June 14, 2024

Top 10 Smartphones with Outstanding Battery Life in 2022

Battery Life in 2022

Can you guess the most frustrating sound these days which makes tempers run high? It’s the beep-beep of a smartphone dying out. We’re so digitally engaged that most of our lives are managed on our smartphones. Whether it be sending out wedding invitations, controlling home-security devices from afar or contacting an international vet for cat advice, we rely on these handy devices a lot. We need them to function without fail, which isn’t possible if the battery is feeble and unreliable. Battery Life in 2022

The utility of a smartphone depends on its longevity, and longevity comes from a superior-quality battery. Without it, you cannot expect to perform your daily activities. Imagine foregoing something of significance just because you had to spend hours sitting next to the charging station. That is precisely the reason why I have compiled a list of the top smartphones of 2022 with the best battery life. Hopefully, this list will help you choose your next phone.

Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

One doesn’t expect the Asus series to top the charts, but this number takes a significant lead in the category of the best battery life. It is reported to run for sixteen hours straight without charging. If you’re in the habit of traveling long distances, especially for business purposes, then this phone might actually be best for you. Apart from the mighty 5000mAh battery size, Zenfone 3 has good quality cameras with 2.3x zoom option and a large, colorful display.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro- Battery Life in 2022

Besides its wonderful software features and a stunning camera, Huawei Mate 10 Pro hosts one of the strongest battery’s found in today’s smartphones. The size, 4000mAh, is optimal enough to supercharge the phone and keep it alive for fourteen hours straight. Besides this sustenance rate, one other incredible battery feature is reverse charging. If you keep it idle, it will push the charging from zero to a full sixty percent within an hour. Isn’t that cool? Plus, the phone has a solid OLED screen for a strong performance.

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Moto E4 Plus

If you’re trying to cut down your expenses yet hoping to get your hands on a phone with a relatively amazing battery, then Moto E4 Plus is definitely for you. It’s like getting luxury on a budget. With a price tag of $21.99 at the Amazon Marketplace, this smartphone hosts a mega battery of around 5000mAh, which is powerful enough to last for fourteen hours straight without charging. It’s also the first in the series to feature a fingerprint scanner. In addition to that, it’s got a sleek design and a smooth touch interface, which is an added benefit.

BlackBerry Motion- Battery Life in 2022

This is a smartphone that’s sensually pleasing and has a great reliability factor, which is all that we’re looking for these days. There is a need to stay constantly connected, which is met by digital phones, like Mediacom phone, and some dependable devices. This phone is a great addition to the list because its reliability comes from its long-lasting battery. No matter what you’re throwing at it, it will run for eleven hours on end with a high-capacity cell and 4000mAh battery.

Cat S41

The thing about these latest smartphones is that the more advanced and slimmer they get, the greater are the chances of them falling down and breaking, which means you’re more likely to throw your money down the drain. But not this phone. Yes, Cat S41 has a powerful exterior which can definitely take a beating and is coupled with a powerful battery which can run for fifteen straight hours on end! It has a rough-n-tough five-inch display and not that great of a camera and slightly over-the-top price, but it’s worth it because of the batter life.

LG X Power

Put this phone to a mini-test. Select the TV show your choice and set it up on the Netflix app. Watch episode after episode for twelve straight hours on 4G LTE and you’ll be surprised to find the phone is still up and running. Yes, that’s how powerful this phone’s 4100mAh sized battery is. It isn’t called ‘X Power’ for no reason. With a strong core juicing the smartphone, it is bound to last for a long time, satisfyingly stable. The best thing about LG X Power, besides its super-affordability, is that as it sits idle, it only sheds one percent of the battery per hour, which says a lot.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Relatively less recognizable than the others on the list, this phone has a hefty 4000mAh sized battery which runs for eight hours straight with the screen on. Think how long it will last with the screen off! Two days is easily estimated. And this doesn’t come at a cost as high as the others. Its affordability is one of its best features, along with the dual-camera and the ample storage.

Gionee M7 Power

Are you tired of carrying that cumbersome power bank in your bag every single time you step out of the house? Instead of you relying on it, it has to rely on you. I can see the frustration dropping from your chin like sweat. Treat that by replacing your old smartphone with the Gionee M7, which is a power bank in of itself. Feel the relief because this phone has a battery size of around 5000mAh, which allows it to run for several hours on end. Now, you won’t need to worry about endlessly charging your phone.

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

How does a wonderful battery capacity enclosed in a hybrid casing sound? Cool, right? That’s what this latest Sony release is all about. The display of this phone is large enough to satisfy as you can watch endless movies, play games, design layouts or make PowerPoint presentations on this phone, even simultaneously if you like, and still, its battery will last for about nine hours straight. The size of the battery is around 3580mAH which is a pretty good number, but the price tag on this thing comes in at slightly expensive, just so you know.

Nokia 6

The new 2022 edition of the ever-popular series is ideal for you if you prefer a smaller, manageable body, made of a single aluminum block, with a cool, two-toned design. Battery-wise, the Nokia 6 has a 3000mAh core which powers up the phone long enough to make it last for eight hours without the need for charging. It’s not that extraordinary a phone, but a pretty casual one for someone who’s not looking for all the bells and whistles. With decent features, an affordable price and good enough performance, it makes its way on our list.

So, consult this list the next time you wish to buy a smartphone and one of the most important features is excellent battery life.

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