July 14, 2024
SBI Car Loan Interest Rate

The SBI is known for its 22 percent stake in the vehicle financing market, the world’s 45th largest bank in India, and the largest borrower. INR 37 Lakh Crore with a customer base of five hundred million SBI’s gross assets is. SBI is the solution for you to find a key for your dream car with a branch of over 18,000 and 50 000 ATMs! SBI is financing to purchase passenger cars, utilities (SUVs), and multimodal vehicles for a short period of seven years (MUV). So in this article, we will give you full-on information about the sbi car loan interest rate.

However, the grant is not available for cars beyond three months of age. The redemption period on the used car is eight years from the first purchase of four-wheeled vehicles. However, make sure the car is not older than five years so that you can get a credit on the car. So the bank’s interest rate varies from 7.75% for new cars every year to 8.45% and for old cars per year from 11% to 12%.

Without paying for the collection and foreclosures, you can pay your bonhomie with SBI over your loan term. In the medium term, only competitive interest rates, the longer loan term, and flexible maturity opportunities would extend the relationship to public lending.

Key Features of SBI Car Loan Interest Rate

  • Competitive EMI and car mortgage hobby costs
  • Repayment tenure of seven years
  • Provides financing at the On-Road rate
  • No Advance EMI
  • Optional Life Insurance Cover from SBI

SBI Car Loan Interest RateFees and Charges

New Car: 0.20% of the mortgage quantity plus GST. Maximum of Rs.5 000 plus GST.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars: 0.50% of the mortgage quantity plus GST. Maximum of Rs.10,000 plus GST.


Up to 90% of the auto’s ‘On-Road Price’ can be provided.

Factors affecting SBI Car Loan Interest Rate& hobby costs

SBI Car Loan Interest Rate& hobby price relies upon the following factors –

Loan quantity: Generally, banks provide decrease hobby fees for better quantity. SBI gives 85% of the on-street rate of your car.

Your Salary: Higher-income bracket people are supplied loans at decrease hobby fees. So car Loan hobby price SBI varies together along with your internet month-to-month profits.

Employer Category: The borrower’s employer class is a chief determining issue to decide his/her hobby’s price. SBI has a listing of organization classes of salaried people to which they avail car mortgage. So, a better organization class results in a low SBI car mortgage price.

Relationship with the Bank: SBI gives unique costs and costs to the financial institution’s prevailing account holders. Those who’ve controlled their debts and made all of the bills on time are beyond gets advantage of low automobile mortgage hobby price.

Loan Tenure: SBI car loans are of longer reimbursement tenure of seven years.

Repayment Capacity: Before giving a mortgage to the borrower, SBI exams the borrower’s reimbursement ability. Bank verifies the patron’s compensation capability through CIBIL because it has all of the info of preceding loans taken and their repayments. CIBIL additionally offers the facts of credit score card payments payment.

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Eligibility for SBI Car Loan

Applicants are required to adhere to the following auto eligibility conditions to be eligible for an SBI New or Used Car Loan:

  • Applicants must be between 21 and 67 years of age.
  • The applicant must be a Central/State Government, a specialist or an independent employee, or a person engaged in agricultural activities and related activities.
  • Required employee documents
  • 2 Format Picture Passport
  • Revenue tax copy PAN card
  • Passport/Driving Licence/voter ID/PAN – Proof of identities – Adhaar
  • Passport – License/registered rented/Utility Bill, residential address proof (up to 3 month), passengers’ account
  • Revenue documents – three months’ payslip, two years Form 16, 3 months wage credit bank balance, and other EMI debits
  • Car Insurance and Vehicle R.C.

To Increase the Eligibility for SBI Car Loan

Some of the methods via which you may grow your eligibility for SBI Car Loan Interest Rate are given below:

Please have a great credit score rating: It is essential to keep a great credit score rating to enhance your SBI Car Loan eligibility. I usually endorsed you to preserve a credit score rating of 750 and above because it offers the lender the effect that you’ll be capable of pay off the mortgage on time.

Shorter tenure: It is constantly encouraged to move for a shorter tenure while availing of a car mortgage. Shorter tenure additionally way that a decrease hobby price can be levied at the mortgage quantity. The possibility of your mortgage getting authorized is better if you pass for a shorter compensation tenure because its approaches that you’ll need to pay lower back the mortgage quantity quicker.

Please apply for a decrease mortgage quantity: It is simpler for a financial institution to approve your mortgage if your mortgage quantity is low. However, this way, no longer the most effective way will a decrease price of hobbies be charged at the mortgage quantity; however, because the mortgage quantity is low, the financial institution reveals it snug permitting you to avail the automobile mortgage.

Maintain a low debt-to-profits ratio: The financial institution assessments debt to profits ratio earlier than permitting a car mortgage. If there may be huge stability among your profits and your charges, then the possibility of you availing of a car mortgage will decrease hobby charge growth.

Types of car mortgage schemes of SBI

SBI New Car Loan Scheme

Financing as much as 90% of on-street car fee for brand spanking new cars. Repayment tenure as much as seven years for brand new passenger cars, multi-software vehicles (MUVs), and SUVs.

Certified Pre Owned Car Loan

Get a mortgage quantity starting from Rs.3 lakh as much as Rs.10 lakh at a margin of 20%?

SBI Loyalty Car Loan Scheme

Get as much as 100% on-street rate wherein the most mortgage quantity is primarily based totally on 75% of the residence assets’ prevailing marketplace price, much less gift first-rate stability.

SBI Assured Car Loan Scheme

This scheme is for current period deposit clients and is derived with 100% of the constant deposit for the on-street fee wherein the most mortgage quantity is Rs.2 lakh with reimbursement tenure of three-7 years.

SBI Car Loan Lite Scheme

This scheme is for experts and self-employed/business people who do now no longer have profits proof. The LTV for the mortgage is 25% of the on-street rate with 75% of the on-street rate. So the reimbursement tenure for the mortgage is five years, with the most mortgage quantity of Rs.4 lakh.

SBI Car Loan Interest Rate EMI Calculator

Before you avail a car mortgage from SBI, you could need to recognize how a good deal quantity you’ll be paying toward the mortgage every month. And gives a clean manner to pay off your automobile mortgage. By calculating the EMI, you’ll be capable of price range your month-to-month charges better.

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You can calculate the EMI on your car mortgage through the use of the below-given formula:

E = P*r*[(1+r) ^n/ ((1+r) ^n-1)]

E denotes the EMI, P the fundamental quantity, r the hobby charge, and n the wide variety of years or tenure of the mortgage in the above formula. You can also calculate the SBI Car Loan Interest Rate& EMI through the EMI Calculator device. So you want to go into the mortgage quantity, hobby charge, compensation tenure, processing fee, etc. However, the device will calculate the EMI and show it to you.

Request form for SBI Car Loan

Applying SBI Car loans for prospective borrowers is fast and convenient due to their growing domestic and foreign presence. Either it would help if you went online or visit the various SBI branches to demand a car loan. The easiest way is to visit the bank’s official website and click on the car lending section. Select ‘Apply Now Online’ as soon as the car loan page opens. The current partnership with the bank would then be led to the website with a default tick. So you can pick the right choice for your contact information, whether you have a connection to the lender.

When you do the same, a request form for a car loan will appear and request you to include the necessary information and the rest’s paperwork. However, if you do not have a current SBI attachment, you must tick ‘No’ to the application form page to do the same thing as in ‘Yes.’ Now come and search the SBI for your loan application for your car. Your name, salary, and address information.

Status of SBI Car Loan Request

Visit SBI’s website to view online the status of your submission. The LOS Application ID and birth date have to be entered, and the alpha number is shown on the screen checked. You need to search the loan receipt to identify it if you do not know the LOS application ID. So you will be shown the status of your car loan application after entering this information and pressing the submit button. You can also verify the status of your car loan application form on the SBI branch where you have sent it.

Customer Care SBI Car Loan

You may have questions about a car credit on SBI. A call to 1800 425 3800 will eliminate all your issues and help you experience a strong car loan journey with SBI if this is the case with you. You may answer all your questions by calling customer service managers at the above number, whether it is the loan’s application status, the loan disbursement, the payment of EMIs, or specifics of the interest payable.

Process of a moratorium on State Bank of India

The following measures allow you to avoid your EMI loans dropping from March 1 to May 31, 2020.

  • For the SBI official website, download Annex Form I or II
  • Total the term loan or account number for Annex I
  • Name the branch and place your signature.

You may apply your application online without going to Annex II to the email ID mentioned above. If you have the payment service Standing Instructions from SBI, you can apply a handwritten application to your branch of your SBI.


What is the current SBI car loan interest rate?

The interest rate for SBI New Car Loan starts from 7.70%, and the interest rate for SBI Used Car Loans starts from 9.20%. These are rates-floating loans and one of India’s cheapest deals for auto loans. The interest rate varies by profession of the borrower, amount of loan, and tenure of the loan.

Why bank is holding the lowest interest on car loans?

Bank of Axis

India’s United Bank.

Axis Bank provides the lowest rate for auto loans of 8.70%, as at existing prices.

How can I lower my SBI car loan rate?

Ways to reduce the EMI on car loans:

  • Discuss the price of your vehicle.
  • Look for car makers’ NBFCs.
  • Lender negotiations.
  • Make a broad EMI cut down charge.
  • Pay the debt in advance.

What is the auto loan guaranteed by SBI?

The State Bank of India provides the SBI guaranteed car loan scheme with a minimum of Rs 2 lakh loan, though the bank has not defined an upper limit on the loan amount. So the bank claims 100% of the fixed deposit on the road price of the car, according to SBI. The SBI notes.

Will you buy a null-interest car?

A zero percent funding bid is one of the best offers that you can find. A zero-percent plan will save your car loan thousands of dollars in interest rates over its lifetime.

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