Making digital marketing effective during and after COVID-19

Making digital marketing effective during and after COVID-19

A survey of 4,500 digital marketers from the US and Europe concludes that digital marketing will change due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 18% of respondents grew their business during the pandemic, 27% of them grew their website traffic, and 12% managed to get more customers.

How to still be a successful digital marketer as the COVID-19 problem diminishes? This article explains how some latest methods can help digital marketing efforts fruitful. Continue reading if you are a business that wants to leverage digital marketing power for business growth.

Changing Consumer, Digital Marketing &COVID-19

The lockdown period is over in some areas of the world and it is going to end soon in the rest of the world. Much has changed during this tough time that cost the world in trillions. Businesses remained closed for months and hundreds of millions went jobless.

According to a detailed study by, there are two types of businesses at the moment: one type that is overwhelmed with orders (groceries, household goods, pet supplies, pharmacy, and general merchandise) and the one type that has not got any orders (automotive, furniture, luxury, appliances, and hospitality).

The businesses that are kept working during lockdowns have grown unprecedentedly. And the businesses that kept shut during lockdowns have made losses unprecedentedly.

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Why Turn To Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19

In the coming months, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy,” writes Bernard Marr on The past 4 to 6 months have been hard for businesses and individuals. People relied mostly on internet sale purchase during the past half month. The reliance on the internet will not reduce in the coming months. Instead, internet commerce is going to grow. Businesses have now come to know the importance of the internet for businesses.

It has been predicted that the demand for digital marketing will rise in the coming months and forever. So businesses, it is time to get back to business. By spending a small amount of money on internet marketing, businesses will be able to get a return in multiples.

B2B companies, in particular, rely on the annual circuit of trade shows and exhibitions to network and build customer relations,” adds Bernard Marr on

Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Times: Data-driven Insights

A lot has changed in the digital marketing world in recent months due to the pandemic. The survey I mentioned at the start provides valuable insights for digital marketing companies. We are now going to

SEO Budget Redistribution

The participants of this survey pointed out that people individuals and businesses have redistributed their search engine optimization budget during the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that the businesses have started to operate, the budget allocation is expected to grow sharply.

Work From Home

Work from home is common in the digital marketing world. Most digital marketing agencies allowed all of their employees to work from home during lockdowns. All sorts of businesses have started to work from the office these days. Digital marketing agencies are also considering it.

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Changes In Customer Churn

Businesses that provide services online lost their customers during the pandemic. This happened because people lost jobs and businesses were closed. Experts are of the view that the customer churn rate will shoot in the coming months.

Fluctuations In Sales

As businesses have been closed for 4 to 6 months and people have lost jobs, online businesses have fewer orders these days. Some specific businesses were able to grow their business though.

Shifts In Online Traffic Volumes

The websites of different kinds have started to receive more traffic than normal. At the same time, some websites started to receive a smaller number of visitors.

The Bottom Line

You have read some creative and advanced methods of making digital marketing effective during and after the COVID-19. In the end, we can say that digital marketing efforts can still pay off.

If you do not know how to handle digital marketing campaigns or if you do not have time to manage digital marketing campaigns, you can hire a digital marketing manager for this job.

What do you think about this post? Did it answer your questions? Please feel free to share your feedback about this piece of writing. I wish you good luck with your digital marketing efforts.

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