July 15, 2024
lightworks video editing software

Video editing is a kind of manipulation. It is the arrangement of video shots. The use of video editing is solely for representing all the video information. It also includes films and television shows, video advertisements, and video essays in a more presentable way. So, this article gives you full details on Lightworks video editing software.

Lightworks | A free video editing tool

Lightworks is a complete video editing tool. It has been in the field of video editing for the past 25 years. It has been used for editing some of the finest cinemas in the world. Legendary works like the wolf of Wall Street, pulp fiction, etc., have been edited using Lightworks software. The whole movie being edited using this software is undoubtedly an achievement for the entire developer team. However, they used the pro version for editing the films. The free version is quite similar to the premium version. It is exceptionally dependable too.

The free version

The free version of Lightworks packs quite the punch. The only thing that differentiates it from the premium version is that it lacks some export features. As a result, the free version is mostly used by YouTubers. The format exported by the free video editor suits only YouTube and Vimeo. So, it is quite limited. As a result, the free version cannot be used for any high end works like editing a movie.

The premium version

As we can see, the premium version is quite famous. It has been used for editing movies. This makes it quite the video editing software. It has some power-packed features too. However, the free and premium versions don’t differ much. The premium version has the most important thing as a video editing tool. It has all the exporting formats. As a result, it is not limited anymore. Thus, for high end works, it is used. This makes it a very dependable tool. It has all the features an editor should. Millions of happy users trust it. One can attain all the premium features for just $24. This is very cheap compared to other video editing software that possesses such professional video editing features. Lightworks video editing software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is a 93 Mb file.

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Things to know about Lightworks video editing software

Light works is a product of LWKS Software LTD. Company. It was officially released in 1989. This makes it a 31 years old software as of today. As a result, it means that it has been developed for 3 long decades now. All the more reason to use it. It is available in the English language along with many more secondary languages. And it has a very nominal size of only 93 Mb. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. And it has a freemium license. It has a non-linear editing system (NLE) for the editing and remastering of the videos. As it is one of the oldest video editing software, Lightworks got the EMMY award in 2017. For pioneering digital non-linear editing. It had officially become open source in 2010. The Lightworks team has confirmed to have over 4 million registered users.

The features

Lightworks video editing software is free of cost but high-end professional video editing software. Some of the features of it make it unique in this field. Some of its features are:

  1. Available for all the major operating systems
  2. It has the most comprehensive, most amount of format support.
  3. Dedicated Web Export (MPEG4/H.264)
  4. It has the best optimization for speed.
  5. Unmatched trimming skills for fast and precise editing.
  6. Multicam editing
  7. Real-time and powerful effects
  8. Built-in presets
  9. Boris-FX which is an advanced VFX
  10. Boris Graffiti for text effects
  11. Group project sharing technology
  12. Fully customizable interface
  13. Hardware I/O support
  14. Unique patented console and dedicated keyboard.
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What would you employ Lightworks for?


Initially, you can create short (1 – 3 minute) videos. A few types of things: weekends away, parties, holidays in Hawaii. You can make a series of short videos, each with its own little focus. Mostly to share with family and friends. On the other hand, being able to do short ads for paid hosts within the area. It is also a way to earn money. You probably won’t get into the more mainstream video ventures like weddings. Since your equipment (and budget) is very modest and that will keep it away. Focusing more on creating and fewer on procurement of high-end devices, which should be your tendency.


You would need to determine what you can do, what you can do as a professional. Take as many jobs as possible with as little financial outlay as possible. Saying that you should definitely support laws and EditShare by purchasing the professional version when it becomes available.

Why choose Lightworks video editing software?

This is not an easy question to answer. Here, it is mentioned why lightworkers are better than other video editing software. What is beyond any explanation is that its price is meager. Lightworks is unbelievably affordable. But this can be at the underside of the list of reasons. Actually, it doesn’t play a job in the slightest degree.

The short answer is because it’s the most straightforward editor out there compared to other editors. Yes, it is a matter of opinion for different people. Some say best because it is the fastest, most effective, and has the most straightforward tools. Lightworks could be an ace in the whole pack of cards. It is a master editor. The Lightworks workflow makes plenty of sense. It is efficient, fast, economical, and uncomplicated. You can edit and do things that might take two, three, four more mouse clicks or operations in other programs far more quickly.

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The good

The Interface:

It’s clean, lean, and a fitting example for all the video editors.

One thing that the users love about it is when they open Lightworks. So, they are not confronted with useless buttons and menus. None of that advertising either, “Hey, click this button. Check it out before it runs out.” In the end, you will never use it, but we wanted to feature something new so you’d pay and upgrade. So we’ll leave it here—none of that cluttered mess.

Every time you open Lightworks, it’s like starting a brand new painting. You have got a clean canvas. And each time you set the canvas up, it’s different from the previous project—the more reason to like it.

Lightworks is stuffed with different windows where you’ll be able to find other parts of your project. Somewhat like a window for cutting, one for audio, one for color correction, etc.

Mark and Park:

It is the most efficient and economical way of cutting. It saves you countless clicks and makes way more sense than the others.

Trimming tools:

It is one of the most potent and versatile sets of trimming tools around. So, you can trim directly on the timeline without ever needing to touch the mouse or maybe the keyboard. It is effortless to add or subtract frames, slide a cut or slip a clip. Trim the pinnacle or tail with one stroke. Lightning quick.


It’s just great. It’s mostly unused as it is a powerful tool. But not for beginners.

Media Management:

Too evolved and involved. A powerful function is a way the media is presented. You can even play, set in and out marks, and insert footage within the timeline directly from a tile (thumbnail) within the bin without ever popping a clip into the viewer. The list goes on and on.

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Thanks to the interface, workflow, the Console, Lightworks is extremely quick. You can cut something way faster than you could in the other NLE and be finished before you might be done bringing media in with a number of the opposite NLEs.

Real analog audio scrubbing:

You can quickly chop audio in Lightworks. Here you’ll be able to scrub directly from the Console with very high precision.

No Saving:

You never must save. I can’t start explaining how useful this can be. For example, your PC crashed. You are worried that you must have set your autosave function to pretty short intervals. Then you find out there’s no autosave option throughout this program. Then and there, your brain must have crashed. But there is nothing to worry about. This is—the best thing about Lightworks video editing software. That it automatically saves your projects.


Lightworks basically never crashes, according to most users. In Windows, Lightworks is extremely stable.

The Console:

Last but not least, the guts of the Lightworks system using Lightworks without the Console. It is like trying to play the drums without the sticks. So, you’ll definitely make some sound. You will even make it fit the music you’re playing. But you’re just defeating yourself. It is the best hardware controller anyone could have ever got, especially the cheaper ones. Editing with and without the Console is just like the difference between drinking Scotch with and without ice.

Well, it isn’t easy to list all the items.

If you wish to urge a taste instantly, you can definitely download the free version, fire it up and do a little editing of your own. Just for beginners, be sure to go through the official tutorials and browse the manual. So, if you wish to edit videos, be sure to see the tutorials first, or you may be lost and not enjoy Lightworks. Just attempt to learn it on your own and take a look at how to use it. Lightworks is Lightworks. It’s just incomparable.

The bad

The Workflow:

The morphing mouse cursor is something that most hates. Lightworks has been incorporating a number of that lately. But it is still nowhere regarding a number of the opposite NLEs. You can execute any editing and trimming operation you would like from either the Console or keyboard.

You can cut directly within the timeline, which is way more direct and, for this reason, faster. If you wish to re-cut something, it is simple to save a duplicate of your edit and modify it. And then watch both backs to back and compare.

The payment:

Unlike some other video editing software, Lightworks video editing software is not completely free. You have to pay $24 to enjoy the premium version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How much does the Lightworks video editor cost?Lightworks comes in both free and premium packages. The free version does have some limitations, though. The only thing that the free version is limited to is the lack of format options. So for videos not intended for YouTube and Vimeo, the premium version of $24 is required.

  1. How safe is the Lightworks video editing software?

Lightworks is made by high end, professional film editing software. It is great for digital video editing. It offers both paid and free options. This is certainly a safe option to put money on for some extra export options.

  1. Does Lightworks stay free forever?

Lightworks is free, but you have to re-register now and then. So, the only limitation with the free version is its lack of export options. But for it to be free forever, the software must be up to date.

  1. How to get the free version of Lightworks?

It is free software. You have to download it from the download page and install it. Then register using an email address and password. You can also get the pro version free for 30 days. However, after the trial period is over, you have to pay for the pro version. Otherwise, you can always go back to the free version.



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