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Search engine optimization refers to increasing quality as well of quantity of the website traffic by using the organic search engine results. It is a process of optimization of a website on continuous basis in order to achieve higher rankings among organic search results. To better understand the meaning of search engine optimization, below is the description of the main elements included in it:

  1. Quality – When people are attracted in the genuine product that is being offered by you then that means the quality traffic. But if they are attracted to your site just because any search engine directed them to and if, the product they were looking for does not match with your product then that is not quality traffic. An example of this can include: People searching for the Brand named-ORANGE Co. and Google directs them to a farmer who sells oranges, this will not be quality traffic.
  2. Quantity – When right audience clicks through the search engine results it increases the traffic. The higher the traffic, the better it is.
  3. Organic search engine results – The traffic generated by not paying anything for it is considered as the organic traffic.

Let us find some of the best SEO Practices suggested by Best SEO Company Kochi

With the help of leading search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo and many more, a secured and better web is created for all of us, as they provide answers to our queries on result pages. Search engine optimization strategies should be based on this trend. Strategies that will be based on the best practices of search engine optimization will be beneficial in maintaining good rankings. The best practices of search engine optimization for 2020 are mentioned below.

Audience and Intent

It is very important to recognize the preferences of audience. Whether it likes images, text, Audios or Videos. When these preferences will be known it will be easier to provide them what they want. The content on websites should be according to the target audience in order to make I helpful. Website ranking keep fluctuating therefore it is important to provide audience with a good journey in order to be rewarded. For

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2020, it is essential to conduct keyword research and check SERPs to determine if your website is ranked for any targeted phrase. It is very important to provide answers to the questions asked by audience through the search.


Textual content is required for explaining the relevance of web pages to search query. Mostly people just focus on first page of the search results. It is essential to focus on content to appear on the first search page in order to have a higher chance of being viewed. In order to achieve higher ranking, it is best to keep focusing on exceptional content in 2020.

Search Engines

For 2020, the focus should be provided to all major search engines instead of just one. The main purpose of search engine optimization is to present whatever and wherever people search. Emphasis should be paid on driving traffic and increasing user engagement not only just the website.

Mobile Optimization

The use of mobile search is increasing. There are more people who use mobile search as compared to desktop search. Thus, in 2020 it is essential for a website owner to have website optimization for the mobile phones.

Image Search

It is good to use attracting and relevant images or visual material in order to attract more audience. Images and videos add value to the websites.


Videos present on the landing pages are considered helpful for increasing the rate of conversion. They help to directly engage with the audience and gain attention and help in developing trust. Due to these reasons the duration of time spent on site by the users.

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Featured Snippets

Featured snippets help to present content that is most relevant. They can be in the form of text, images, tables, videos or even lists. Optimizing search engine experience is essential in 2020.

User Experience

User experience plays a vital role in search engines optimization. It is the user for whom the websites and search engines are optimized in order to provide the user with a good experience. User experience can be great if the loading speed is good and

they do not have to wait long and shift to competitor, secondly, mobile optimization is provided, lastly, there should not be any technical flaws in website.

Voice Search

Nowadays, voice search is very common. In 2020, it is important to focus on keywords that are long while the content optimization is done because users tend to communicate with search engines directly while using the voice-controlled searches. Voice search gained quite large attention in 2019 as well. It can be the game changer for many companies in 2020.


Having HTTPs indicated the search engine optimization ranking therefore, it is better for companies to ask their web developers to create their website with HTTPs. It will help in boosting their web pages for better ranking.

Header Tags

For 2020, it will be great to use header tags in order to increase ranking. Header tags help in telling search engine more details about your pages. They are helpful in creating a better structure to your content as well.


Keywords are helpful to attract users easily. They should be added in Titles, Headers, Images, and URLs to match the searches and the content will be ranked better by having keywords.

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