July 13, 2024

Plug N Play Spa – Benefits of Using Hot Tub Spas

Hot Tub Spas

The hustle and bustle from a day’s activity can make you feel exhausted and stressed out. When you get home, you would need something that can help you relax and rejuvenate. Although, a glass of cold water can be nice, what would really help is a soak in a hot tub spas.

Soaking in a hot tub spas is one pleasurable way to unwind from stress. A hot tub is a pool of water used for relaxation and hydrotherapy. While you may only use this pool for relaxation, there are many other benefits to get from it.

There are different types of hot tub spas you can get for your relaxation, one of which is the plug n play. Unlike its counterpart, this hot tub does not require any extra electrical requirements to operate. This is because it can generate heat by itself without an external power source. Getting this plug n play spa can be the best relaxation idea to make for yourself and your family. If you would like to learn more about this type of spa, you can visit: https://www.sciotovalley.com/plug-n-play-spas for help.

As stated earlier, there are other benefits to get from a hot tub aside from pleasure or relaxation and this article will discuss these benefits and other relevant tips.

How to Maximize Hot Tubs

Here are some helpful tips:

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Clean the Water Regularly

Before you use the spa, make that the pool is clean. A dirty and unkempt hot tub will cause severe reactions on the skin. It also causes a skin disease called hot tub folliculitis. Make sure that you avoid this by regularly cleaning the pool.

Avoid Extremely Hot Water

Because it is called a hot tub doesn’t mean it must be extremely heated. The extremely heated water can cause your skin to peel out. Make sure that the temperature of the water remains at a maximum of 40°c (104°F).

Reduce the Time Spent

Social media and movies always depict people soaking in the hot tub for a long time with wine or cocktails in their hands. That is in no way safe or ideal. Do not stay in the pool for a long time if you’re new to it. At 40°c, set a limit of 10-15 minutes. If the temperature is lower, you might stay a little longer than 15 minutes.

There are several signs that alert you to get out immediately. Some of them include:

  • Nauseating
  • Lightheaded
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Redness of skin

Drink Enough Water

After soaking in the pool for a while, you would sweat out and become dehydrated. When this happens, make sure to take in enough water. Also, avoid alcohol consumption before or during your soaking session. To know why you should avoid alcohol, read this article.

Take a Bath Afterwards

After you are done with the soaking, make sure to take a bath with lukewarm water and soap. Don’t use cold water for this bath as it could increase your blood pressure.

Benefits of Using the Hot Tub Spa

Here are some things to gain from this:

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It Gives Relief from Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a painful inflammation that causes joint swelling and pain and reduces motion. This condition can reduce the quality of your life. Thanks to hydrotherapy, you can find temporary relief from arthritic pain.

It Alleviates Lower Back Pain

When your lower back hurts, certain simple things become difficult to carry out. This can include driving, going shopping, doing house chores, or sleeping. Having hydrotherapy through spas will positively reduce the pains you experience.

You Sleep Better

Little to no sleep can increase anxiety, stress, and depression. This is because your brain would find it hard to produce the hormone dopamine. This hormone helps to regulate your emotions, keeping you in a proper mental state. Spending an evening in the spa will relax the muscles and nerves, helping you to sleep better.

It Improves Cardiovascular Health

Regularly dipping in a hot tub can improve your heart’s health. The heat improves your heart rate, which would in turn regulate blood pressure.

It Manages Diabetes Complications

Hot tubs help to improve insulin sensitivity. It also assists in reducing blood sugar levels.

It Encourages Loss of Weight

Spending an hour soaking in the hot tub can burn the same amount of calories as having a 30minutes workout. This doesn’t mean that soaking in the sap should replace exercise sessions; however, it would be nice to sit back and enjoy the tingling feeling of a hot tub instead of exercising.

It Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common problems you might face every day. This is due to the busy life you might be living. While there are other ways to relieve yourself of stress and anxiety, you will find a hot tub soak beneficial in providing relief from stress.

It Helps in Muscle Recovery and Relaxation

It is no surprise to see some athletes using hot tub therapy to recover from their sport-related injuries. The heat from the pool can help to improve blood circulation in the blood vessels. This relaxes your muscles, tendons, and joints.


Using the hot tub regularly can bring about a lot of health benefits. So why not get one today and start enjoying.

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