July 15, 2024
How to receive free products from Amazon (1)

You were speaking to your best friend. You discovered that it is possible to constantly receive free products from Amazon in order to evaluate their characteristics and write a review. You were allured by this opportunity and, above all, by the possibility of keeping the products even after having published the review. You have carried out research on the Web to deepen the topic, and you ended up straight in this guide of mine. Well, in that case, let me say you arrived in the right place at the right time! With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to receive free products from Amazon, indicating some “tips” to succeed in your intent.

First, I will tell you about Amazon Vine. The only official solution to request free products and which allows you to review articles of all kinds. After this, I will also focus on some widespread practices that may violate the Amazon regulation—indicating the possible repercussions for users who take part in it.

If you agree, let’s not waste any more time and go straight to the heart of the matter. Courage: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time, and read the next paragraphs. Follow carefully the instructions I’m about to give you, try to put them into practice, and, with a little luck and patience. I assure you that you can take away a lot of satisfaction and enter the program to review Amazon products. All I can do is wish you a good read and, above all, make big good luck with everything!

Receive free products from Amazon with Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is the only officially recognized method of receiving free products from Amazon. Fully respects the rules of the famous e-commerce site and allows you to receive products of any kind, such as phone covers, vacuum cleaners, laptops, home products, and much more. Let me tell you more about it.

What is Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is a program with which the famous online shopping site allows the most reliable reviewers to receive products for free. The purpose of the program is to offer Amazon customers more information on the items on sale. Through the reviews of the Voices of Vine. The users who receive the products and who are responsible for evaluating them carefully and writing a sincere and objective review within 30 days from receiving the item.

How to sign up for Amazon Vine

If reading the previous paragraphs, I have intrigued you, and you can’t wait to take part in the program. I am sorry to tell you that participation is only by direct invitation from Amazon. Therefore, it is not possible to enroll in Amazon Vine.

However, if you are interested in participating in the program, you must know that the path to take is long but not impossible, following the indications provided by the giant of Jeff Bezos. All you have to do is climb the Amazon reviewer ranking. You are thus increasing your chances of receiving the invitation to become a Voice of the Amazon Vine program.

In fact, as indicated in the program guidelines, the invitation is addressed to the most reliable reviewers on Amazon: this, however, does not necessarily mean being in the top positions of the ranking, but it is necessary to be recognized as Top reviewers and, therefore, to fall at least in the first 1,000 classifieds.

How to climb the Amazon reviewer rankings

Suppose you have never heard of Amazon’s reviewer ranking. It will be useful to know that it collects all users registered on the online shopping site (who have written at least one review). It’s constantly updated based on the usefulness of the written reviews by the users themselves. To climb the rankings, all you have to do is write a sincere and useful review of the products you have purchased on Amazon with your Account.

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To write a review, connected to the Amazon website. Pause with the mouse pointer on the Account and lists item and press the Login button. On the newly opened page, enter your account data in the Email address or mobile number and Password fields and press the Login button. If, on the other hand, you are reading this guide for information purposes and you do not yet have an account. My guide on how to register on Amazon and how to buy on Amazon may be useful.

After logging in to your Account, click on the Orders item at the top right to access the list of products you have purchased on Amazon and press the Write a review for the product button. Present to the right of the product of your interest. In the new open page, assign a rating to the product by clicking on the stars under the heading Overall rating. Write the title of the review in the Add a title field. Enter the review in the Write your review field. If you wish, press the + button to add photos or videos of the purchased product and press the Send button to publish the review.

If you usually buy on other platforms

You will be happy to know that Amazon allows you to review the products purchased on other online sites. In physical stores, received as a gift or that you have nevertheless had the opportunity to try. In this case, however, it is not possible to publish more than five reviews per week.

If, therefore, you want to review a product that you have not purchased on Amazon. All you have to do is connect to the famous online shopping site. In the newly opened page, click on the item [number] customer reviews and press the Write review button to enter your product rating.

In this case, however, you must know that the word Purchase verified (to indicate that the product was purchased on Amazon) does not appear next to your review, and other users may trust less than you write. How to overcome this risk? My advice is to also attach a video in which you really show that you are in possession of the product in question and that you have had the opportunity to evaluate all its aspects.

You should know that the more the review will be useful for other users. The faster you will climb the Amazon reviewer ranking if you are wondering how to write a useful review. All you have to do is evaluate the product purchased and put in the foreground the characteristics you appreciated and the defects found. You are also publishing photos or videos of the product itself.


To better understand, let’s take a practical example if you purchased a Wi-Fi camera for your home. In the review, you can write if the latter has good visibility even in low-light rooms. Suppose the configuration and installation were simple or, in case of problems.

By putting all these tips into practice. By doing so, Amazon will allow you to quickly climb positions in the review ranking and will reward you not only for having dedicated your time to evaluate a product. Even more for having made a useful contribution to other possible buyers.

To climb the Amazon reviewer rankings and increase your chances of participating in the Amazon Vine program, consider these key points.

  • The usefulness of reviews: at the base of everything, there is the usefulness of the published review. As already pointed out several times, the review must be useful to other users.
  • Number of Reviews: The more helpful reviews are published, the faster you can earn positions in the Amazon reviewer ranking.
  • Product categories: as indicated in the Amazon Vine guidelines. Users who want to buy and write user reviews for articles in the “Electronics” category are more likely to receive an invitation to participate in Amazon Vine than users who purchase many products of different categories.
  • Recent Reviews: For Amazon, the latest reviews weigh more than dating reviews.
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How to access Amazon Vine

As mentioned above, to access Amazon Vine, you must receive an invitation from Amazon if the famous online shopping site considers you a reliable reviewer. You will receive an email at the address associated with your Account with all the instructions to take part in the program.

After receiving the invitation, suppose you are interested in accepting it. In the main screen, you can view the products made available free of charge by sellers, which Amazon has forwarded to you as a reliable reviewer for that particular category of the article.

You must know, however, that the products in question are available in limited quantities. While the Vine Voices ready to grab them are many more. This means that accepting the invitation to the program is not enough to receive free products. But you will have to constantly access your Account to check the availability of new products and declare yourself interested in receiving them.


After receiving the product through Amazon Vine, all you have to do is test its functionality. Discover its features and write a normal review within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. As mentioned above, your review must be sincere and objective. If you think the product is of poor quality. You can also write a negative review. In fact, it will be useful to know that the sellers who took part in the Amazon Vine program are not in contact with Vine Voices and have no influence on the product reviews.

The review is published on Amazon in the Reviews section of the reviewed product and appears as a normal evaluation. Together with all the reviews of other users who have purchased the same product. The only difference between a normal review and a Vine review is that the latter is accompanied by a green label with the Review Vine inscription of a free product or the Voice Vine badge.

In conclusion, you must know that the products received should not be returned after publishing the review. In fact, the Amazon Vine program allows you to keep the items received and to be the rightful owner.

Receive free products from Amazon in exchange for reviews

Suppose you are wondering if it is possible to receive free products from Amazon in exchange for reviews. The answer is yes. However, you should know that this practice is absolutely prohibited by Amazon, which could take serious action against both sellers and reviewers.

If you have heard of websites outside Amazon or Facebook groups that allow you to receive free products. Now you would like to deepen the topic. My advice is to keep you absolutely away. The reason? Amazon, through various cross-checks, manages to identify these operations and not only ban the reviewer. Removing any possibility of being among the Top reviewers or taking part in the Amazon Vine program.


Also, you need to know that the mechanism is not quite as it is described. Do not trust sellers who promise you free products: in fact. The latter will ask you for payment of the product, subsequently promising you a full refund. Only after receiving the product and leaving a 5-star review strictly, you can receive a refund of the product. Keep in mind, however, that not only are you carrying out an operation that goes against Amazon’s regulation. That you are entrusting yourself to people you don’t know and who may not refund you.

In conclusion, I would like to underline that for Amazon reviews are vital. They allow the possible buyer to get an idea of ​​the product he intends to buy. If the latter only has positive reviews, the user is more interested in the purchase. On the contrary, a product with bad reviews helps the buyer to look for other similar products. Perhaps from other brands.

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