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For any business, marketing is essential – in today’s day and age, it can be challenging to navigate the avenues of advertising, from online campaigns to billboards. In a competitive field like law, marketing is the most effective way to secure new leads and acquire new clients. There are a variety of approaches that you can take to promote your law firm, but take note of this: digital marketing is the future of advertising. To build the credibility of your law firm, you need a strong online presence.

A high-quality website will convince users to trust your business and enlist your services. It is the first impression that your law firm gives, so you want to ensure that it looks professional. The owners of Brodsky Amy & Gould found that the best way to market their firm was to build and optimize a website. They knew that most of their clients were turning to Google when searching for legal counsel, not the Yellow Pages or billboards. As such, they decided to invest in a new website. It was designed to be fast, aesthetically pleasing, and mobile-friendly – having a website that is functional for phone and tablet users is essential, considering that in 2019, mobile devices surpassed desktop browsing by 37%. Results were immediate: by having a better website, Brodsky Amy & Gould were able to draw new clients to their law firm. Successful websites feature cutting-edge designs and mobile-friendly features.

Just as important as the design of your website is the time it takes to load. If your law firm’s website has loading times longer than three seconds, most clients will click away and begin searching for your competitor. The mistake of having a slow website will cost you; to hold the attention of potential clients, your law firm needs a site that renders almost instantly. Expedite the time it takes to load your web page by hiring a professional to tackle the technical side of advertising.

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Unfortunately, a beautiful and optimized website is not useful for your law firm if potential clients cannot find it online. That is where SEO comes in, or search engine optimization. When people search for information on the internet, chances are that they will select one of the first three websites that show up – it is incredibly unlikely that they will scroll to the second page of Google to find your services. That means if your website isn’t listed on the first page, very few people will find you online. Invest in SEO to rank higher in search results.

Part of SEO is content marketing, which is a proven way to create traffic on a website. Blog posts are an effective digital advertising tool – they can demonstrate how experienced and well-versed your attorneys are. To make your law firm appear as an authority on a variety of topics, consistently post well-researched and quality content that touches on relevant issues. Write articles that address common questions or material that relates to your firm, such as “civil law vs. common law”, so that traffic from search inquiries is directed towards your website; it will increase the legitimacy of your business and attract more users. Regularly upload content to your website to keep it relevant in search results.

Another marketing strategy is to purchase paid search ads, or PPC (pay per click). When people search for lawyers on Google, the first few spots are dedicated to ads – with PPC, your law firm could be in that place, featured prominently on the first page. Due to the nature of being listed as an ad, this method is not as effective as organically appearing in the first few slots – but in such a competitive field, it is vastly superior to landing on the third or fourth pages of search results. This avenue can be costly, but consider the value of gaining new clients to offset this high price point.

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You can reacquaint yourself with former clients by taking advantage of email marketing. By using their contact information, you can promote your services or encourage them to reach out to family members seeking legal counsel. Advising them to leave online reviews will promote a better reputation for your brand. Email marketing is a direct way to reach people who are already familiar with your legal firm. Recruit former clients or spread awareness by using this tactic to directly address those seeking legal services.

Finally, the last avenue of digital marketing that your law firm should take advantage of is social media. Depending on the field that your law firm specializes in, you may want to target different platforms. Facebook or Instagram can be good places for divorce attorneys due to the social nature of these websites, while LinkedIn is more suitable for legal counsel or criminal defence lawyers. A strong social media presence will attract more clients to your website.

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