July 15, 2024
A resume is the showcase that is presented to the company that you choose in search of a certain job. For this reason, developing an attractive resume is an extremely important and indispensable element, since it is the first step to be followed when finding a job.

The first reference of the candidate that reaches the selection managers is the CV and they only spend around 10 seconds reading it, so standing out from the crowd of people who apply for the same job is essential to achieve an interview in the entity in which you want to work.

“It must be clear that the objective of a resume is not to get the job first, but rather that the company is interested in the candidate’s candidacy,” says Salvador Sicart, director of Hays Response Spain, a human resources consultant, from The one that offers six key points to make an attractive curriculum and that stands out above the rest of the candidates:

1. Include a “personal statement of intent”

Attach a few lines on the CV explaining what the person would like to develop within the company, in addition to some goals and objectives that they want to achieve. In this way, the recruiter will get a quick overview of the candidate and know if he or she can fit in the position.

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2. Adapt the job description

When describing the functions performed in previous jobs, it is very effective to include data and adjectives similar to those requested in the new job.

3. Avoid cliches

In the curriculum it is not enough to ensure that one is a good worker, responsible and with clear objectives. Recruiters are interested in seeing evidence that these data are true. This can be accomplished by including examples of situations where such qualities and abilities have been applied.

4. Provide hard evidence of achievement

When presenting achievements and goals, you must keep in mind what really impresses the personnel managers, that is, the data and the figures.

5. Put yourself in the center of the action

It is recommended to always speak in the first person with the intention of standing out. However, it will be necessary to avoid claiming non-personal merits or speaking ill of former co-workers or former bosses since it is one of the main causes of dismissing a candidate.

6. Make the resume accessible and clear

It is important to create a curriculum in which clarity prevails. The curriculum must be readable quickly, so it is advisable to use short sentences, simple language and to choose a clear and legible font. In addition, it must be presented in an accessible format, preferably in PDF, thus avoiding possible manipulations.

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