July 13, 2024

Save up to 99% on your electricity bill with solar panels


Currently electricity has become an indispensable element of our day to day, the problem is that this element has a price that increases more and more.

Our electricity consumption defines the rate at which CFE will locate us, this is extremely important since if we are in the DAC Rate, we will pay one of the most expensive rates.

The DAC or High Consumption Domestic rate is not chosen, it is applied to residential users when the energy consumption per two-month period in the last 12 months is greater than:

Important: The DAC Rate is the most expensive that exists in the CFE rate system and there is no subsidy, which contributes to the increase in the price of electricity.

How can I know what my rate is?

If you do not know how the distribution of your receipt is, we teach you to read it here .

How we power our homes today hurts our future. In addition to paying more and more for electricity, we are helping to make the environment worse.

But there is a solution! One of the biggest advantages of solar energy, in addition to being clean energy, is that it saves you a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Saving money with photovoltaic solar panels With photovoltaic solar panels you can save a lot of energy and money, since the amount on your receipt will be greatly reduced.

How does it work?

Start saving money by installing your solar panel system interconnected to the CFE. This means that you consume the energy that you generate with your solar system, but if it is not enough you also have access to electricity from the grid, that is, you have both sources of energy.

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When you install solar panels, CFE provides you with a bi-directional meter that counts both the energy that enters your home and the energy that you send to the electrical grid . This way you can “sell” the excess energy produced that you did not consume to CFE and become a favorable balance for your next electricity bill.

Increase the capital gain of your property
Solar panels increase the nominal value of the property.

Tax deduction
At the federal level, the Income Tax Law (ISR) allows taxpayers who invest in equipment for the generation of renewable energy to deduct their investment 100 percent.

Property reduction
Having solar panels not only allows you to deduct 25% of property tax, you also save 40% of payroll tax.

Environmental benefits
It promotes clean energy and helps to eliminate CO2 emissions from the environment.

Return on investment
On average, 6 years is the investment return time. However, some cases may see the return in 2 years or less.

But solar panels continue to generate power many years after the return on investment is over. Therefore, solar panels pay for themselves almost.

Stop losing money! The best time to generate your own electricity is today.

Install your solar energy system and enjoy savings on your electricity bill today.

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