visa is also applicable for areas outside the U.S borders or dependent areas when the visa excessed the country limit, which is also applicable for the country area, including Vietnam born, Philippines, India, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and China Mainland.

Family-Sponsored Preference: Visa Bulletin October 2020

According to the Visa Bulletin in October 2020, the family sponsorship preference contains four types of division.

F1 – The daughters and sons who are not married fall under this category, and 23,400 plus any numbers are not required for the F4 or fourth preference.

F2- It has two categories, F2A and F2B.

F2 category is applicable for spouses and children and unmarried sons and daughters of P.R. holders. The total of 114000 and the number by which it exceeds 226000 global preference and unused first preference numbers.

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(F2A) Spouses and Children of P.R. holders- The limitation is 77%, and it is the overall second preference limitation. The law removes 75% of this per-country limit.

(F2B) The sons and daughters of the principal who are not married (21 years of age and older) of P.R. holders are 23% of the overall second preference limitation.

F3- The third of these categories is applicable for married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens, the addition of 23400, and any numbers not required by first and secondary preference.

F4- This category is applicable for brothers and sisters of Adult U.S Citizens, the addition of 65000 and any number not required by first preference.

Employee Based Preferences

It contains five categories of division. The first one is priority workers, on which the preference is the total of 28.6% of the preference of global employees and any number not required for fourth and fifth preference. The second one is applicable for professions holding an advanced degree or who have an exceptionally brilliant ability. The sum of 28.6% of the global employee-based preference, and any numbers are not unnecessary to the first preference holds the preference level for this category.

The third one is applicable for skilled workers and professionals, and other category workers. The preference level of this is the sum of 28.6% of the global level and any number unnecessary to first and second preference. Nevertheless, it is not more than 10000 of the “other workers.”

The fourth one is applicable for certain special immigrants, with only 7.1% of the global level.

The fifth category is “employment creation,” and it is only 7.1% of the global level. The minimum number of this is 3000, and this category has a reservation for investors who are planning or have planned to invest in the rural areas or areas in which the unemployment rate is high.

Diversity Immigrant Category For October

This category is for the immigrants whose country is low in the U.S immigration rate during the previous five months. The limit of this diversity visa is 5000 out of the 55000 visas of the annual allocation, and it is under the NACARA program. However, every country will get a maximum of 7% of those available diversity visas in a year.

For October 2020, the number of DV is available to the qualified candidates of DV 2021.

The October Final Action Movement And Application Filling Date

USCIS has focused on two goals during the past six months; one is to maximize the number to maximize and make the visa processing normal to some point in time before the end of the fiscal year. The second one is encouraging the applicants to continue their application process to have a long term benefit and a recovery from the inconvenience. Because of this movement, the USCIS can ensure a sufficient demand available for immigration.

Scheduled Expiration Of Two Employment Categories

Fourth Preference, Certain Religious Workers- The visa for this fourth type of workers expires on September 30,20, and USCIS will no longer be issuing visas overseas. No final action will also take place. The final action date of the category S.R. is listed as “Unavailable” for October. If any legislative action is extending this category, the final action date will change the status to “current” for October. Countries that would not fall under this list are – Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. In the fifth employee preference category, this program is stretch to the date September 30, 2020. The visa issue deadline is September 30, 2020, and it will issue to the applicants until the closing hours. No visas of this category will be available after September 30, 2020.

What is New In Bulletin of October 2020

The recent pandemic COVID-19 has brought about some changes in the Visa Bulletin in October 2020. Usually, there are changes related to the allocation of employee-based immigration visas. However, the Visa Bulletin October 2020 has a particularly unusual due. The advancement of the fillings is a bit rapid compared to the other years.

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Why the Boost In The Process of The Employee Based Immigration?

The Covid 19 has put a halt to the movement of Family-Based Immigration. Because of the travel bans, the movement has slowed down fast, and because of this, there has been the full utilization of the numbers.

The Bad Impact: Visa Bulletin October 2020

Because of the COVID 19 impact, most family-sponsored immigration visas have been affected in the Visa Bulletin October 2020. Many of the applicants are not able to get an immigration visa until further notice. The family immigration visa impacted category includes the F2A, F2B, F3, and F4.

The Good Impact: Visa Bulletin October 2020

Because of the ban or temporarily unavailability of the family-based immigration visa, the visas of these are considered to be unused. As a result, USCIS adds those into the current allocation slot of the employee based immigration system. Because of this, the priority date in the Visa Bulletin, October 2020, has come forward. However, the interview dates might differ, and there might still be some lag in the interview process. Because of consulting posts that are offering services only for emergencies.

Immigration Terms

Final Action Date

The final action date refers to the priority dates when an applicant could submit an application to the USCIS and obtain an adjudication. However, the USCIS can now use dates for filling charts to allow the applicant to adjust their status according to the requirements.

Date For Filling

It is a chart that shows the immigrants who are living outside the borders or lands of the U.S and eligible to apply with NVC or National Visa Center.

Priority Date

USCIS uses this data to determine if the cut off date applies to a particular immigrant for a cut-off date. Also, immigrants for the U.S file the labour certification application and I-140 petition on this date.

Cut-Off Dates: Visa Bulletin October 2020

Applicants with a priority date before the cut-off dates are eligible to submit their application. And the applicants or immigrants with a priority date after the cut-off date have to wait.

Filing Date: Visa Bulletin October 2020

If an applicant’s priority date is not before the final action date. The applicant might be eligible to apply for an immigrant visa. The filling date allows the application of the applicant to file despite the ineligibility. As the filing dates are later than the final action dates, filing dates fastens the immigration process of an I-485 application.

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Visa Retrogression: Visa Bulletin October 2020

Visa retrogression is the phenomenon when the priority date availability is in one month. Still, because of the applicable cut-off date moving backward, it becomes unavailable in a subsequent month. Unless and until the priority date is again available, no action takes place.

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Alternate Chargeability

When an applicant plans to apply for a visa in the U.S, the thing that determines the eligibility of his or her application is the country of birth. But instead of the principal applicant, the spouse’s birth country can also be checked for visa eligibility.

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The application of many types of Visas are closing after the September 30, 2020 period, and they will not be available until the notice. A recommendation for the applicants or immigrants eligible for applying would be to apply and adjust the status accordingly. The Visa Bulletin October 2020 restricts some programs and entries to the U.S for some specific immigrants.


How Do I check for eligibility for U.S Visa?

If you are living outside the U.S, then go to the website for a U.S visa. Click the check for eligibility and enter the required information to check whether you are eligible for a visa or not.

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How do I obtain the monthly visa bulletin?

To get the subscription to the U.S’s monthly visa bulletin, go to the official travel website and send an Email to the given email address. Also, they have a facility of the recorded message of final action dates. That can be heard with the specified number.

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How do I get more information on visa immigration as a U.S citizen?

To know more about the news of visa immigration. You can visit the office of NVC from the nearest state in the country.

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My visa was rejected after the U.S Embassy interview. Can I request NVC to review the appeal?

Unfortunately, NVC does not have the power to change a visa decision. The U.S Consular office would be the best place to contact right now.

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If I change my location, how do I update my new address?

You should provide the new location of your address using the Public Enquiry Form and inform NVC in case of the change of email or phone number.

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