Top trending tips to make the most liked Tik Tok videos

most liked Tik Tok

Most liked Tik Tok

Creating the most liked Tik Tok videos is the best way to attract more videos. You can use the platform for either entertainment or for promoting your business. It is easy to get an audience as Tik Tok has 1.65 billion users and more.

Now, let’s get to the top ideas to create a likable video.

Most liked Tik Tok videos are challenges

Tiktok is a trending viral platform with most of the users between 16 and 24. The best way to encourage users to watch your video is an open challenge. For instance, Chipotle used the National Avacodo Day to create GuacDance Challenge. It got more than 250K submission.

Educate to create most liked Tik Tok videos

What can you teach in a mere 15 seconds? Any easy-to-digest information in a video format would be a good message. If you wish to show that your business is social-minded, you can use this platform to create messages. Dr. Danielle Jones is a TikTok sensation with her videos about sexual health. She has six million and more views.

Most liked Tik Tok videos come from influencers

The jargon ‘collab’ is getting more famous in the digital platform. Collab, short for collaboration, is the video you make with an already famous influencer. It is like a promotion for your videos as the influencer’s followers would see the video and might become your follower. Mucinex, the medical brand, partnered with a social media influencer to create an awareness video during Halloween.

Most liked Tik Tok videos are usually celebration contents

There are numerous celebrations in the digital world, starting from chocolate day to Mother’s Day. It is important to use hashtags and take part in all those celebrations. People get patriotic during national holidays and spiritual during cultural holidays. You can use this short-lived passion to bring your videos to many. For instance, UN Women got 400k views for their Generation Equality hashtag on Women’s Day.

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How-to tutorial videos

Remember that your videos will get better videos if you are teaching something. It could be as basic as changing your vehicle tire or removing stains off clothes. Since TikTok primarily has a younger audience, you can make videos with makeup or grooming tutorials. Cooking tutorials are the next best trending videos on this platform.

Create or join a viral craze

The trend among youngsters is tough to keep track of and remember. One day, they jump out of the car to dance to the tune, and the next day, they go for an ice bucket. If you wish to get views in thousands, you need to go with the trend. You can also create a viral craze like a dance move, magic, silly videos, etc. The craze need not always be a challenge.

Run a contest to pull audience

If you are an enterprise, you can spend money on creating a contest. It could be effortless, like throwing five coins to a cup in a row in 15 seconds. Make sure to ask the contestant to use your product to make videos. For instance, Uniqlo created a contest asking contestants to create a video wearing Uniqlo piece. The UGM (user-generated material) is a good way to promote your brand and take your name to a larger audience.

Comedy is always golden

If you could make someone laugh in 15 seconds, you have great content in hand. It need not be always original. You can get inspiration from movies or from other users too. Comedy videos reach people of all ages and geographical regions.

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Create a duet in TikTok

Is a video trending in TikTok? Check whether the creator allowed people to share it. If so, click on ‘Duet’ and record your part of the video, add effects, and post it. Since the original video is already trending, you can ride on this limelight for a short time. It is a split-screen view, where half of the screen shows the original video, and the rest is yours. Some use it to create ‘react’ videos too.

Use a TikTok Hashtag

The hashtag is one of the primary traffic drivers. Hashtag tags your videos to a category. For instance, #Avocado shows that your video is related to that category. If you create a hashtag, you should create a video that people can either recreate, comment, or participate in it. You can also search for trending hashtags to replicate their success ride.

Check the latest trend

Analyze the latest trend on the platform. If the users are favoring stunt videos, creating a similar video can help you get more followers. Remember that the trend can change at any moment, and thus, before you start a video, check the trend.

Authentic or duplicate

There is nothing wrong with duplicating a video in TikTok. If you do so, you ought to credit the original video. Do not imitate and share it as your own. Remember that the video you saw must have millions of views. It means millions of viewers know that you are copying.

Simple and clear video

The video runs for 15 seconds only. Thus, your message or challenge should be clear and simple. It should be entertaining and educational. The clarity goes for the video too. Make sure to shoot the video in ample lighting and with good effects.

The last tip is to reply to the feedback and comments. It could be a troll or a legit request. Make sure to comment positively. It is inevitable to get a couple of trolls and haters for your content. Do not take it to your heart and understand that every viewer adds to your view score, even if they are haters.

Some TikTokers add a video once a month or so and expect to have craze throughout the year. The videos should be frequent and not as frequent as a couple of videos in an hour. It may be once a day or once in three days.

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