June 15, 2024
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FMovies is an online streaming website where you can watch your favorite movies for free. However, FMovies is not the only choice here, since there still bunch of Fmovies alternative that you can use that has same and even better quality.

Here are the lists of Fmovies alternative:

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a legal site that can be a reference for watching movies online and for free. To be able to watch a variety of films available on Tubi, you do not have to register and create an account first.

In it there are quite a number of categories and genre of film types available. More than 30 categories of film types are on this site. The most commonly searched categories such as action films, drama, horror, comedy, and the like are here.

Not only that, categories such as family films, lifestyle, kids, and documentaries are also here. Maybe Tubi is too complete for you who are only a favorite in one or two film categories.

But Tubi is very satisfying for those who really like a variety of films from various types of categories and genres.

The Tubi site can be accessed through a variety of devices, such as laptops / PCs or mobile phones (Android and iOS) for free.

2. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is ​​also not less interesting with Tubi TV. PopcornFlix is ​​a legal and safe online streaming site for watching your favorite movies and movies.

On this site you can watch and download movies for free. There are many movie categories provided by PopcornFlix. If you have trouble choosing a good movie now, you can immediately choose the popular movie category at this time.

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Or if you want to choose your own film based on the available categories, you can. Among the categories are: Drama, action, horror, comedy, romance, urban, and there are also family categories.

3. We TV

We TV is one of the new players that provides a variety of shows such as films, dramas, and various variety shows legally and officially. It looks quite interesting because it makes it easy for visitors to filter each category needed.

Apart from that, you can also choose the quality of video clarity by adjusting it as you wish. But because this is a legal and official application, to get the best features is certainly not free or paid.

But don’t worry if you don’t take the premium package. Because there are also many films that you can watch for free in this application. In addition, We TV is also available on YouTube.

4. FilmGan

Another online cinema that you can make to watch movies online for free is FilmGan. His name is indeed unique, like a traveling merchant who is offering you a film, “Film Gan?”.

On this site, you can watch the best films from old films to the latest films. But because this is a new site, FilmGan is still trying to keep updating the availability of the film.

Besides watching, you can also download it to watch later. Or because the quota is lime and it’s a shame to watch it online, so you need to download it so you can watch it offline.

How to download movies for free? You can learn how to download movies for free. In this link you can learn how to download movies in various ways.

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For films from outside, for example from the West or from Asia. Don’t worry, because this site is also available with Subtitles.

5.Nonton Film 168

As the FMovies alternative, another popular online movie watching site is Nonton Film 168.

This site provides a large variety of the best films of various genres, ranging from action films, comedy, horror, drama, romance, even animated films are also available.

Also available are various films from various countries both from America, West, Asia or Korea. You can watch your favorite and best films from old to newest.

This site are also available TV series programs ranging from Korean Drama series, Mandarin, Western, and even the Anime TV series are also here.

6. Cinema 21

Cinema 21 is another alternative to Fmovies.

It looks more or less something like LK21 and Fmovies. In the form of a full screen with various movie titles. And in the menu section is a category and genre of film.

Among the film categories available here are action, fantasy, comedy, romantic, horror, mystery, drama, etc. But unfortunately, there are no country category filters or TV series shows like Watch Movie 168 above.

But even so it’s enough to be your entertainment as watching free online movies. Because on this site there is a large collection of the best films and good favorites ranging from new to old school.

7. Dunia 21

Watching Movies Online is fun entertainment in the midst of a global pandemic like today. Especially for singles, complete reasons for not going anywhere.

You don’t need to bother coming to the cinema, remember, besides being expensive you also don’t have a trailer right.

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