June 14, 2024

Technology innovations for mobile phone industry

Mobile Phone industry Innovation

The mobile phone industry has introduced new methods and features in the last course of action which bring forth new products. Mobile industry has compacted all the principal and exercisable tools in one entity. Smartphone industry’s main aim relies on the matters of reliability and maneuverability. As, all smartphone users rely their most important businesses on a single set of objects. Just because of that very reason they had introduced the latest features in mobile phones to create the effect of hybrid systems and multitasking robotics. Which could manage different varieties of performances? Here in this very piece of work we will be discussing the latest features in mobile phones provided by the mobile phone industry.

Foldable Phones

There were circulating reports and rumors roaming around about the mobile phone industry in the last year or of 2019. The rumors were based on assumptions like Samsung has started their work on foldable phones. On hearing this other renowned companies like Iphone and Huawei started to do so. As, to make up such types of mobile phones having foldable potentiality. There were other rumors that such type of foldable technology is at under the complete risk that the phone’s pixels may get damaged while folding and unfolding it. On the grounds that most of the people are waiting to launch such devices so that they can get the information about its defects. Talking about the features of foldable phones. This phone is able to convert into half which makes it quite portable and pocket friendly. Moreover it’s being said that you can run different types of activities on either side of screens.


Through 5g you can download, upload and surf digital activities within few matters of seconds even without disturbing its quality. Fifth generation of wireless communications technology enables us to get signals of the same quality even in the secluded areas, elevator, hospitals, crowded areas and all the other places where there is no connectivity of signal. Nearly all of the scientists do not like the idea of that much advancement in telecommunication. It is believed that strong connectivity of signals can damage the cell structure and its chemical bonding through the emissions of ionizing radiation. As a matter of fact, every other person in this world is able to get the fullest of 5g. Moreover, all the Latest Mobile Phones which are recently launched come with fifth generation.

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Build material

Today almost all of the phones come with the variety of materials used in mobiles body as metals, glasses, plastics, and ceramic each of these elements and compounds has its different potentialities. The alloys prepared from such elements like aluminum and magnesium provides the state of toughness and robustness of mobile phones compared to other compounds like plastics and glasses. Moreover, compound rubber gaskets are mainly used in mobile phones to protect it against water. Mostly the different mixtures of elements are use to make the protection even stronger to bear shocks, vibrations, variations of temperature ranging from different measures. All the new flagships which bring out these latest features includes: SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE10 PLUS, Apple iPhone XR, APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO, Samsung Galaxy S10, and many more GOOGLE PIXEL 3.

Notch display

Notch display is another latest feature by the mobile phone industry. It’s been trending nowadays. The notch displays have a small cut at the top of the phone’s screen in V, U or angular shapes. The notch display has different purposes as: to create a space for camera, speakers, audio jacks and other functions. As this Notch display comes in the center part of the screen therefore it leaves empty space for either side of the notch display. These left out screens are utilize for other functions as timeliness, dates, and rooms for notifications and so on. Another purpose of these displays in mobile is to add a few millimeters in the length of screen which is already being built into a few inches.

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Opposed expression

The bulk of people think that this feature is completely absurd and has nothing important to do with the materiality. The phones which have launched recently include: Apple iPhone 11, OPPO F15, Vivo V9 Youth, Vivo V11 Pro 64GB and so on. These notch displays take a heavy amount of money from you. But still if you had decided to buy then you must compare Vivo Mobile Phone Prices or any other mobile phones with those which do not come with notch displays. Where, you will recognize the chief distinction speed of signals.


Mobile phone industry has represented new features in their devices. Most of them are useful while some are useless. Except of course, advancement is developing the world but as every technological development have its own pros and cons. So as all the recent features which we can see now seem so helpful. Tough these features have potentially to damage our body by denaturing the structure of cellular formation which could lead to disease more severe than the eye problems.

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