June 15, 2024

Real Estate Agents Use These Marketing Platforms to Be Profitable

Real Estate Agents Use These Marketing Platforms

We no longer live in days when businesses would purchase advertising space to promote their brand. Now, sellers and buyers are searching for each other online, hoping to find great deals. Thus, learning how to boost your brand is what will help you stand out in the current business world. Read on to find how real estate agents use Marketing Platforms, and how it is profitable.

Realtors who understand the benefits and impact of online presence are maximizing the most effective marketing tools. Thus, for a profitable real estate business, you must create your online presence on platforms where your prospective clients are likely to start their search. Real estate agents use Marketing Platforms in the modern era include the following:


As a realtor, you always have to be ready to win future businesses. The question is, how do you connect with customers who are not willing to transact with you now but are prepared for a successful deal in the future? Remember, the future of your business is essential. You must learn how to fish for clients. Here is where client relationship management (CRM) and email marketing comes in handy.

Incredible advantages come to the realtors who integrate their email marketing with CRM system using Mailchimp. It will manage the contacts in both your email marketing platform and the CRM system. Mailchimp will automatically collect contact information from your clients, minimizing data entry work. Moreover, you can import subscribers’ email lists to Mailchimp with ease.

MailChimp makes it simple for you to create email templates and send them to potential clients. It allows you to segment and manage the contacts you want to email. Moreover, it has made it easier for realtors to send newsletters, broadcast listings, and share blog posts with prospective customers.


Most people use Facebook today. This makes it an excellent tool that real estate business people use Marketing Platforms. You can use it to network and find leads. Remember, networking can open exciting business opportunities, and Facebook can connect you with serious property buyers and sellers.

Thus, you cannot overlook the importance of creating your presence on this platform. Enjoy a personalized connection with your clients on Facebook as you personify your brand.

Remember, most of your target audience is on Facebook. Therefore, you need to continually inform them about the new property listings in their neighborhoods. Thus, use Facebook to position yourself as the leading property expert in the locality. Share informative and current property news, post interesting ideas on home improvement, or offer property advice. Remember, your expertise marketing skills will capture the attention of your prospects.

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Facebook will help you nurture long-term relationships with your audience. You can constantly engage them by regularly posting ads and educative content on your Facebook page. Boost your posts to keep them visible on your target news feed. That will keep your brand in the minds of your audience, and you will be the first realtor they will consider.


This is a website and a CRM system for realtors. You can use Marketing Platforms and keep track of your clients. kvCORE make it easier for real estate businesses to manage the database of your customers. You can set various appointments using this tool.

kvCORE is a great platform to connect with your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) providers, allowing you to access all their listings. It also compiles market reports and collects data for your website users. The tool will enable them to save or print their details.

kvCORE allows you to link with other social media tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. For instance, by connecting your kvCORE website to your Facebook page, you can have real-time chats with your audience on this platform.

kvCORE allows the filtering of data based on the property needs of your clients. This tool has unique filter features to enhance your customer experience. For instance, customers can filter to view specific property details like open houses, taxes, and size per square feet. When clients click on a property of their interest, this tool displays similar properties on the website. Your leads and customers can also request a viewing of properties they have an interest in through KvCORE. It is a great tool to grow your business and increase sales.


YouTube is a widely used platform. It is an excellent place for a real estate business to showcase their property and grow their brand. Nowadays, it is hard for buyers to invest or visit homes on sale before viewing it on a video to determine if it meets their expectations. Realtors who make an effort to invest in video marketing make more sales than their competitors who don’t use videos.

People have become fond of watching than reading. This makes YouTube an effective tool for you to increase views and obtain more leads. You can use it to boost your online visibility, generate and convert leads, and increase your sales, translating to more profits.

However, how you use this platform for your real estate business will determine how you will grow your audience and get customers to buy your properties. Ensure you create video content of your property that is appealing to your audience. This will draw many interested buyers into viewing your YouTube channel, where they will view the properties you are selling. Thus, it can earn you great deals, leading to more revenue.

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Wise Pelican

This is a great platform for realtors looking to be recognized in their neighborhood. It is a traditional marketing strategy that has proven successful for modern realtors. This direct mail tool helps real estate businesses to connect with their target audience. It allows them to exhibit available housing solutions they have for this audience.

Use Wise Pelican to compile mail lists and postcard templates for marketing your real estate business. Using this tool will allow you to reach your prospective clients directly. With Wise Pelican, you don’t have to wait for your prospective buyers to contact you. You will go to them directly and learn about their interests. That will draw many local customers to your realty business, translating to improved chances of selling your open houses.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow gives realtors a chance to reach a broader audience. Using it can allow you to showcase your expertise to many targets. It is a platform that will help you gain instant visibility for your real estate business.

Using the Zillow Premier Agent app, you can network with active players in the real estate industry, thus growing your business. Zillow has the tools and resources you need to generate and convert leads. It will also help you nurture long-lasting business relationships.

Realtors who use Zillow Premier Agent App enjoy excellent brand exposure and build a strong real estate network. It gives them a chance to access multiple leads and convert them into sales.

Zillow is among the most currently trafficked platforms. Home sellers and buyers use this tool to search for property rates, real estate agents, or neighborhoods. Zillow Platform can help your business stand out by connecting you directly to real home shoppers.

You can maximize this app to appear as the only agent on every sale listing viewed by specific connections. This improves your chances of winning new customers, and you can continue serving the increasing market demand.


The above digital marketing platforms will help you grow your real estate business. The tools are easy to use Marketing Platforms and affordable to use. As a real estate agent, it is advisable to choose them to help you reach a wider audience, which will increase your conversions and revenue.

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