Need of Background Check before Admission in Undergraduate Courses

In the current time, isn’t it essential to have the peace of mind that you are doing your best to ensure that the environment of your college is as safe as it can be? You are aware of the violence which has become common on school campuses these days. Unluckily, this has become a growing trend but a thorough criminal background checkbefore admission in undergraduate courses will keep your reputed organization ahead of any potential problems.

What is a Background Check?

A background check comprises a process that an organization uses to verify an individual’s criminal records and other past activities. Different types of background checks are used for different situations. Some common background checks include criminal, credit, personal, professional, E-verify, fingerprint, universal, and international background checks.

Reasons for Background Check

Being a reputed organization, you need to maintain the trust of your students, their parents, and the communities. By conducting a background check of applicants as part of a screening process, you can significantly reduce the chances of enrolling a student with a criminal past. Students who are studying a four years course usually live in the dorms on campus. Due to this, drug-related charges, sexual assaults, and violent crimes are considered to be serious offenses.

Another important reason to perform a criminal background check is to ensure that the educational history of all the applicants aligns with the standards and goals of the college. It is essential for both general admissions as well as college affiliations. This background check enables you to identify the criminal histories of the applicants which may impact their eligibility to participate in training programs and to obtain professional licensure.

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Best Practices in Reviewing the Backgrounds of Students

  • The policy on a criminal background check of the incoming student must be disclosed on the application of your institution. Any due process before your applicant’s enrollment must be stated clearly to avoid any confusion.
  • Simply a disclosure of conviction cannot disqualify the applicant. But, in case the applicant lies and you come to know about the false answer, it could be a ground for dismissal.
  • A dedicated committee must be established to consider the negative information and ensure consistent treatment. The committee should be able to analyze the seriousness of the infringement, the possibility of recurrence, proof of rehabilitation, and the honesty of the applicant in revealing the necessary details.
  • You should abide with all state and federal fair credit reporting laws in case a professional company for a criminal background check is hired.
  • The enrolled students must disclose any arrest for a criminal offense in writing to your designated administrator, even if it occurs when the college is not in session.

Background Check Services and Pricing

Many reputed firms offer background check services that cater to a range of applicant screening solution needs. They deliver comprehensive and precise background checks that are reported instantly to your computer. You may print or download the criminal background check as Adobe Acrobat files. The copies of these files are saved on the company’s website and you can access them anytime conveniently at no extra cost. The pricing of background check service is as per applicant search. There are no monthly or hidden setup charges.

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How Long Does a Background Check Take?

While you prefer the fastest possible turnaround, the background check needs to be both comprehensive and accurate. It will help you to alleviate any future risk and increase the likelihood that your students will reflect the value of your organization from the very beginning. There are multiple aspects to a criminal background check including thorough record searches of national criminal databases, federal and state criminal records, sex offender registries, domestic and global watchlists, sex offender registries, and more.

The background screening professionals employ cutting-edge technologies that provide on-the-go access to the candidates from anywhere and anytime, thus, minimizing the time spent on the screening process. In case of any delays, the service provider will communicate the possible reasons promptly and try to ensure you a pleasant overall experience.

Improve Trust and Safety with Background Checks

The reputation of your college is of utmost importance. Your institution owes to the community to ensure that all students have a completely safe learning experience. Conducting background checks on applicants is one of the best ways you can assure that the necessary steps are being taken to achieve this goal. However, the applicant’s background screening may depend on your organization’s preferences and policies.

You can confirm your applicants’ suitability for available seats by taking assistance from a professional background check service provider. By screening the applicants’ backgrounds, you will not only increase your success but also prevent unfavorable enrollments that may compromise the safety of your esteemed organization.


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