Top 10 Technical Websites: For a Sound Knowledge

top 10 technical websites

Top 10 Technical Websites: For a Sound Knowledge

The world is thriving on technology, every single passing day we enter into the advanced technical world which is full-on innovations and inventions. We are so much influenced by technology and it plays a crucial role in shaping our lives, whether through smartphones, automobiles, and others.

Well, the Internet is a great medium to keep yourself up to date with the latest updates and innovations in the world. The Internet is an open-source platform to learn almost everything about the tech world via reading blogs, articles, and watching videos. However, getting news, articles, blogs about computers, mobile gadgets, software, and operating systems under one roof might be difficult. But, we are here with the top 10 technical websites that cover almost everything about the tech world.


TechCrunch is the first name that hits our mind while talking about the best tech website. The 50,000 active users show the popularity of this website. It is known for providing quality information via news, blog and also gives an unbiased review as soon as the product hits the ground. If you want to scale tech skills, this website must be in your bucket list. CrunchBase is the section where you get the complete details such as funding received, headquarters locations, and the names of the founder of every company. If you are a newbie in the tech world, this site will serve you in numerous ways. TechCrunch has updates on financial markets, and also many blogs and articles for startups.

Way Binary

Way Binary is one of the leading tech websites that provide the top-10, how-to, Troubleshooting guides, and reviews about the latest software and application to the users. It offers fully-researched and effective data to its readers which are published by doing the complete research and development by the team of tech-savvies. The content library of this site is loaded with everything which a user must need under a single place such as online communication, gaming, printers, emails, smartphones, Antivirus, and so on. Moreover, you get reviews about the latest software and application by the alpha technical geeks. Due to user-friendly content and helpful guides, this website is on the number 2 spots on our list.

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TechRadar is a reliable source for tech buyers. This site is popular for giving detailed and honest reviews and ratings about the electronic gadgets mainly the tablets and mobiles. Users prefer to visit this site to get an overview of the product before buying. It’s quite rare that you won’t find any review of the gadget on this website. Also, provides the latest news and updates about the operating system via blog and articles. TechRadar gives a thorough review of every device including its features, functionality, and good and bad about the product that makes it convenient for users whether they should go or not. It is considered as the most valuable and respected website in the tech niche.


Get Assist the newbie in the tech world, but made an impactful entry with its powerful and information-based content. It is a sole place where you can get all solutions for all technical concerns connected to various utilities, software, applications.

This website is the hub of troubleshooting solutions that users face in their day to day life. You will get a solution for almost every error, the problem in technical devices. Also, it provides in-depth valuable information about the products in how to, troubleshoots, review, news, and other sections. This website deserves a place on this list as you will find the solution thoroughly and simply.

Wired is a publishing content website mainly covering the technical news, emerging technologies, reports, events, culture, business, ideas, and more. This website is a complete illusion as it has a complete range of information whether it, present or the future news about technology. Once you enter, you won’t easily leave the website. You can find data about factually anything related to techs like the space program of Elon Musk, spying tools, modern science, hacks in cybersecurity, and more.

The Next Web is a popular website on the Internet that deals with everyday technical stuff. It covers all the technical news related to business, culture, innovation, and publish content for forthcoming devices. The 7,000,000 monthly users and ten million-page views tell the popularity of this website.

It is highly recommended to visit this website for getting up-to-date information about the tech world. The Next Web is constantly reviewing the latest gadgets, innovations, web application updates, and other services. It will help you keep yourself informed about the latest happening in the tech news. If you are going to buy any tech product, check the review on this website.

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45 million unique visitors, more than 28 million followers on social media, what else you require to measure the popularity of this website. Mashable is a popular technology blog in the same niche, it covers the latest technology news, gadgets, science, and exciting stuff and provides helpful guides to internet users. Not just blogs and articles, this website provides the content via videos. This global multi-platform company has 7.5 million shares every month.

The Verge is another popular entry on our list. It is a generally well known and renowned blog for tech alpha’s who are most intrigued in reading tech news, reviews about the latest products, and other information about the tech world. Moreover, it shares informative guides through podcasts.


Life wire is a technology information and advice site. In 2017, It was listed in the list of 10 technology-information sites. It has more than 10 million monthly users only in the USA.

It provides the content from the real-world technology and written by the experts that serve more than 10 million monthly users. The team of software developers, educators, web designers, speakers, consultants, and 50 plus technology professionals all produce articles with useful visuals and straightforward instruction. It has more than 17000 pieces of content on the website that helps you fix tech gadgets that aren’t working properly, learn how to perform specific tasks, and find the best products. It provides the Step by step instructions on fixing and buying products.

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