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Safest City in India

The simply extraordinary wealth in terms of natural and cultural resources, the extensive and efficient network of infrastructures and connections. The advantageous exchange rate and the low cost of living make India a rapidly growing tourist destination, increasingly loved by visitors worldwide. Corner of the world, in search of art, spirituality, folklore, and breathtaking views. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the safest city in India.

India has always paid close attention to the issue of security. In airports, for example, from those of large metropolises to those of small towns, only departing passengers enter. A police officer will check your paper ticket and make sure that the name on it matches your passport. This requires a minimum of patience on the visitor’s part but ensures compliance with the strictest safety regulations.

The same hotels, especially in large centers and a large flow of tourism, check every baggage that enters the structure with the same system. Cities are often very large. In this case, the basic common sense rules applicable in all crowded places on the planet apply:

  • Do not flaunt valuables.
  • Carry little cash with you.
  • Maybe have one of those thin baby carriers to carry under your clothes.

However, New Delhi or Mumbai is no more dangerous than Milan or Rome.

The safest city in India


Mumbai has reliably been positioned as probably the most secure city in India. Being the most evolved and luxurious city in India, it is likewise the monetary and business center point. The city not simply assumes a part in individuals’ lives through its economy and money but also engages its residents with the most fulfilling and beneficial offers. Yet keeping in see the advantages it offers to individuals, the costs are on the whole great.

Mumbai is likewise exceptionally popular for its style patterns and Bollywood film shoots. Numerous travelers from different Indian pieces go to the ‘fantasy City’ to shoot Films. You will see shops, cafés, shopping centers open even past midnight. Ladies have a sense of security to travel even around evening time in Mumbai. Because of the promptly accessible vehicles and a humming nightlife.

Safest City in India: BANGALORE

Bangalore is otherwise called the ‘Silicon Valley of India.’ Being the cosmo city and the IT community, its bar culture rules all the other things that it offers. IT center points and their tech are exclusively answerable for some individuals tending to move to this city for work and study.

More than 62% of individuals in Bangalore are settlers. Which makes the city more assorted as far as their social qualities and conventional morals. It is presently the third most crowded city in India. It additionally offers a different food with dishes from one side of the planet to the other. Residents in Bangalore show extraordinary solidarity and neighborliness among themselves. Which has made the city an exceptionally protected spot to live in, particularly for ladies.

Bangalore has got many rental pads for its transients with extremely low rental files that are likewise protected and agreeable. So there is no compelling reason to stress over the stay on the off chance that you will move to this delightful city.

Safest City in India: PUNE

Pune is one of the creating modern and metropolitan center points in the western Indian territory of Maharashtra. Accordingly, it offers a lot of chances in different boundaries, actually like Mumbai and Bangalore. Its solid public and private framework have made the city an appealing objective for all Indians.

The nature and untamed life around the city likewise add to its tranquil climate. Pune has a greater amount of Marathi culture and ethos, and subsequently, is a seat to north Indian old-style music. Many occupation searchers and understudies will, in general, move to Pune due to its unmistakable high quality to instruction, expressions and artworks, and theaters.

Its abundance of open public spaces, which incorporate parks, gardens on traffic islands, and jungle gyms, has expanded expectations for everyday comforts. These expectations for everyday comforts and urbanization, like this, contribute a ton to a more respectful and safe climate for ladies. The city additionally gives very much outfitted, agreeable spaces to numerous lone wolves and ladies, yet at a marginally higher rate.

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Ahmedabad is frequently viewed as free from any dangerous city in India for ladies. The city has encountered developing urbanization since the most recent decade. Being the focal point of Gujarat, Ahmedabad appreciates different rich social customs of various ethnic and strict networks and is additionally the focal point of Gujarati social exercises. Individuals in Ahmedabad are enthusiastic and treasure every moment of their life. They essentially have confidence in carrying on with life, making it simple for ladies to adjust rapidly if they are new here.

Safest City in India: INDORE

Indore is wonderful and an awesome traveler objective. On account of the rich dark soil of the Malwa Plateau, the city has thrived into being the fourth biggest focal point of the cotton material industry in India. Indore is likewise appropriately viewed as the business capital of Madhya Pradesh. It is additionally celebrated for its excellent bangles.

The city has a blended social foundation, which can likewise be found in their food cooking styles. Individuals in Indore are friendly, respectful, and kind and cause the transients to feel comfortable. This city offers extraordinary spaces to live at a moderate rental cost.

Safest City in India: HYDERABAD

Hyderabad is a center for different huge IT organizations, is one of the quickest developing present-day urban areas in India. Hyderabad likewise gives different cooking styles and is particularly celebrated for its biryani. Otherwise called the City of Nizams and Pearls, Charminar’s acclaimed landmark amounts to its excellence. Hyderabad is a center point for different huge IT organizations.

Hyderabad is likewise known by plenty of different names. One of them is the city of joy or the city of 1,000 countenances. These names are reminiscent of the amicability that takes after the climate of the city. This, however, the city has bested in pretty much every angle, a couple of them being low crime percentage, great schools and educational programs, low contamination, and high business. With such countless achieved appreciations, individuals from everywhere India wish to work here and experience every last bit of it.


Kolkata, otherwise called the ‘City of Joy, is the origin of current Indian abstract and imaginative ideas and Indian patriotism. Its residents have put forth incredible attempts to safeguard its remarkable culture and human advancement.

Kolkata is likewise acclaimed for its Bengali music and expressions. The safest city in India is home to numerous popular exhibition halls and libraries. Kolkata is on the highest point of most work searchers’ need rundown, not just given good acquiring potential, accessibility of top organizations or training yet also because ladies here have a sense of security and regard.

According to the National Crime Reports Bureau list, the city was positioned as the most secure city in 2019. Kolkata bested the rundown for the second time in succession. All around done, Kolkata!! In particular, the crime percentage in Kolkata is a lot lesser than whatever other city, which is another justification for ladies to move here with no dread.

Safest City in India: CHENNAI

This is one more protected objective in India with a generally less crime percentage. Even though Chennai has a great deal of poverty, it doesn’t bargain about education for understudies and work for its functioning populace. The city has arisen as a cosmopolitan city, assuming a significant part in India’s recorded, social, and scholarly advancement. The city has an unmistakable south Indian culture and exemplifies South Indian design, music, dance, dramatization, form, and different expressions and specialties.

Presumably, it draws the nature of ‘Solidarity and Diversity’ from India, making its residents considerably more amicable and cordial. Chennai is a fascination in itself and is the fifth most crowded country in India. Numerous independent female explorers, understudies, female workers wish to visit the ‘south capital of India’ in any event once in a blue moon and love its rich culture and all around looked after seashores.

Safest City in India: CHANDIGARH

Chandigarh is known for its engineering of celebrated structures like Capitol Complex, High Court, Secretariat, Legislative Assembly, and monster Open Hand Monument. Aside from being the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is India’s previously arranged city. This is one advantage for ladies living here since neatness is another most significant factor after wellbeing.

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The regularly held presentations and exhibitions by vocalists, artists, and entertainers have instilled among city inhabitants a craving for the best in visual and performing expressions other than scholarly experiences. The city has all that one considers while visiting a vacationer place. From a protected nightlife to very much kept up parks and gardens, a few travelers put in Chandigarh will leave you entranced.


City, mountain, or sea?

India is a real continent in terms of distances and extension. It is very difficult that India does not have the destination that suits you. Usually, most people prefer the Rajasthan circuit as their first approach to the country. And yet, it is a matter of taste. The North is certainly more impactful and reflects what is usually the Western collective imagination. It is the area where you will find the ancient palaces of the Maharajas, often converted into luxury hotels. Some of the most beautiful hotels in the world are located in this area. Here, the approach is gentler, the big centers’ traffic less chaotic, and life more on a human scale. But India is also many other things.

It is the great Himalayan range, the semi-desert valleys of the moon of Ladakh, the big cities like Kolkata and Mumbai, teeming with humanity’s life. So it is the holy city of Varanasi, with its complex rituals and Rishikesh. It is history, archeology, culture, literature, and art. Each area of ​​the country has its indisputable charm. It is history, archeology, culture, literature, and art.

What is the best time to go there?

This depends a lot on the area you intend to visit. Usually, the Indian summer is to be avoided, which runs from April to June, with high temperatures, especially in the plains. But certainly not in m0ntagna which gives its best in July and August. The situation is different in the South, in the sub-tropical belt, where the climate is generally hot all year round. But becomes particularly humid during the monsoon season, in August and September. Each season in India has its charm.

I have a limited budget; what can I do?

An itinerant trip in India of about 8/9 days could cost you about 700 euros per person or even less, with accommodation in comfortable 4-star or superior hotels, private car with an English-speaking driver. Guides in Italian in the different cities and all the entrances. To the sites. Much depends on the season and the type of hotel accommodation you choose. With the same accommodations, South India usually costs a little more than Rajasthan. Remember that where the hotel offer is smaller and therefore less competition, the higher the prices will be. This is India, but also in many other parts of the world.

In India with children: is it possible?

Certainly yes, our India for families will allow you to see the country with their eyes. To understand what children are looking at and what adults see in that gaze. Our India will allow you to enjoy their unpredictable comments by following ancient paths and paths never traveled before: the search for tigers in National Parks. The impact with the richness of religions and with those who have less than our children, the moving beauty of a welcoming nature, excursions on the back of docile elephants, sightings in complete safety of animals, stops in comfortable hotels, and idleness on the beaches, depending on the season.

Children are attracted to colors, and India is a very colorful country. There are many things that children can do in India, not least socializing with other children, a wonderful opportunity for growth in the perspective of an increasingly multi-ethnic society. However, it is a good idea to contact your trusted pediatrician to evaluate individual personal situations. The experience of leaving for India in two or three families could also be an opportunity to have a wonderful holiday and contain expenses.

Is it a safe place for a woman traveling alone?

A woman traveling alone will most likely feel less alone in India than in India’s safest city in the West. But, on the contrary, it could be an excellent opportunity to socialize. Especially with other women, who are usually happy to confront each other. With foreign women, sometimes so much different from them for uses and customs. All this offers an exceptional opportunity to exchange impressions, ideas, and information to establish that heartfelt sisterhood that often unites women in their intentions. Again there are no real risks if you use your brain.

Suppose we compare the Indian population with Italy (almost one and a half billion people against a scant sixty million). It will appear that the number of rapes and femicides is far greater than in our home. You will need to wear appropriate clothing when visiting places of worship. However, this is true for both women and men. But this does not mean that men will try to take advantage of you.

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